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  1. Hello, thanks for viewing my shop! All prices are in USD, payment is through Paypal. EXAMPLES (Note that these have a reduced resolution. Anything you order from me will be of a large size in high resolution) FULL COLORED PIECE (like examples) Bust: $6 Thigh-up: $8 Full-body: $15 SKETCH (color) Bust: $4 Thigh-up: $6 Full-body: $10 SKETCH (no color) Bust: $2 Thigh-up: $4 Full-body: $8 Blinking animation: +$5 FORM Commission type: Character description and/or reference(s): Pose & Expression description and/or reference(s): DP Crop? (If yes, mention text and border preference) Yes / No Background (simple only): Blinking animation? Yes / No Other info: Paypal Email: SLOTS 1. Puts 2. (private) 3. (private) RULES - By ordering from my shop, you permit me to use your finished commission in the examples section. - No refunds unless I have not yet started on your order. - You are permitted to edit any piece that you commissioned from me. - In the sketch phase, you have unlimited tweaks. In the final render, you are allowed a maximum of 3 tweaks. - I take private orders as well. Just DM me! - Once I've received your form I will send an invoice to your Paypal.
  2. DEVIANTART | INSTAGRAM DISCORD: PM SLOTS: CLOSED IMVU: TAVROS | ROXYLALONDE B O Y ♡ W I T H ♡ L U V W E L C O M E Welcome to my new updated art shop! My name is Ronnie and I am FTM. I am currently in college and work. I have two cats named gir and gohan because their owner is a nerd. I enjoy drawing so i wanted to keep on doing it in my free time. Please note I may be slow due to IRL! Thank you to capsule for letting me use their table ♥ R U L E S I N F O W H A T Y O U C A N B U Y HERE - Imvu Dps {Anime | Semi-realism | Pixel} - Large art P A Y M E N T Send payment to: I'll create the invoice. For credits to: Tavros @ imvu TOS / RULES Please read everything before posting a form. I used part of Capsule's rules as well as adding points of my own. I know it is a lot of text but please read over everything before posting a form to save me and you confusion! :) P R I C E S A N D I N F O I N F O ▸I take both Imvu credits and Paypal, preferably paypal. ▸I like: Ocs - Fanart - girls - boys - kpop- goth - cute etc ▸I Dislike: - rude people- sealing art/ ocs - furries DP P R I C E S ▸Anime style: Single - $10 Usd or 25k || Couple - $14 Usd or 35k ▸Semi realism: Single - $12 Usd or 30k || Couple - $16 Usd or 40k ▸Pixel Style: Single - $8 Usd or 19k || Couple - $12 Usd or 30k ▸Repaint Style: Single - $5 Usd or 12k || Couple - $9 Usd or 22k __ A n i m a t i o n s: ▸Blinking | Winking - Free ▸All other animations: Ask + $2 -- L A R G E A R T P R I C E S {Only accepting Anime/Semi-realism} ▸Chest up Single - $20 Usd or 50k ▸Chest up Couple - $40 Usd or 100k ▸Waist Single - $35 Usd or 87k ▸Waist Couple - $55 Usd or 138k ▸Full body single - $ 50 Usd or 125k ▸Full body couple - $ 80 Usd or 160k ▸Each large art comes with: Large art, + 2 dp crops blinking + 1 free extra animation ▸Prices subject to change. A N I M E S T Y L E S E M I - R E A L I S M S T Y L E P I X E L S T Y L E ----MORE TO COME---- ----MORE TO COME---- R E P A I N T S S T Y L E ----MORE TO COME---- ----MORE TO COME---- L A R G E A R T E X A M P L E S ** Not for free use | Can find more on my instagram @Roxniie MORE INFO: Usually depending on the complexity of the order, Large art can take me up to two weeks to complete- Please keep this in mind when ordering. If you need it in a specific size for what ever reason please let me know :) ** Animations will only be on DP crops! the file would be far too big if i did it on large art. If you need more examples of large art PM me I didn't want to make my shop too image heavy. F O R M Please remove the red parts and fill in everything. :) Thank you for stoping by!
  3. ☆⛧☽〇☾⛧☆ LocuProjects ☆⛧☽〇☾⛧☆ ♥ Bienvenidos a mi rinconcito de arte, criaturitas mágicas ♥ Siéntete libre de preguntarme a través de cualquiera de mis redes sobre cualquier consulta o duda que tengas. ♡♡♡ ♥ Welcome to my little corner of art, magical creatures ♥ Feel free to ask me through any of my networks about any questions or questions you have. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LocuProjects/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/LocuProjects/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/LocuProjects Email: [email protected] Lo que más utilizo es Facebook, por lo que puede que si me contactan a través de otra red social tarde un poco más en revisarlo, lamento la espera y las molestias de antemano. ♡♡♡ What I use the most is Facebook, so maybe if they contact me through another social network later to review it a little more, I regret the wait and the inconvenience in advance. ☆⛧☽〇☾⛧ Reglas ⛧☽〇☾⛧☆ ☆⛧ Rules ⛧☆ ♡Español♡ - Tiempo de realización por comisión: 3-7 días aprox. Más en caso de asuntos personales, en el caso se notificará al cliente del retraso. Comisiones Urgentes: En caso de querer la comisión lo antes posible, darme poco tiempo para ella o querer avanzar tu pedido a los otros encargos que tenga deberá darse un plus extra en un porcentaje al pedido que se deseé, el porcentaje será del 25%. Formulario: Deberá rellenarse un formulario para realizar el pedido y poder facilitar así mi trabajo y agilizar el proceso. Tras el envío del formulario, se le informará del precio exacto y se procederá a realización de un boceto (sin compromiso alguno). Solo en caso de aceptación del boceto se procedería al pago. Tenga en cuenta que a mas referencias facilite, más me facilita el trabajo a mi y más cerca estaré de plasmar lo que desea. Abajo el formulario. ☆Nombre (Nombre o nick que querrá poner en la comisión y si desea también concretar un tipo de fuente o algún ejemplo para tenerlo en cuenta en la colocación del nombre [En dafont.com puedes conseguir fuentes de todo tipo y te pone el nombre en rojo]): ☆Nacionalidad (Si son de España el Fee para PayPal es diferente a América por Nacional o Internacional): ☆Tipo de comisión y categoría de esta (DP, Chibi, Edit, Single, Couple, Full Body, etc...): ☆Referencias (Imágenes de Referencia y descripción lo más exacta posible del resultado que desea, en caso de Edit requeriré su fotografía sin fondo): ☆Fondo (Descripción de lo que deseará para el fondo): ☆Pago anticipado o 50%-50% (Si es en doble moneda, concretar si se querrá vía Créditos o vía Usd): ☆Entrega vía correo electrónico o link (se enviará todo vía Imgbb, en caso de correo dejar el correo al que desea le sea enviado): ☆Anotaciones Extra (Si es un pedido urgente o quiere que tenga en cuenta algo en concreto): Proceso de Comisiones: Desde la aceptación del boceto me encargaré de ir mostrando al cliente la realización de su comisión hasta el finalizado para que así puedan indicarme si quieren o no cambiar algo (De ser así obviamente no tardar días en comentar los cambios, de lo contrario se arriesgan a la finalización del pedido). *No se aceptarán cambios una vez finalizado el encargo (última muestra con el resultado). En el caso de querer añadir algo más deberán proceder a un pago extra por producto a añadir, no entrará en el precio inicial. Pagos: Los pagos podrán realizarse al completo al iniciar el servicio (tras la aceptación del boceto) o mitad del pago en ese instante (50%) y la otra mitad restante al finalizar el trabajo (50% restante). Los pagos serán vía Paypal + Fee. O bien si el servicio de la elección, vía Sticker en Créditos de IMVU. Se enviarán los resguardos mediante un print de pantalla, tanto por mi parte como por parte del cliente, una vez realizado el pago se enviará el comprobante de ello y yo le enviaré el comprobante de que lo he recibido. Nota Importante: Se dará 3 días para pagar en cualquiera de los casos, si el pago se ha elegido dividido y no se paga en ese periodo de tiempo su comisión automáticamente será vendida en la página. Se puede hablar y pactar el tiempo si requieren de más tiempo pero si no se cumple con ello ocurrirá exactamente lo mismo que en el caso anterior. No se realizarán reembolsos: No se realizará devolución en caso de cancelación de pedido. Únicamente podría realizarse un reembolso del 50% en caso de haber pagado anticipadamente la totalidad del pedido (en caso de reembolso vía Paypal se harán cargo también del fee, como se pactó al inicio en los precios. Premades: Se puede reservar un premade con anticipo en el caso de haber observado el bocetaje, una vez realizado el premade se etiquetara a la persona que lo ha reservado y se contactará con ella para poder confirmar la compra. Se dará máximo 3 días desde la finalización del premade para pagarlo o se pondrá de nuevo a la venta para que otros interesados puedan comprarlo. ·Si decide retirar el pedido este será vendido en la página como premade. ·En caso de tener pagos pendientes de otros servicios no se aceptarán reservas ni nuevos encargos. Además... Creo que es lógico y está de más que lo diga, pero está mal el calco o robo de mis articulos, tampoco es posible la modificación de mis trabajos por ustedes, *agradecería que en el caso de querer un cambio más tarde se me consulte para poder hablar sobre los cambios♥ ♡English♡ - Execution time by commission: 3-7 days approx. More in case of personal matters, in the case the client will be notified of the delay. Urgent Commissions: In case you want the commission as soon as possible, give me little time for it or want to advance your order to the other orders you have should be given an extra bonus in a percentage to the order you want, the percentage will be 25%. Form: You must fill out a form to place the order and thus facilitate my work and streamline the process. After sending the form, you will be informed of the exact price and proceed to make a sketch (without any commitment). Only in case of acceptance of the sketch would proceed to payment. Keep in mind that the more references you provide, the easier it is for me to work and the closer I will be to translate what you want. Down the form. ☆ Name (Name or nickname you want to put in the commission and if you want to specify a type of source or an example to take into account in the placement of the name [In dafont.com you can get sources of all kinds and puts the name in Red]): ☆ Nationality (If they are from Spain the Fee for PayPal is different to America by National or International): ☆ Type of commission and category of this (DP, Chibi, Edit, Single, Couple, Full Body, etc ...): ☆ References (Reference Images and description as accurate as possible of the result you want, in case of Edit I will require your background-free photograph): ☆ Fund (Description of what you will want for the fund): ☆ Advance payment or 50% -50% (If it is in double currency, specify if you want via Credit or via Usd): ☆ Delivery via email or link (everything will be sent via Imgbb, in case of mail leave the mail you want to be sent to): ☆ Extra annotations (If it is an urgent order or you want to take into account something in particular): Commission Process: From the acceptance of the sketch I will be responsible for showing the client the completion of their commission until the end so they can tell me if they want to change something (If so, obviously not take days to comment on the changes, otherwise they risk the completion of the order). *No changes will be accepted once the order is finished (last sample with the result). In the case of wanting to add something else they should proceed to an extra payment for the product to be added, it will not enter the initial price. Payments: Payments can be made in full at the start of the service (after acceptance of the sketch) or half of the payment at that moment (50%) and the remaining half at the end of the work (50% remaining). Payments will be via Paypal + Fee. Or else if the service of choice, via Sticker in Credits of IMVU. The resguardos will be sent through a screen print, both by me and by the client, once the payment is made, the proof of this will be sent and I will send the proof that I have received it. Important Note: There will be 3 days to pay in any of the cases, if the payment has been chosen divided and is not paid in that period of time your commission will automatically be sold on the page. You can talk and agree on time if they require more time but if it is not fulfilled, exactly the same as in the previous case will happen. No refunds will be made: No refund will be made in case of cancellation of order. Only a 50% refund can be made if you have paid in advance the entire order (in case of reimbursement via Paypal will also be charged the fee, as agreed at the beginning of the prices. Premades: You can reserve a premade with advance in the case of having observed the sketching, once the premade is done, the person who has booked it will be labeled and will be contacted to confirm the purchase. It will be given maximum 3 days from the completion of the premade to pay it or it will be put back on sale so that other interested parties can buy it. · If you decide to withdraw the order it will be sold on the page as premade. · If you have outstanding payments for other services, reservations or new orders will not be accepted. Also... I think it is logical and it is too much to say it, but the rubbing or theft of my articles is bad, it is also not possible to modify my works for you, *I would appreciate that in the case of wanting a change later I was asked to talk about the changes♥ ☆⛧☽〇☾⛧ Precios ⛧☽〇☾⛧☆ ☆⛧ Prices ⛧☆ ☆⛧☽〇☾⛧ Lista de Espera ⛧☽〇☾⛧☆ ☆⛧ Waiting List ⛧☆ ♡Español♡ - Pagos vía Paypal + Fee. (Consultar precio final ya que es diferente el fee si lo envías completo o mandas mitad al iniciar pedido y otra mitad al acabar). Pagos en K (Creditos IMVU) vía Sticker. ♡English♡ - Payments via Paypal + Fee. (Check the final price since the fee is different if you send it full or send half when starting the order and another half when finished). Payments in K (IMVU Credits) via Sticker. ♡Slots♡ ☆ Arianna ~07/07 ☆ ☆ Lara ~19/07 ☆ ☆ Mimisa ~26/07☆ ☆ Jakke ~08/08☆ ☆ Slot ~/~☆ ☆⛧☽〇☾⛧ DP ⛧☽〇☾⛧☆ ☆⛧☽〇☾⛧ Edit ⛧☽〇☾⛧☆ ☆⛧☽〇☾⛧ Chibi⛧☽〇☾⛧☆ Img.1108x1524 + Img.160x220 + Name Single= Bust: 11,24$ (10k) | Half Body: 16,87$ Full Body: 22,49$. Couple= Bust: 16,87$ | Half Body: 24,74$ Full Body: 33,73$. +Extras= Pets c/u: Little/Medium: 3,37$ (3k) Big: 5,62$ (5k). +Gif: Depende la complejidad 3,37$-5,62$ (3k-5k). Extra People= Bust: +5,62$ | Half Body: +11,24$ Full Body: +16,87$. Img.Portada FB + Img.1108x1524 + Img.160x220 + Name Edit= Bust: 3k / 3,37$ | Half Body: 5k / 5,62$. Full Body: 10k / 11,24$. *Big Change= Bust: 5,69$ | Half Body: 9,11$ | Full Body: 13,67$. +Extras= Pets c/u: Little/Medium: +3k / +3,37$ Big: +5k / +5,62$. Extra People= +3k / +3,37$ Edit | +3,37$/+5,62$/+9,11$ Big Change. *Big Change: Editing with changes beyond lights and arrangements. Similar to avatar repaint or avipic. Edit.Big Change Simple Background + Img. 1108X1524 + Img.160x220 + Name Single= Bust: 3,37$ (3k) | Half Body: 5,62$ Full Body: 11,24$. Couple= Bust: 6,75$ | Half Body: 9$ Full Body: 14,62$. +Extras= 3,37$ (+3k). +Gif= 3,37$ (+3k). Se agradecen las valoraciones, referencias y etiquetados en las redes sociales, además de la paciencia y el gran apoyo de todos. Muchas gracias por la atención y espero tengan un mágico día♥ ☆☆☆☆☆ Valuations, references and labels on social networks are appreciated, as well as patience and great support from everyone. Thank you very much for the attention and I hope you have a magical day ♥
  4. This commission was a challenge for me, but I think I'm happy with the result, I hope you like it, if you want to see more of my work, you can go to my store. I have published several. Bell-air express shop
  5. ♡ Welcome ♡ This shop is open since the 27th of May 2019. Here you can purchase commissions made from scratch. These are NOT Imvu edits. Please keep that in mind before buying.   ♡ Samples ♡  Semi Realism DP size (160 x 220) Non animated for the moment. Animations will be available in the future. More samples available soon. ♡ Speedpaint ♡  Big size in spoiler below. This is not the actual size you get, as GASR has size limits. Real size will be around 4000 x 6000, 500 DPI. The example shown is a low-detailed character. ♡ Prices ♡ Bust up: not decided yet. Preferably 25€/28$ or 50k Imvu Credits. Halfbody: not decided yet. Preferably 35€/39$ or 60k Credits. Source for Credits prices: GASR Wiki. Background simple (plain background, dots, stripes, etc.): included for Free! Background difficult (Pattern, etc.): + 3-7 €, depending on difficulty/ details. Objects: +3-5 €, depending on difficulty. Difficult/detailed characters: +5-20€, depending on difficulty and amount of details. Animations currently not available. Fullbody currently not available. Remember, art takes time! This sample took me 9 hours 50 minutes in total. Time needed to finish your picture may vary. Please be patient, as I work a fulltime job, thank you. ♡ Rules ♡ * Difficult/ very detailed characters will be more expensive * NO furries *NO robots *NO couples *NO textless versions *NO manly looking men, androgynous or feminine men are alright *I'm allowed to decline your order if I feel like it doesn't match my skillset. *Do NOT rush me, art takes time. *No textless. *Do NOT insult me or my customers. *Do NOT use sold pieces without permission. *Do NOT use bought artworks without giving me credit. *Do NOT resell my work. *Do NOT gift my work to other people. *Do NOT change the text yourself. PM me for a free text change. *Do NOT order if you do not have the funds. *Do NOT order if you do not have PayPal. *Do NOT order if you have promo Imvu Credits only. You have to pay with real Credits. *If you pay via Credits do Not order if your account is less than 1 year old. *NO deadlines such as birthdays, etc. *NO changes after being shown the flat colours. ♡ What you get ♡ *A DP sized version of your artwork (160 x 220x, best for usage on IMVU and GASR.) *A big illustration (around 4000 x 5000, 500 DPI ) *You help me survive and pay my bills! Thank you! ♡ Payment ♡ Via PayPal. My PayPal.me Link: Click here! You must pay after I showed you the sketch. After 3 business days without recieving payment, your order will be cancelled. No exceptions. No refunds. Your picture will be sold as a Premade if you decide to cancel your order after payment. ♡ I want to order! ♡ Please copy and paste this text and fill it out to order! PS: Please provide links to your references! *My GASR name: *My IMVU name: *Text on the picture: *Size type(Halfbody or Bust Up): *Payment method: *Pose reference/s: *Object/s reference/s: *Hairstyle /-coliour reference/s: *Eyecolour reference/s: *Personality/ Facial expression: *Outfit reference/s: *Other reference/s: *Background: ♡ Thank You ♡ Open!
  6. whenever I give a commission I make one or two variants of light, this is one of them
  7. I Hello everyone, welcome to my art shop Please take a minute to read everything below before requesting any art, thank you ~ • I will be doing only one commission at a time • I may choose not to accept your request • I can provide WIPs if requested • I like to take time with my art and not force it therefore it might take awhile sometimes for me to finish, please be patient... • Please take a note that my art style and the way I draw faces fits asian facial structure! • After being noticed about your art being complete I'll be expecting your payment within 48h after which your art will be sold as a premade II • I won't draw/do: animals, couples, animations Samples ↓↓↓ • I accept both credits and • Price for each piece is 23$ / 40k cr with simple background • Special background + 3$ / 8k cr • What you get - 1x 160x220 - IMVU - 1x 320x440 - GASR - 1x larger version for yourself to crop for other purposes S L O T Hfei Manuel Poo Manuel Hiroki (reserved) ♦ F O R M ♦ • References: • Background: simple/special • Details: • Signature: • Payment method:
  8. Long overdue for me to make a premade shop but we're finally getting around to it lol * I will not make any changes to any premades * Available Premades: #7 $40 Animated Blinking #10 $50 Animated blinking #11 $70 Animated blinking :) :) #12 #13 Preferably post this below rather than dms, so other people know what is and isn’t available to avoid complications. Once I see the form claiming a piece I will let you know if it's accepted and then dm you for payment info <3. -------------------------------------------------- Text: (Name/s to put on piece) Number: (Number of the premade, listed beneath it.) -------------------------------------------------- Thank-you for the interest in my artwork!
  9. Hi! Im PsychoSoldier and I love to draw. Welcome and thanks for support my work~ RULES ⭐ Paypal ONLY ⭐ Payment is required in advance ⭐ I'm very flexible with changes! You have 3 free changes. Each extra change costs 10 usd -Charges are made once the final order is delivered- ⭐ Only order if you can pay for it plz! ⭐ You CAN'T alter or resell my art. ⭐ Feel free to print your commissions out for personal use, just don't resell it~ ⭐ Many alements, details or comlpicated designs and background have extra cost -weapons- bags- ornaments- armors- pets- ⭐ I can reject your order at any time if I don't feel comfortable with it. ⭐ I try to deliver the commissions before a month goes by, if you want a refund please request it before 6 months to be able to do it through paypal! FORM ⭐Commmission type: [ Headshot/Bust/Halfbody/Fullbody/Sketch ] ⭐ References: [ Link/s ] ⭐ Pose: ⭐ Expression: ⭐ Personality: ⭐ Extra information/specifications: [ You can include the elements that you consider to be "extra", so I can tell you the extra cost ] ⭐DP text: ⭐Animation: [ +5 USD EACH: Blink, wink, floating things, lights, color changes, smile, crying ] ⭐It's a gift?: Please let me know so as not to ruin the surprise! Tell me when I can publish it. ⭐Background: Simple $0 [ Gradient / Color / Geometric figures / Pattern ] Medium $30 [ Flowers / Furniture / Something decorative ] Complex $50 - $$ [ Landscape / A room. Depends on the complexity ] ⭐ PayPal e-mail: [ to send invoice ] If you want to make a private order, please send me this form as well. Specify if it's a gift for someone -and tell me when I be able to post it- or if you don't want it to be published [ +10 usd cost ] I CAN DRAW: ⭐ Yaoi / Yuri / NSFW / Gore / Landscapes / Buildings / Food / Androids / Furry-Animals ⭐ Vehicles: Cars / Bikes / Ships / Armor-Weapons I CAN'T DRAW: ⭐ Mechas / Robots HEADSHOT 50 USD - 30 USD EXTRA CHARACTER BUST 60 USD - 45 USD EXTRA CHARACTER HALFBODY 80 USD - 60 USD EXTRA CHARACTER FULLBODY 100 USD -70 USD EXTRA CHARACTER CUSTOM PACK 65 USD - 35 USD EXTRA BUST / FULLBODY The custom pack consists on a fullbody + bust in a simpler rendering style. You can request a New Character from 0 with the characteristics you like, or you can request an existing one. You can customize the pack, for example, instead fullbody + bust you can order two busts. You can order a bust, a halfbody or a fullbody in this style, it's much simpler. 35 usd each one. CHIBI 15 USD - 12 USD EXTRA CHARACTER SKETCH BLACK NUMBER - PRICE CHARACTER PINK NUMBER - EXTRA CHARACTER
  10. ⟢ Rules ⟣ All GASR rules apply I will start to work once full payment is sent. Edit (04/11/19): Payment will be received through Paypal invoice, I will send you a dm asking for your paypal email. Refund will be available only before I apply color, I will be sending you wips as constantly as I can. If you agree for me to continue with first color wip I send you I will not refund you after that. I will refund 100% ony between payment sent and sketch. In case of refund from sketch onward I will give back 85% of the total price. Paypal only Don’t rush me please, I’ll work as fast as I can but I have other things to attend to outside of art (mainly college stuff, I’m working on my portfolio :0) IMPORTANT Some important stuff: Please feel comfortable saying whatever you want, if you have any complain, have something to say or you just wanna chat I will be here just as a side note: Dark themes are my favorite heh ⟢ Info ⟣ Sketch: Headshot: $10 (second character: $5) Bust: $15 (+second character: $7) Half body: $20 (+second character: $10) Full color: Headshot: $20 (+second character: $10) Bust: $25 (+second character: $12) Half body: $30 (+second character: $15) Backgrounds: Plain colors/transparent for free Other backgrounds can be between $3 to $10 added to base price. (Please, add references if possible) You will get both big art and DP crop :> ⟢ Art ⟣ ⟢ Finished orders ⟣ ⟢ Slots ⟣ N° User Progress 1 Hannah Sketch/Color 2 Holicc Sketch/Color 3 Booped Sketch/Color ⟢ Wait list ⟣ N° User 1 Noxey 2 Vanatei 3 Kranky Complete: Reaper Alex Kats Bewitching ⟢ Form ⟣ Type of commission: Text: References: Theme: Background: Extras: Please read the rules before ordering :] Thank you for coming! (I will be adding more stuff later!)
  11. (´。• ᵕ •。`) ☆ライス☆ (✧∀✧)/ ☆Welcome to Raisuland! Here's my art heaven, please, see what i have to you! ✩‧₊˚I'm starting to sell some art, it's not the first time I'm selling, and i would love to do it again, so please, buy some art of mine, i would love! ♡ ☆ Who is Raisu ( ライス )? ♡ I'm a brazilian girl ( sorry for my horrible english, i'm learning (•́︿•̀。)) i really love making my art and i want to see people wanting my art too... soo, it's that, some facts about me: ☆ What about art? ♡ I love making anime and semirealism, i also like making pixel art. ♡ I really like to make cute art, with kawaii fashion, but i would love to do some gothic things... just ask what u want (´。• ω •。`) ♡ I've been drawing for a few years, idk if i like my art for now, but i know some people will like. ☆ I'll add more things later ♡Prices and references : PIXEL NOT AVAILABLE. Pixel art: Face to bust : 160 x 220 = 22 USD Regular art: Face to bust: 160 x 220 = 24 USD 360 x 440 = 28 USD 360 x 440 = 30 USD Face to waist : 160 x 220 = 27 USD Face to waist: 160 x 220 = 29 USD 360 x 440 = 45 USD 360 x 440 = 47 USD Full body: I'm open for negotiations. Full body: I'm open for negotiations. Other sizes we can negotiate. Other sizes we can negotiate. ♡Order list: 1☆Koya =☆*:・゚ 20% / 27 USD(paid!) ☆NEXT 2☆Hiroki =☆*:・゚ 0% / ?? USD (for july) ☆* 3☆Princess =☆*:・゚ 80% / 34 USD ☆IN PROGRESS 4☆Namjoon=☆*:・゚100% / 19 USD(paid!) ☆ DONE 5☆Hoseok=☆*:・゚40% / 29 USD☆IN PROGRESS 6☆Holicc=☆*:・゚0% / 22 USD☆ 7☆Shoua=☆*:・゚0% / 29 USD☆ 8☆Milk=☆*:・゚0% / 22 USD(paid!)☆ 9☆Flawd=☆*:・゚0% / 27 USD (paid!)☆ 10☆Shark=☆*:・゚0% / 29 USD(paid!)☆ 11☆Anonymous=☆*:・゚0% / 28 USD☆ Descount =☆*:・゚ For next order: - ♡Payment and rules : ♡ I'll not wait more than 2 days for receiving the payment, don't make me wait, please.♡ ☆ Be respectful with me and the other clients, please. ☆ ♡Answer me fast about the art when u buy it if u want to have the art finalized fast. ♡ ♡ When art is in 40%, u can't cancel anymore without paying a tax of 5 dollars for my lost time ♡ Payment will be made by paypal. ☆Form : Details about the oc ( or not ) : (body tipe ( optional ), hair, skin color, accessories( optional ), clothes, pose, expression ( optional ) ) Semi realist or Anime? : General theme : ( like: kawaii menhera, gothic lolita, gothic queen ) ( Optional ) Pixel or regular art? : Will have animation?(+5 usd): 160x220 or 360x440? : Background : Text and Watermark : Face to waist or Face to bust? : --If you want something too much complex, please, negotiate the bonus for art complexity with me I can't refund cuz i don't have a credit card to register on paypal.
  12. Asmodieus


    Rules: All Gasr Rules included No drama I will do only the ones i'm interested in Note: Dp's will take time so if you not patient please don't order ty♥ Prices: Repaints Singles:13k Couples: 22K From Scratch with Holo like cover up Singles: 15k Couples: 24K Art Samples Repaints: Art Samples from Scratch: Form: Name: Screenie/Oc: Single/Couple: Price(animations are free):
  13. new premade still available on my shop here! there's also 2 other new ones ♥


  14. Bell_Air


    one of my personal works I have the character design of this adorable chameleon girl in the gallery of my store in case you like to see bell air express shop
  15. Viu


    My first premade (2018), for Kiysu. Update: I am getting a new tablet and pencil soon, can't wait to paint again.

    © Viu

  16. A B O U T M E G U I D E L I N E S Hi! I am Quin, the artist for Scent of a Lily. I am a 21-year old art student from the Philippines. This shop is established as a place where you can buy art that are my original creations. I named the shop after one of my favorite things to draw-- lilies. Help my art journey bloom by buying the lilies. Goal Shop: 0 / 300 USD one (1) new will be added weekly! All GASR rules apply The shop only accepts PAYPAL payments. Please don't ask for textless art. :( A confimation reply will be sent to you after your order has been noticed. Please wait for it before sending payments. You have 48 hours to send payment. The premade will be automatically reserved for you. The art you're buying is for personal use only. Please do not claim/resell them. The shop accepts little customization. The limits of edits allowed depends on what we'll agree on. Be kind always :) P R E M A D E S STAT: A V A I L A B L E -------- 15 USD -------- "LUNE" LARGE ART - 1600 X 2200 -------- 18 40 USD -------- "HORUS" LARGE ART - 1600 X 2200 STAT: A V A I L A B L E P A Y M E N T + E D I T S + R E W A R D S Y S T E M SEND PAYMENTS HERE: BLOOM! I'll wait for you for the next 48 hours! Thank u~ Please send me private message if you encounter any problem EDITS ALLOWED: background + 2 small details changes like small accessories, eye color or hair color if you want other edits, let's talk :) Earn some lilies!!! 1 premade bought = 1 3 = 50% discount on your next purchase either on my premade shop or for a custom art (*coming soon*) LILIES COLLECTED @Cheeroke - - F O R M - ~ Lilies bloom for me! ~ Name of Premade: Text/Watermark: Total: S O L D P R E M A D E S purchased by @Cheeroke ---
  17. Hello everyone, I'm looking for someone to do a quite complex DP for me. I will try to explain it in the best way possible and I hope someone will be able to fulfill my request. These are the screenshots I took to help whoever out with doing this. Hair/Eyebrows: I would like the color of the eyebrows and hair to stay quite true to the photos...(the first two for the eyesbrows). Outfit/Colors of outfit: I would like the outfit to be the one from the screenshots, same colors too. Accessories: Nails, Rings, the chain to the necklace (Would say the sun, but I'm sure it will be covered), flower in her hair, and the lantern in her hands. Skin color/details on skin: I would like the color of skin in the pictures, but would like the lips a bit more pink also would love the freckles to be there, unless it would be a bit to much. Eyes: Just the eyecolor not the makeup. Background: Now here is where it's a bit more complicated, I was hoping someone could add some stars and floating lanterns in the background in a night setting. For someone that really can't afford very expensive artwork I would like to keep it around $25-$30 or even 25k-40k credits on imvu. Thanks so much to all who offer to do this. I hope I have explained it well enough for someone to understand. Please show examples of your artwork.
  18. Hello everyone. My name is Kneck and I'm a 24 years old self taught artist. I am still a beginner when it comes to art as my job as a media designer in reallife doesn't let me have enough time to spend it on improving my art. However, I offer dp edits of IMVU or SL avatars and drawings. All GASR rules apply Don't trace, edit, claim as your own or remove watermarks of my art You have 3 days from when I posted your finished art to pay Please don't insult anyone in this thread Don't spam For edits use *hiresnobg in a shadowless room (I need a highquality screenshot) No NSFW art (nudity or extreme blood) Only post a form, when I'm OPEN I have no waitlist, I'm sorry :c DP EDITS They come with 3D effect and B/W Single: $10 Couple: $15 Hands: $2 per Hand Animations: Blinking, Winking, Eyesparkle $2 DRAWINGS They come with 3D effect and B/W and 6 DP crops Single Faceshot: $15 Single Bustup: $20 Single Halfbody: $25 Animations: None yet Large Art Examples Paypal: paypal.me/Julia911 (( Credits: [email protected] )) For Drawings For Edits Aion Mango Support me and add my banner to your homepage or signature:
  19. My name is Ray and thank you for visiting my shop! Please feel free to message me or order, and join my discord! https://discord.gg/QKVjcBY :) ● All GASR rules apply ● Payment can be accepted VIA credits or paypal ● Payment will be sent to [email protected] on paypal, or [email protected] (unless I request a payment to a temp account) ● Extreme changes to art will be charged extra ● Please don't rush. If order isn't done within one week, you may then message and I can put you as top priority ● Payment must to be sent within 48 hours of me finishing your work PREMADES Name: Neko Name: Cat Lady Name: Anime Practice SOLD: Hiroki SOLD: Delphinus SOLD: Shoua Name: Snowy Name: Summer time Name: Beach girl SOLD: Happy SOLD: Cindy STATUS: AVAILABLE $25/50k
  20. My name is Ray and thank you for visiting my shop! Please feel free to message me or order, and join my discord! https://discord.gg/QKVjcBY :) IN PROGRESS: WAITLIST Poppie - 0% Lynn - 0% Trevor - 0% Umm - 0% ✧ Please register to gain access to the server ✧ ALL GASR rules apply ✧ No tracing, editing, stealing, or claiming you made it. ✧ Please give me credit. ✧ All sales are for non-commercial use. I reserve the rights to my art. ✧ Payment will be accepted via credits or paypal ✧ Payments will be made to https://paypal.me/skathiart?locale.x=en_US on paypal or [email protected] unless I request payment to a temp account ✧ Please do not rush me. If your order is not done in one month you may message me for updates, but please understand I have other things to do outside of art. ✧ Please provide specific references to prevent mistakes! ✧ Payment must be sent within 48 hours upon completion or your order will be posted as a premade. ✧ Be respectful to me and everyone else. No drama, being rude, etc. Keep personal matters out. ✧ Be respectful to ALL of these rules. ● Singles: $16 or 32k credits ● Couples: $20 or 40k credits ● Animations: Blinking: $2 (4k) Smiling: $1 (2k) Blushing: $1 (2k) Glowing eyes: $1 (2k) Ear wiggles: $1 (2k) Others: depends on how detailed Side note: I add sparkling on all art because I like the way it looks. If you don't want that, please specify it in your form <3 Size: Art will be 160x220 unless stated otherwise. If you'd like bigger art, please put what size you'd like in your extras! 400x600: $5 (10k) 700x900: $8 (16k) Semi realism (main style): Anime (experimental): Please check my premades shop to see what's up atm! ✧ References: ✧ Angle: ( bust up, waist up, headshot ) ✧ Pose: ✧ Animation: ✧ Extra: ✧ Text: ✧ Price:
  21. LAME-O Hello all! My name is Cori/Artie, whatever you prefer. *I'm 19 & an engineering student with a part-time job, as well as doing this on the side, now! Thus, I do take kind of long, but not that long.* I've been drawing for about six years, but realistically only around three years of that has been spent actually drawing/studying it. Okay, anyway, I'll stop boring you and get into the good stuff . . . R U L E S ✥ Don't rush me! It'll probably be a week, maybe a week and a half. I'm trying to be fast, I swear! ✥ One order at a time. ✥ I have the right to stop working on your piece if I feel uncomfortable by your behavior. ✥ I require payment when the piece is finished! ✥ If you request more than 3 major changes after the first WIP, it'll cost 2 USD per change. ✥ I have the right to decline you. ✥ Standard GASR rules apply. Don't resell, don't pretend you made the art, etc., etc. ✥ All sales are non-refundable! Unless I feel I've taken too long on your order and want to deduct from the price out of courtesy/apology. Will Do - Men, Women - Gore - Couples (price is x1.25) - Just about anything, I'll try it and let you know how I feel if it's a new thing. Won't Do - Mecha (without more $) - Furries (see above) - Offensive content (ie. homophobia, misogyny, transphobia.) P R I C I N G So, since I don't really have the time to do a crap-ton of stuff, I'm going to keep what I offer as pretty basic. I primarily work with. . . I only accept Paypal, here. Sale Sign - 12 USD $6 DP Window Print - 25 USD $15 ~500x500 Headshot/Bust & 2 DPs Storefront - 34 USD $20 Waist Up Mural - 55 USD $33 Full Body A D D I T I O N S (Big Canvas Only) Hands - $1 Blinking/Winking/Blushing - $1 Misc. Animations - Negotiable Pets/Plush/Objects - Negotiable ~$1 B I G A R T S L O T S ✥ --- ✥ --- ✥ --- ~ ~ ~ F O R M *Please specify if you want me to follow your references exactly, down to the background color, or you'll allow me to decide the colors I use in the background and the pose/facial expression.* P.S I am heavily reference based so the more, the better! Please note that if you don't want hands, but include a pose with hands, I'll draw them in more sketch-form or not at all. I want a ... [ ] Sale Sign [ ] Window Print [ ] Storefront [ ] Mural Additions?: [ ] No thanks! ... [ ] Yes, I want __. Text: Theme: Pose: OCs/Refs: Defining Details: Some freedom or follow refs exactly?: (Freedom/Exact) F I N I S H E D ✥ Pains ✥ ✥ Bitter✥
  22. Slots: -none- -none- -none- -none- -none- ______________________________ Work done in this shop _________________________________________ You will be getting both a large sized art around 400x600 and a Dp size 160x220 Form: Text:? Refs:? Price:? Extras:? Specifics:? Background:?
  23. At the end I decided to open this type of commissions <3 It helped me a lot to fight the blocks and explode a my imagination ~ If you are interested please visit my store or send me a dm
  24. Bell_Air

    couple comm

    some time ago they commissioned me this couple and I loved the idea of both wearing headphones If you like to see more of my work you can go through my store, there I have several published illustrations: Bell air express SHOP
  25. uthenera

    Sakura Haruno Premade DP

    pm me if you like this! ^u^ sakura is such a queen <3

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