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  1. ☾ TOXIC MOONLIGHT ☽ Premade Art Shop - Hello everyone! I am back! - I know I've opened some shops on GASR, including my latest one, which was a free shop. But I couldn't complete all orders because my topic was removed and I got to not get access to your orders to finish it. But now I'm here to open a new shop, in order to sell premades. I hope you like this new shop. - Please try to follow all GASR rules, including the rules in terms of behavior and the content of the posts you decide to share. - Please fill the form below. in order to get your order accepted. - Please don't post off-topic. - Please try to be nice with other people and with me. If you don't like a premade, I will accept your opinion. - See GASR rules in terms of premade shops and how to order a premade, or you can follow my directions of how to order below. > STYLE 1 - 10K EACH < More realistic style, kinda semi-realistic with screenies. > STYLE 2 - 11K EACH < More realistic style, kinda semi-realistic but without screenies (free hand). - The payment is only done by CREDITS! - The price of the animations adds 1k (simple animation) up to 2k (complex/various animations in one premade) to the original prices of the premades - The payment is done AFTER I confirm your order - Send your credits to Guest_Sterminate (I don't know if the Guest is needed or not...) - After your payment, the premade is going to your inbox - I'm doing this method because I've had a very few people who I've given art and I did not had the payment, I don't know for which reason though. - You have to show me a proof that you payed for the premade - The price of the styles premades are on the premades part. [center] [b]☾ Toxic Moonlight ☽ - Premade Ordering ~[/b] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Style:[/b] [b]Name of the premade you want:[/b] [b]Text you want me to add:[/b] [b]Any other extra information:[/b] [/center] - I hope you like my art and my shop. - You can just see, give critiques and explore the shop, you don't need to buy a premade. - Have a nice day!
  2. Meylith

    Mey's Customs! [OPEN]

    Welcome to my Shop! I. SAMPLES/PRICES Solo Base - $20 Duo Base - $30 Large Art - $40 834 x 1250 / 1250 x 834, ideal for printing as a common-sized photography! (No extras available here) Extras Accessories: Pet - $5 (ex: Cat, Dog, etc.) Detailed items - $3(ec: Wand, Head piece, Textured clothes, etc.) Detailed background - $3 Animations: Blinking - $4 (+$1 for a second person) Winking - $2(+$1 for a second person) Glow/Twinkle - $1 Grin/Tongue out/etc. - $5 For any other animations, feel free to just ask for a price! II. RULES Do not use or re-use my art without my consent; Please be patient, my drawing schedule will tighten up a lot when I'll have other things to deal with! Make sure to fill up EVERYTHING in the form, or I might not take your order into consideration; The more references, the better! III. PAYMENT Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/Meylith [ Email in case the link doesn't work: xsaradavinci1995@gmail.com ] IMVU: Meylith IV. FORM (I do accept private orders as well!) Solo/Duo: Normal/Bribe slot: Name(s) you want on it: Pose Reference: Character(s) References: Accessory: Detailed Background($3): Background Reference: Animation: Estimated price: Would you like it streamed?: V. SLOTS IMPORTANT NOTICE Slots will be finished the following way: bribe>one step* in a regular>bribe> one step* in a regular>etc. (*steps: sketch>lineart>base colors>finishing) Working on: Sulky Next: Readinlots BRIBE (+$5): 1. OPEN 2. OPEN REGULAR: 1. Sulky [$25] 2. Readinlots [$30] 3. Fricky [$24] 4. Novastar [paid] 5. Taeegi [$42] 6. Senpai [$46] CREDITS SLOT 1. CLOSED VI. SUPPORT ME Copy-paste the following code! [center][url=https://gasrforum.net/topic/49-meys-customs-closed-%E2%99%A5/][img=https://i.imgur.com/qFeADjh.png][/url][/center]
  3. Y0UI

    Y0UI's ll [5/6] Slot

    hii guys finally i made a shop banner would really appreciate if anyone would like to support my shops 😄 SAMPLE   for couple order, the price will be double SAMPLE (click for preview) SAMPLE FORM FOR FULL BODY
  4. Hi friends , I'm Yasin I take ages to finish an order because i want it to be perfect and i have college and work so have to bear with me ❤ ➤ General GASR rules apply ➤ I have the right to decline any orders ➤ Do not trace/steal any of my art ➤ Paypal only (GBP Yasinxzada@hotmail.com) ➤ I will only carry on with an order once I received payment (when shown the WIP) ➤ No refunds once you paid and received your order ➤ No cancelling order once I show you the WIP ➤ There is no time limit to when i will finish you order because I like to take my time ➤ Please be specific if you are a bit picky with your order ➤ If you think I'm taking too long, please message me because I forget (': ➤ No Changes will be made after the DP is finished (unless it's my fault e.g spelling mistake, or forgot to add something etc) ➤ Be Nice Using PAYPAL Send ALL payment to 'Yasinxzada@hotmail.com' Please make sure that the payment is in GBP and not in USD or any other currency Single 16 Couple 32 Animations Blinking £3 Blush £2 Glow £2
  5. Ebichu art service, leave it to me to draw anything! Thanks for stopping by! “Chu~" PLEASE SUPPORT MY SHOP ☆ Examples Rules ☆ I don't mind spamming owo ♥ ☆ Please be nice T_T ☆ My art is only from scratch ;3; ☆ Changes might be able to be made just ask me! I charge extra for them. Charges may vary! ☆ For payment please include your Paypal/Email so i can send an invoice (you can pm that to me instead too!) ☆ If you can’t pay for the order right away, keep me updated, please! ☆ Please use the form!! (If youre on mobile just put premade, text and price) ☆ Suggestions for premades are always welcome! x No stealing or tracing! Available ☆ Premades Demon- $35 Spike- $20 Vamp PYOC - $20 Bite PYOC- $20 Red - $20 Darksiders & Sabbu Collab Family Portrait - $45 Comes with big art!! ($22 to me and $22 to Darksiders) Pumpkin PYOC - $20 Split- $20 Bunny- $20 Chain- $15 uwu- $15 On Hold / Sold Sold to Dayzie Witchy- $35 Form ♥ Premade: ♥ Text: ♥ Price: ♥ Paypal/Email: (can pm it to me) Credit to Stardust-palace @ DA for pixels
  6. ✧ Val's Art Corner ✧ Welcome! Thank you for your interest & I hope you like what you see here. ✧ ABOUT ME ✧ Hello! My name is Sandy but my alias is Valin. I've been on GASR for about a year now and I enjoy looking at others' beautiful artwork. I am currently a senior in high school, looking to get into college in graphic design, game art and design, and animation. I have an obsession with McDonald's fries and husky dogs. I use a a Mobilestudio Pro 13 tablet and SAI for my art. I hope to earn some credits here, so I can buy my friend and I some lovely art also, and eventually move onto Paypal <3. ✧ RULES & IMPORTANT STUFF ✧ - All GASR rules apply here. - Do not use your commission for business and commercial use, or claim as your own. It is only for personal use. Please give credit when apply. - Please don't rush me. I am currently in school and have a family. There are times where I will finish commissions in one sitting, and times where I may finish within a week. I ask for your patience ~ - No refunds unless the fault is mine. - Please refrain from cancelling orders after my acceptance, as I may be working on your sketch. You cannot cancel after payment/sketch phase. Canceling your order before I accept/decline is fine. - Please don't remove watermarks or steal sketches/WIPs. DO - Males/Females/Couples - Simple/patterned backgrounds - OCs/avatars/ideas - Elves/horns/animal ears/tails/etc. ✧ PRICING & ORDER INFO ✧ - Send credits to username: valin - Full payment is sent after the initial sketch is approved. If you are credit limited, you can send partial to secure slot, but I won't start coloring till fulfilled. - Simple fixes/edits can be made during sketch phase. During coloring, it's very limited. - Prices are per character. - Currently only accepting IMVU credits. Will implement Paypal soon and update this. - If no response after two weeks, without prior notice of AFK, I have the right to resell the order as a premade and remove your slot. - I will PM you the final piece. - You will get at least one coloring WIP from me on GASR. DON'T - Furries/Mecha/etc. - Complicated outfit details may be simplified. - Extreme NSFW/gore - Textless ✧ MENU ✧ ✧ Chibi - 25k ✧ Full body, not available in DP format. Both white and transparent background versions are given! ✧ Detailed Sketch - 10k for Chibi/Headshot || 25k for DP ✧ Detailed sketch with simple grayscale shading and line art. (Only for Chibi, Bust-up DP, and headshots) ✧ Custom Bust-up DP - 40k ✧ Custom art in DP format. You will receive original resolution version; must ask me for DP size. Includes simple background. Only bust-up. ✧ Misc. ✧ Pets (not that skilled in certain animals, particularly fur. sorry D:)- +5k Excessive jewelry/tattoos/intricate objects such as guns or weapons - +3-6k Animation - not offering atm ✧ ORDER FORM ✧ Username: The person paying for this order. Text: Can put placement if desired. Order Type: Chibi / Detailed Sketch / Custom DP Refs/OC: Facial Expression/Personality: Pose: Background Idea: Notes: Anything additional or important you'd like to let me know. Total: Price total; if not sure you can ask. ✧ SLOTS ✧ 1. reserved 2. SoterCT 3. open 4. open tysm for reading & have a great day! ~
  7. Hello and welcome! My name is Hope. Painting is a huge part of my life, and a way to support myself to get through the months of the year. I sell premade art only, and paint from scratch. Feel free to shoot me a message to talk, or chat me up on Imvu. I'd love to get to know more of you! Rules - All GASR rules apply. - Holding premades only for 24 hours. - Orders are first come, first serve unless stated otherwise. - Please always put your order in a new post, do not edit older posts to add in a form, unless you are on your phone and have my OK to do so. - Please do not post proof of payment in the thread. You can pm me the proof if you'd like instead. - Do not claim my work as your own or resell it. - Please use the form when ordering. - Please wait to be accepted before sending any payment - I don't refund. - My art is for your personal use only. - No textless versions. - Respect and manners are a must. - Feel free to talk. Wish me luck, say hello, or stop by and tell me how awesome your day has been! Talking keeps this shop active so I welcome it 🙂 Please send Payments to h.hnyk3@gmail.com Premades Obscurius 65 Eur WIPS: Form Premade: Name for Premade: Price: Suggestion for further premades: (Optional) Tip: Tips are optional, but highly appreciated! Sold: Support me? _____ I support:
  8. Hello guys!~ I'm finally back on gasr with a new premade shop! ✧ Don't claim as your own. ✧ All GASR rules apply. ✧ DON'T STEAL. ✧ I won't make any edits on the premades. ✧ First come, first serve. ✧ No textless. Paypal: toruiwaizumi@gmail.com IMPORTANT: Choose "no shipping address needed". THANKS! Available premades: Ensemble Stars school uniform set! 2 - Yuzuru 3 - Shu 4 - Mika 30$ 15$ each, come with big versions (half body) Persona 5! Protagonist. 20$ Zombunny. 20$ Izanami. (comes with a big version) 25$ Vampira. (comes with a big version) 25$ _____ There's not really a form, just tell me which premade you want and the name I need to write on it!
  9. Sorciere


    …………………………………………………………… …………………………………………….. Hello darklings, welcome to The Brewery premades! I try to post every week since this is my main income. ……… …………………………………………………. - All Gasr Rules Apply - Do not steal or color/edit over my work - I do not make any changes or additions to my premades - Please wait patiently for my reply - Be considerate of other gasr members and of the artist - I will provide textless work through email only - You may alter the watermark if necessary - Be aware that if you publish textless work in public, it is highly likely for it to be stolen. - NO refunds - Please do not offer payment if you cannot afford it - I require payment first with proof - Enjoy Style 1 Style 2 … ……………………………………………………………………………….. Lily Munster and Elvira (wips) $30 each ………………………………………………………………….. FORM Premade#: Username: Direct Payment: Paypal valadez.gaby@gmail.com as goods and services
  10. ☆ Welcome to G A L A X I E S ! ☆ My name is Kelli and I'm here to offer you custom DP's and avatar art. I've been in the IMVU art circle since 2010 and I've come a long way from my starting point. I'm pretty much self-taught as I don't have the patience to follow tutorials so it's been all experimenting with things until they look fine to me. Galaxies has been in existence since beginning of GASR and this is its fourth reincarnation. My tools of trade are my trusty Wacom pen tablet, Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop CS6. G A L A X I E S ☆ V. 5 style O N E / edit Enhancement of the avatar - facial features etc are kept same, skin is shiny and the DP overall is with a sharper quality. F O R M STYLE ONE STYLE ONE Screenshots: Hairstyle (only for bald screenshots): Text: Effects (Blinking/Winking/Glowing/Sparkling eyes/None): Extra (Speedpaint/Accessories/etc): Final price: PayPal email style T W O / repaint More softer and painty and with less shine to it. F O R M STYLE TWO STYLE TWO Screenshots: Hairstyle (only for bald screenshots): Text: Effects (Blinking/Winking/Glowing/Sparkling eyes/None): Extra (Speedpaint/Accessories/etc): Final price: PayPal email: M Y S T E R Y Give me a general theme (for example Christmas, witchy, demon) and I will decide what to create. I'll take the screenshot, choose the look and surprise you. F O R M MYSTERY MYSTERY Theme: Gender: Text: Skin/Hair/Eye color: Extra (Animation / Surprise animation / Speedpaint / None): Final price: PayPal email: P R I C E S PayPal Payment Only E X T R A Animation & Effects O R D E R I N G Information STYLE ONE - 6 USD STYLE TWO - 8 USD MYSTERY - 10 USD Couple DPs are double the price I don't take couple orders for Mystery DPs! --------------------- G A L A X I E S does not accept IMVU credits as payment. --------------------- I'll send you an invoice myself to the e-mail you provide in the form (or through PMs if you'd prefer). You'll get an e-mail with a link to pay and can then choose whether to use a credit card or your PayPal account. Below is a list of available animations. I also offer youtube speedpaints. All effects are priced per avatar - for example if you order a couple DP and want them both blinking, it'll be $3 extra. For mystery DPs, you can choose the surprise animation option and I'll pick something myself. Click on the animation name to see what it looks like! ------------------------------------------ Sparkling eyes - $0.60 Glowing eyes - $1.00 Blinking/winking - $1.50 Glitch - $1 Floating particles - $2 (cannot be paired with other animations) Youtube speedpaint - $4 ------------------------------------------ Each DP has one text included in the price. Each additional text version is $0.20 G A L A X I E S does not have a wait list of any sort, please wait until there is an open slot to post your order. My shop only has TWO (2) slots at any given time - please check back for openings. --------------------- S L O T S ( 2 / 2 ) ☆ Aerten☆ ☆ Ambiance☆ --------------------- If you have any questions about your order, feel free to post them in this shop thread or PM! R U L E S ☆ PRETTY PLEASE GIVE ME MORE THAN ONE SCREENSHOT TO CHOOSE FROM! ☆ You're more than welcome to point out which screenshot you like the most and I'll prioritize that. This is especially important for couple screenshots that can be wonky sometimes and often require me to cut and paste parts in from other screenshots. ☆ Big, shadowless screenies, png format ☆ Use the *hiresnobg command to take a screenie. If you don't have screenies, you can ask me to use my own. ☆ I generally finish a commission in the 24-36 hours timeframe and rarely go over this time. ☆ Unless I have multiple big commissions that might take time. I do have a full-time job outside GASR, though, so there might be some delays. I always try my best to finish orders quickly. ☆ If you haven't picked up your dp after 5 days, I'll sell it as a premade. ☆ If you don't like your DP, just let me know. You don't have to buy it if you don't want to. I'll use it as a premade. If some reason you can't pay straight away, let me know and I can hold the DP for you but for no more than 5 days. ☆ Try to be as specific as possible in your forms so I know exactly what to do. ☆ I can't read minds so asking for changes after the DP is done means more work for me and more waiting for you. ☆ I accept kid avatars, mild/medium gore such as cuts/bruising and blood, any gender couples. ☆ I don't do AP art, animals (they're cute but I'm incapable of drawing them ;;). If you have a request that's not listed and you're unsure if I'll accept it, just ask. ☆ Please place only one order at a time.☆ I work on a first come first serve basis which means if you order 2 or more DPS at once the people behind you will have to wait longer. You're welcome to place another order after I've finished your first one, of course! @Ambiance S H O P M O N I T O R Ambiance keeps an eye out on this thread for fun (what a nerd right) so if she asks you to change something up in your form like take screenshots in a shadowless room or lets you know that you ordered at the wrong time, you can trust her judgement on that. This shop was designed by the talented Pantone@GASR. Thank you! Support me:
  11. WELCOME TO MY CUSTOM SHOP RULES - GASR rules - Paypal Only - Please be specific with what you want. ex : theme, hairstyle, poses. - Please pay after i finished your order within 2 days. or i'll sell it as premade. - Do not resell my work - You can cancel your slot if i haven't started on it yet - One Order Per Person in one time - I have right to decline/cancel your order - It's ok to pm your order if you don't want to post here WHAT I DO - Female - Male - Couple WHAT I WON'T DO - Fury - Mecha - Fullbody WHAT YOU GET - Big Pic 2480 x 3508px - 3 DPs - 3 Animated DPs PRICE - Single $15 USD - Couple $25 USD add animal +$5 ( I'll send you an invoice to email you provide in the form ) FORM ▪ References: (poses or hairstyle) ▪ Theme: ▪ Anything else I should know: ▪ Text on DP: ▪ Paypal email: (email that can i send and invoice to) ▪ Final Price:
  12. Hi guys, I made this Premade shop to try to sell some art of my own.My style will change as i am new to digital art. ☆All GASR rule apply ☆ First come, First serve ☆ Do not claim as your own ☆Do not steal ☆ No refunds ☆No textless ☆ only paypal ☆ Be patient ☆ I can only hold your premade for 48 hours till it go back up for sale. ☆ Send money after I have confirmed the order ☆ You can repost with credits Please send all payment to Yasinxzada@hotmail.com and make sure the payment is in GBP not in USD or any other currency Premade: 17 Price:20 Size: 160x220 ☆ Premade Number: ☆ Text: ☆ change: ☆Total
  13. Rules: -General GASR rules -Do not copy, trace, resell, or claim my work as your own -All sales are final. No refunds -Please give me up to 3 weeks to complete your order -Be specific with your order to ensure it comes out exactly how you want -You may cancel your order if i haven't started on your commission yet -I have the right to decline your order (probs won't happen tho tbh) -You may PM me with a form if you don't want to post here and I'll add you to my private slots -Communicate with me. Let me know if anything comes up that may delay you from responding or paying. -Do not send payment until after I've sent your sketch wip unless you ask beforehand -If payment has not been sent within 48hrs of your first wip, your order will be canceled. -When sending payment, attach a note with your username so I can verify it was you Examples: Click this for more Style 1 Style 2 Chibi Bust: $20 30% off - $14 Half body: $25 30% off - $17.50 Full body: $30 30% off - $21 Bust: $10 30% off - $7 Half body: $15 30% off - $10.50 Full body: $20 30% off - $14 Price: $15 30% off - $10.50 (only comes in full body) Extra Prices: -Textless/Extra text versions: +$0.50 -Details such as lace, tattoos, detailed accessories: +$2.00 -Detailed background: +$5.00 -Extra character(s): +%50 base price per extra character Slots 1. OmaeWa 2. Mentallag 3. Jahh 4. Forms Style 1 Style 2 Chibi Support: Banner made by @abbae
  14. Sucky

    ○ Cactus Canyon ○

    ○ Welcome to Cactus Canyon ○ My name is Dark , I've done art shops before but they never worked bc i can't commit to a art style but after doing some soul searching art progression I've finally found a art style for me and I want to make art for others for practice,some examples if i decide to do a shop,and bc i really like doing art for others it makes me happy so yea. ○I MADE A CUSTOM SHOP○ RULES ♥ Follow and respect gasr rules ♥ No disrespect others in ma swamp ♥ Please be patient ♥ I will try to get everyone Have a great time and day ○ Yurps ○ ♥ Long hair & Short ♥ slight gore ♥ cute thangs ♥ simple poses/backgrounds ♥ Fantasy things or aliens or crazy stuff ♥ willing to try things that's not on my Nurps list Nurps ☻ Hard Hand poses/poses ☻Mecha outfits ☻Hard Outfits ☻Difficult backgrounds ☻Furrys ○ Examples ○ Progress ○♣-Not started☻-Started○ ○ 2/5○ ☻-Meitzu ☻-Hippie
  15. Guns

    Ayy let's practice (TEMP)

    okay hi its gunzi n i'm doing free art because i want to practice !! i'm totally art blocked and need some inspiration + prompts to get myself back on track. plus i have never opened a shop on gasr before n wanted to test the waters yknow? (btw idk how to lay this stuff out on here effectively so its gonna be messy af - feel free to give me tips) rules: please follow gasr guidelines there is no guarantee that i'm going to do your order, i'll gravitate towards what i'm interested in n that's that don't rush me , it will make me work slowly out of spite have organized refs don't be horrible if there is smth wrong w your order, just edit ur post - u don't have to make a new post okay b? type ay caramba in ur order so i know tht u haven't been a little shit n have read the rules (i'll skip ur order if there is no ay caramba this is inTEGRAL TO GETTING UR FREE ART ) stuff tht tickles my brittle art bones: magical cute girls angry goth girls girls soft gore sparkles cool effing designs stuff that i'm not going to do: boys mecha animals couples animation nsfw okay i think that is everything? examples of my work are below or u can just scroll through my dA to see all my recent stuff https://www.deviantart.com/toubabie alright cool
  16. Repaints #1 #2 Coming Soon.. Available Repaints $6 Each semi realistic #1 Witchy Sold Full size with set of 160x220 $20 #2 Vampy Available Full size with set of 160x220+Animation $30 Anime #1 Mario Available Full size with set of 160x220 $18 Rules No textless Send Payment when accepted will be on hold for 48 hours PayPal ♥ Click the Heart for my paypal
  17. Saxophonia

    The Wind Rises [1]

    THE WIND RISES RULES • First come first serve. • All GASR rules applies. • Don't resell, modify and alter my sold pieces in any way. • I don't accept orders through PM, kindly post your order here only. • Premades are final and will not make any changes. • Kindly use the form provided, please. • You'll have 24 hours to pay after I confirm your order. • I accept PayPal and credit/debit card payments. No IMVU credits this time unless specified. PAYMENT INFO • $1 per extra text • If you are paying though PayPal, click the PayPal logo below and select no address needed. • If you don't have a PayPal account and wish to purchase, just include your email on your form and I will send you and invoice. PREMADES SOLD to Amore DP REPAINT Riley - $13.00 w/ a static version DP REPAINT Aya - $16.00 w/ a static version SOLD to Cas DP REPAINT Katrina - $18 w/ a static version FORM • PREMADE NAME: • MAIN TEXT: • WATERMARK (GASR/IMVU): • EMAIL (if you don't have PayPal): • TOTAL PRICE:
  18. Mimi

    ✧ Mimi's Shop ✧ - OPEN

    Welcome - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Hello gasrians (???) I came back with a new shop and new things. My name is Mimi/Miana. You can call me whatever you want. I'm going to university, and guys that life is EXPENSIVE. All the money will be to help me on this new journey in Design. I hope you like the work I have to offer and respect/read all the rules. (I'll change the design of the shop, I just don't have time for that atm.) Rules and Notes - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ☆You're not allowed to steal or edit my art. This is serious. If I find something like this I won't forgive. ☆Sometimes I can be busy, please be patient. ☆Follow the form and make everything organized. ☆If you want something like18+ please pm me. ☆I accept only Paypal as payment. ☆I won't do a do/don'ts list, if I'm not comfortable doing your order I will tell you or you can just ask me about it. ☆You may ask for changes while I post wips of your order. ☆You can pay after I confirm your order or after the finished art. The limit is 2 days. If you're having trouble or if you have any excuse please pm me. IMPORTANT: IF YOU ARE SENDING THE MONEY VIA ECHECK ON PAYPAL PLEASE SEND IT AFTER I CONFIRMED YOUR ORDER. IF YOU DON'T, YOU WILL NEED TO WAIT TO RECEIVE YOUR ORDER AFTER THE MONEY FALLS ON MY ACCOUNT (LIKE 4 DAYS). Art and Styles - - - - - - - - - - - - - - STYLE 1 - Painted Drawing STYLE 2 - Simple Drawing STYLE 3 - Simple Drawing EDITS/REPAINTS - Edition + painting Follow me on Instagram @itsmiana Prices (updated to euros) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - STYLE 1 (base price) ☆Dp - 14.50€ ☆Headshot -16€ ☆Bust - 20€ ☆Half - 23€ ☆Between the half and the fullbody - 27€ ☆Fullbody - 35.50€ STYLE 2/3 (base price) ☆Dp - 8€ ☆Bust - 9.50€ ☆Half - 13.50€ ☆Between the half and the fullbody - 18.50€ ☆Fullbody - 22.50€ EDITS/REPAINTS (no couples atm) ☆Dp - 6.50€ ANIMATION Eyes animation (bliking / glowing eyes / sparkling eyes) ☆All the styles and edits - 1€ Other animation - you can give me some ideas and I'll try to make them. (but no promises) ☆All the styles and edits - 0.80€ (per animation) (If you order for example 3 animations the first will be 1€ and the others 0.80€ each one) (About couples prices it will be + half of the original price.) (BIGGER SIZES COMES WITH A DP CROP OR MORE) IF THE STYLE2/3 PRICES AND THE ANMATIONS PRICES ARE TOO HIGH PLEASE TELL ME. I'M TRYING NEW THINGS. Payment - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (NEW) PAYPAL EMAIL - mimisoares97@gmail.com (SEND PAYMENT WITH NO SHIPPING ADRESS) IMPORTANT: IF YOU ARE SENDING THE MONEY VIA ECHECK ON PAYPAL PLEASE SEND IT AFTER I CONFIRMED YOUR ORDER. IF YOU DON'T, YOU WILL NEED TO WAIT TO RECEIVE YOUR ORDER AFTER THE MONEY FALLS ON MY ACCOUNT (LIKE 4 DAYS). Form - - - - - - - - - - - - - - STYLES FORM (Size means if you want a dp or other thing.) EDITS FORM
  19. Rules: I will not be holding art You are not allowed to sell/trace/copy/borrow my art Be aware of all the GASR guidelines & rulles If there is something suspicious I have the right to decline your order I can get busy or have to get away to focus on life (pls don't hate) I am more than welcome to hear what you guys want me to draw Payment: Prices are in USD I use PAYPAL invoices You can post your email in the form or pm me After your payment I will pm you the drawing All sales are final Payment must be sent in 48hrs (If you can't pls let me know) If I don't hear from you I will just cancel your order Form: Premade: Name on premade(one): Watermark(yes/no): Paypal email(here or pm): Total: F O R S A L E PENDING #Elvira $42 size:500/689 one gif+one jpg+160/220 resizes AVAILABLE #Michael $45 size:500/689 one gif+one jpg+160/220 resizes (From American Horror Story S08) AVAILABLE #Morticia $45 size:500/689 one gif+one jpg+160/220 resizes AVAILABLE #Puddin $45 size:500/689 one gif+one jpg+160/220 resizes *I do not own the pngs-gifs used to create the table*
  20. -- OPEN -- Check out my premades shop as well! Pixel art made by me 🙂 Hello! Welcome to my shop! DP BUST BUST UP WAIST UP/THIGH UP FULL BODY I WILL NOT DO - nsfw - machinery/armor (unless it's simple)- ✧✧✧ SLOTS ✧✧✧ (please note that if I have many slots filled, it may take me longer to create your order! ) NOTE: NO CANCELLATIONS 48 HOURS AFTER POSTING A FORM! ✧✧✧ 1. Private Order 2. Territory 3. 4. ✧✧✧ On Hold/Waiting For: Lavender ✧✧✧ BRIBE SLOTS ✧✧✧ BRIBE SLOTS ARE AN ADDITIONAL $4 This means you will get PRIORITY! I will start on your order as soon as I am done the one I am currently working on ✧✧✧ 1. Jinx 2. ✧✧✧ ✧・゚: *:・゚✧ TEXT: TYPE OF ORDER: REFERENCES: NUMBER OF CHARACTERS: BACKGROUND (Y/N): *Please give me an idea of what you want as a background! PRICE:
  21. Kita

    The Collaboration 1 NEW

    THE COLLABORATION Hey guys! Welcome to mine and Kneck's premade collab shop! We'll be offering premades by ourselves and together. We hope you enjoy the shop and our work! R U L E S All GASR rules apply. Respect is a must, please no drama. Do not claim/resell/steal/trace/copy or edit our work. Please no rushing us. We can hold for two days maximum. Any changes will cost extra. Prices will be stated under each premade. Please use the correct form for the right part of the shop. K A R D I A ' S P A R T Hey everyone, so this is the part where premades are made by just me. Hopefully going to be coming out with quite a variety this month! Any hands in my premades must be credited to ThroughtheLightx unless stated otherwise. P R E M A D E S SOON Name: Price: F O R M S O L D PAYMENT All payments will now be sent through invoice. I've seen a few others do it and after hearing what happened to one of my friends... I've decided sending through invoice is the safest/best option. If you don't want to provide your email on the form, simply drop me a PM with it! If you're choosing to pay with credits, please send to: Kardiaa
  22. ✞𝕵𝖎𝖌𝖔𝕶𝖚 地獄✞ Shop Assistant   Sorce   Greetings Darklings! Welcome to Parasitic's Premade shop! I will be her assistant for her Premade shop, I hope I am helpful enough for you guys. If you need any assistance, don't hesitate to mention me!  ♱About me♱ Name: Erin Other name(s): Rin, Ren, Rinnie Age: Prefer not to say Role: Shop Assistant Likes: Art, Milkshakes, Makeup, Drawing, Horror Films, Halloween, Gothic Fashion, Witchcraft, Heavy Metal Music, Cuddles, Cats, Wolves Dislikes: Bugs, The cold, Rude people, The dark, Getting up early, Dead memes --------------------------------------------♱--------------------------------------------- ♱Social media's♱ Kik: ErinVinstan (Not as active) Discord: 𝑅𝑒𝑛#3445 IMVU: Sorce Bio Facts about me! My Sexuality is Biromantic My Zodiac sign is Libra! I live in the UK, England I study Media at College My favourite colour is crimson/burgundy/blood red/purple/green I'm a Cosplayer, Gamer, Photographer and Model I aspire to be a Cosplay Model/Icon and a Photographer for Gothic Fashion My favourite food is Coconut Kurma/Rice&Noodles, Lentil Soup, Toast, Oreo Ice cream and Pizza Favourite Animal is Wolves Thank you for coming by!  -My artwork is 100% made by me. -General GASR rules. -DO NOT steal, copy, edit in any form, redistribute or claim my work as your own. - I DO NOT give textless art. -You CAN NOT rush me. ( Because, I work alot.) - I DO NOT refund money. - Be nice and respect others. - DO NOT pm me for purchasing my art you MUST purchase within my shop. - I hold art for 24 hours. If the time is up I'll be putting it back up as a sale again. - If you're indecisive about purchasing my art, please tell me first thing DO NOT wait till the last minute. Thank you for reading my rules! - My Paypal:Kristalnaha12@gmail.com -Send payment FIRST!! -Pay under " Good and Services" and select " No Address Needed" or else I will have to refund so you can send again. -I need PROOF of payment!! - Slight blood/gore. -Small animals ( cats, dogs, snakes, bats,etc.) -Cute. -Witches. -Demons. -Large, medium, and small breast. -Freckles. -Couples. -Intricate jewelry/ tattoos. -Goth babes. -Fanart. -Male witches Voodoo priest. -Creepy. -Dark. -Dolls. -Anti-Christ. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ - I DO NOT do mecha/lots of armors. - Extreme gore. -Anthros. -Furries. -*hiresnog. PREMADE NAME: TEXT ON PREMADE: PRICE: HAVE YOU READ THE RULES AND AGREE?: Anime adoptable FORM: ADOPTABLE NAME: TEXT/HANDWRITTEN: WHAT DO YOU WANT ON IT/BACKGROUND ( YOU MAY MAKE IT YOUR OC): ANIMATIONS?: PRICE: Should I do more adoptables and my original art?: Yes/No AVAILABLE ON HOLD SOLD Thank you for purchasing! Extras Do support these artist! ♱pissarro|Sorciere|Proelium|Zelta|Yasin|Guns|FoxGod|Luxor|Cain|Verhext|Windows|Capsule♱
  23. ✞𝕵𝖎𝖌𝖔𝕶𝖚 地獄✞ Welcome to my shop! -My artwork is 100% made by me. -General GASR rules. -DO NOT steal, copy, edit in any form, redistribute or claim my work as your own. - I DO NOT give textless dp's. -You CAN NOT rush me. ( Because, I work alot.) - I DO NOT refund money. - Be nice and respect others. - My Paypal:Kristalnaha12@gmail.com -As soon as I accept your order you may send your payment. - Proof of payment required! - Slight blood/gore.  -Small animals ( cats, dogs, snakes, bats,etc.) -Cute. -Witches. -Demons. -Large, medium, and small breast. -Freckles. -Couples. -Intricate jewelry/ tattoos. -Goth babes. -Fanart. -Male witches Voodoo priest. -Creepy. -Dark. -Dolls. -Anti-Christ. __________________________________________________________________________ - I DO NOT do mecha/lots of armors. - Extreme gore. -Anthros. -Furries. -*hiresnog. Progress bars: Not started Rough wip/and fixes Linework/base coloring Last details/animations Finished and read for pick up (Will send you in pm) Style 2: Style 1/Style 2: Type: (Bust up/Half body/Full body) Refs/Oc(s): Pose: Text: (Title) and (Watermark) Background: Addtional info: Price: Have you read the rule and agree?: REGULAR 1.)Izzy (Facebook) Not started 2.) BRIBE 1. Thank you for purchasing! Extras Do support these artist! ♱pissarro|Sorciere|Proelium|Zelta|Yasin|Guns|FoxGod|Touhou|Luxor|Cain|Verhext|Windows|Capsule♱
  24. ★ Greetings, Earthfolks. ★ ➤ P R I C E S: ▌DP Crop: $18 ▌Couple (DP Crop): $30 ▌Bust/Face (Full-size): $26 ▌Bust/Face Couple (Full-size): $36 ▌Half-body (Full-size): $34 ▌Half-Body Couple (Full-size): $40 ▌Full-Body (Full-size): $45 ▌Full-Body Couple (Full-size): $62 ➤ GIF: $2 more ➤ Hands & extras: $1 more ✔ I charge by added detail ✔ I only do paypal (USD / under goods & services) ✔ I am reliable, but human, so please be patient with me ✖ I don't do animals / furries ✖ I don't do nudes ✖ I don't do sexual content BECAUSE I KEEP DOING WORK AND NOT GETTING PAID, THERE IS A NEW RULE IN PLACE: I NOW REQUIRE A 50% DOWN PAYMENT BEFORE I EVEN START YOUR COMMISSION. THE DOWN PAYMENT WILL BE TOWARD THE FINAL PRICE. FOR EXAMPLE: IF YOUR TOTAL IS $30, YOU PAY $15 BEFORE I START, AND $15 AFTER I FINISH. THIS IS BECAUSE I AM WASTING MY TIME DOING ART AND THEN PEOPLE EITHER DON’T WANT IT, MAKE ME CHANGE THINGS AND THEN DISAPPEAR, OR JUST DON’T RESPOND. AT LEAST WITH A DOWN PAYMENT I AM GETTING PAID FOR MY TIME. IF YOU DECIDE YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR ART, YOU WILL NOT BE REFUNDED THE DOWN PAYMENT BECAUSE, AGAIN, THAT PAYMENT IS FOR MY TIME SPENT ON DOING IT. THANK YOU. ➤➤ You must pick up your commission or let me know something within 4 days after being posted. If you need time, you must notify me, otherwise if not picked up in 4 days, your custom will be sold as a premade. ◄◄ Samples: DP crop samples: ➤ So in your form please include: ○ Type of Commission: DP Crop, Bust, ect. ▏Theme ▏Text ○ References, Screenshots, or Detailed Descriptions of: hair ▏eyes ▏expression ▏skin tone ▏gender ▏blemishes ▏clothing ▏colors ▏ piercings ▏ ect. ○ Preferred payment offer: $xx ○ Any extra details about service SLOTS: 1) Lucks 2) 1950s 3) Besaid 4) David 5) 6) 7) ✔ * You may hold a slot for the next time I'm open, just write your order in the comment section. However, if my slots are full when you place an order, don't expect to receive it anytime soon. * Tanks doll BANNER BY: TESSAR
  25. Heya, i'm Justin but you also can call me Juu! I'm 20 years old. I'm on IMVU since the end of 2013. Creating IMVU DP's in 2 different styles. I do Repaints and Edits. U can see the difference in the styles section! My tools: Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch Manga, Photoshop CC and Paint Tool SAI. ♫♪~Style 1 - Repaint~♪♫ Almost full repainted DP, sparkling and shiny. ♫♪~Style 2 - Edit~♪♫ I keep all things of your avatar and make it more shiny and sharper. Style 1 - $8 Style 2 - $5 I don't accept IMVU Credits and i don't do couples. Gif effects: Sparkling eyes - $1 Sparkling background - $1 Winking - $1 Glowing eyes - $1 ♫♪~OPEN~♪♫ ♫♪~OPEN~♪♫ • Please keep an eye on my slots. don't ask for a DP when i have no open slots! • • Sometimes i'm not active, then i will change the open slot to "CLOSED" (not guaranteed). • Style (Style 1 / Style 2): Screenshots: Text (name): Extra (Simple face tattoo / Blooming): Effects (Sparkling eyes / Sparkling background / Winking / Glowing eyes): Paypal email: • Please keep an eye on my slots. don't ask for a DP when i have no open slots! • • When you order a DP please have patience! A DP isn't done in minutes! • • Please use a bodylight for your screenshots and take it with the *hiresnobg command! • • Please send me more than one screenshot. Then i can choose the best of them for my editing style. • •I try to finish your order quickly. I generally finish them in 10h-24h. • • When you ordered a DP i'll send you a watermarked version to your Gasr messages and an invoice with the final price to your paypal account you just have to click on the link in your email and pay. • • If you didn't payed after 3 days i'll sell it as a premade. • • Please be sure you have the money before you ordering a DP! • •If you do not like your DP, you don't have to pay. i'll use it as a premade. • • Please don't steal/use/recolour my work without MY permission! • • If you have any questions just ask me. •

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