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  1. W E L C O M E R U L E S Welcome to my Bakery! Here I will be offering delicious premades baked with love! I am working on icons and badges too so stay tuned for those! You may not resell any art I will not resell someone elses premade to you do not send payment until I have accepted your order! Do not tweak or edit any art I sell to you! P R E M A D E S H O W I T W O R K S Premade #4 Premade #3 15$ USD 15$ USD Premade #5 Premade # 15$ USD Price My premades are usually just lineart, this is because my premades are PYOC (Pick your own colors) This allows you to personalize the premade to match your hearts desire! After placing an order for a premade I will reply to you here regarding whether or not I have accepted your order! After I accept your order I will message you privately with a form where you will be able to send me references of the colours you want! During the process I send you two wips (work in progress): 1. Base colours 2. Finished product before payment is sent! F O R M 🍰 Premade #: Name: Watermark: Is this art for you or someone else?: Agree with my rules?: Paypal email for invoice: (can pm) ________________________________ Thank you for ordering, your order is being processed 🍰
  2. 𝓗𝒾 𝒽𝓊𝓃! 𝓦𝑒𝓁𝒸𝑜𝓂𝑒 𝓉𝑜 𝓣𝓪𝓾𝓻𝓸 𝓐𝓻𝓽! - ̗̀ ⭐ ̖́- I am Tauro and I am an artist! Shop Status: 𝓞𝓹𝓮𝓷 -------------------- ⭐ -------------------- 𝓡𝓾𝓵𝓮𝓼: ~~ If you place an order or buy my premades, I understand that you have read and accept my rules. ~~ -------------------- ⭐ -------------------- 𝓟𝓻𝓲𝓬𝓮𝓼: 𝓕𝓸𝓻𝓶: 𝓔𝔁𝓪𝓶𝓹𝓵𝓮𝓼:
  3. Hello, welcome to Madman's Skull!☠️ My Name is Kam/Craneo, this is my art shop!☠️ -------------------- o -------------------- Rules: - All GASR rules apply. - Do not steal/alter my work. - Payment must be sent after the first WIP and you'll have 24 hours to do. - I do not make gifs (only blinking), soon yes. The order can take 48 - 100 hours to be delivered completely (or more depending of the order) - Note: I work with a photo of the imvu avatar (without shadow) along with references and I prefer the white background♥ -------------------- o -------------------- Prices. Single: 6usd - 9,000cr (160*220px) Couple: 9usd - 12,000cr (160*220px) Accessories: Hands, Winking, Blinking, Teddys, Animals, Tattos: 1,500cr or 1usd each. -------------------- o -------------------- Examples: [Latest works] -------------------- o -------------------- Payment: USD via paypal - paypal.me/qranium IMVU credits - Craneal or Craneo (but I prefer the first) -------------------- o -------------------- Form: - References: (Avatar screen, clothes, hair, pose recommendation, etc) - Accessories: - Background color recomendations: - Text: - Price: - Payment method: Thank u!☠️
  4. Hai welcome to my shop I'm Indah and I like to make DP's If you'd like to know more or have any questions feel free to message ♥ Payment: / [email protected] Important Note: pg. 80 for update • Will not accept order when shop is full / closed • No reservations of slots, first come first serve • Will not accept incomplete form • Pls respond / pay within 72 hours • Failure to do so leads to adjust+premade • Do not steal, edit, resell • One order per person • No pressure pls :•( • If you have any issues do pm • Please look at slot number in title before posting completed form bust up • S$30 waist up • S$35 couples + 30 • animation + 2-5 • extra details + 5 ** Prices are in Singapore Dollars • you can convert online here waist up • S$70 couples + 60 • animation + 2-5 • extra details + 5 ** Prices are in Singapore Dollars • you can convert online here BUST UP Single [ ] Couple [ ] DP size [ x ] References: Pose: Background: Theme/Style: Animation: Additional info: Text: (title) and (watermark) Price: (+5 for bribe) WAIST UP Single [ ] Couple [ ] DP size [ ] Bigger size [ ] References: Pose: Background: Theme/Style: Animation: Additional info: Text: (title) and (watermark) Price: (+5 for bribe) 1• Skink (bribe) 2• Yimu 3• Hoseok 4• Ellie 1• Vultr 2• Cok TAG LIST @Nikki @Dbg @Sheepie @Uma @Scoppet @Hopey @Jungkook @Siaku @Scarlette @Hiroki @hfei @Arianna @Happy @Unicorns @Mya @Jeongguk @Adhere @Borderlands @Poo @Jahh @Lia @Rozen @LuciaH @Hopey @Unicorns @babies SUPPORT Cheese • Windows • Nenasmint • Panties • Vee • Yami • Taj • Yasin • Aleck • Bunnycat • Zelta • Lightning Table Layout done by @Cheese Credits: vines. paypal
  5. WELCOME WELCOME G E N E R A L I N F O R U L E S MERMAIDS is my custom and premade Dp shop Style called “CrazyThings” is a collab with my sis LID. -I use Paint tool sai and Photoshop cs6 BLIXT is my right hand , she can help you. Some times i take more time to do a Dp due my personal life but i’ll try do my best for you♥ -All general GASR rules -Don’t rush me , be patient i ever finish all works -I use screenies but not are necessary -Be specific in your request (I don’t make big changes) -Bribes will have high priority -If you don’t send the payment within 48h of your order getting accepted , it will be cancelled and remove from slots -I will not start your order if you don’t send the payment -You can't edit/ add/ remove text in your Dp -Once at time you place an order you’re automatically accepting rules P A Y M E N T P R I C E S -No refunds. -You need provide your Paypal email and i’ll send an invoice (You can post it in the form or via PM). -If you want “CrazyThings or “CrazyThingsCute” You’ll receive two invoices instead of one (REMEMBER: These are collab drawings). -Provide proof of payment via PRIVATE MESSAGE. -Bribe: $8usd Couples x2 -Name change / Extra name: $2.00usd -Pets: $2.00usd -Eye change (Color/Looking otherside): $1.60usd -Blink / Wink : $1.60usd -Sparkling eyes (Not x2 price): $1.45usd -Glowing eyes: $1.45usd -Blush: $1.45usd -Sparkling cheeks: $1.45usd -Change expression(Smirk/Other): $4.00usd -Smile / Kissing: $2.00usd -Breasts rebounding: $2.00usd -Ears / Wings wiggle: $2.00usd Animated text (Bounce / Shake): $1.45usd 3D effect (Not x2 price): $1.00usd Other animation please ask♥ STYLE 1 $9USD STYLE 1v2 $9USD STYLE 2 $8USD STYLE 3 $9USD STYLE 4 $8USD STYLE 5 $12 USD CRAZY THINGS $20USD (Collab drawings) CRAZY THINGS CUTE $20USD (Collab drawings) PIXEL $20usd PIXIE DRAWING $20 USD P R E M A D E P R E M A D E Name: Status: Price: H O W TO “ P I C K Y O U R S K E T C H ” ? -Please fill “Sketch” formm for a CT or CTCute (NOT CUSTOM FORM ), only add wich style is.(You can ask if the sketch is available) -Once i notify you if is available you must send the payment(Don’t matter if slots are full , it is only for put ON HOLD the sketch ) -If slots are full i will tag you when a slot be open and you only need fill the form here If you have any question feel free to ask PICK YOUR SKETCH CRAZY THINGS $20USD Please remember: Size is 160 x 220 (Size sample is only to view details) If you want it big like samples price is +25USD @Kute (Waiting form) PICK YOUR SKETCH CRAZY THINGS CUTE $20USD Please remember: Size is 160 x 220 (Size sample is only to view details) If you want it big (400x550) price is +25USD F O R M F O R M Custom form Style 1 to 5 Custom form Pixel / Pixie Drawing ♥______________________________________♥ …………………………………………………………, Style: Screenies: Background color: Text: Text color: Watermark text: Additional features: Bribe?: Paypal e-mail : Total: ♥______________________________________♥ ♥______________________________________♥ I want a custom: Pixel /Pixie Hair color and style : Skin tone: Eye color: Makeup: Clothes: Accessories: Pose: Extra: Background: Text: Text color: Watermark text: Bribe?: Paypal e-mail : Total: Custom form Crazy Things / Crazy Things Cute Premade form ♥______________________________________♥ I want a drawing: Crazy Things/CrazyThingsCute Hair color and style : Skin tone: Eye color: Makeup: Clothes: Accessories: Pose: Extra: Background: Text: Text color: Watermark text: Bribe?: Paypal e-mail : Total: ♥______________________________________♥ I want the premade : Text: Text color: Watermark text: Paypal email: ♥______________________________________♥ PICK YOUR SKETCH CT /CTC ♥______________________________________♥ I want sketch # Skin color: Hair color: Eye color: Clothes color: Accesories color: Animation: Background: Bribe?: Text: Text color: Watermark text: Total: ♥______________________________________♥
  6. RULES * -No drama and respect me and others here * -I accept PAYPAL and credits as payment *-Wait until I confirm your order to send me payment * -Do not steal *-Do not order if you can't pay or no want * -Send the money as a service and mark no shipping address *-Please pay attention when sending the payment,send in USD with no conversion (change the option that says ''Recipient gets'' to USD) *- You have 24 hours to pay once you have fill the form *-Credit payments will be made through the purchase of sticker FOR CHANGES: * - $ 0.50 or 1k for small changes (for each change), example: hair color, eye color, remove something, background etc ...) * $ 0.25 or 500cr per extra text * additional animations will be charged separately * ask beforehand if it is possible to make any changes * -PLEASE FILL THE FORM payment method "STICKER" "CLICK HERE FOR PAYPAL" p * -Send the money as a service and mark no shipping address *-Please pay attention when sending the payment,send in USD with no conversion (change the option that says ''Recipient gets'' to USD) Premade name: Price: Text: PREMADES NEW PREMADES AVAILABLE!!! Premade A2 $10 USD Premade A9 $10 USD Premade 5V $8 USD . Premade 1R $10 USD Premade 4P $10 USD Premade 2R $10 USD Premade Couple 2 $16 USD . Premade A4 $10 USD Premade 0 $0 USD Premade A23 $10 USD Premade 1P $10 USD . Premade 5P $10 USD Premade 3R $10 USD Premade Couple 3 $16 USD . Premade A5 $10 USD Premade A13 $10 USD . Premade 7C $10 USD Premade 2P $10 USD Premade 6P $10 USD Premade 8R $10 USD Premade Couple C $16 USD . Premade A8 $10 USD Premade A17 $10 USD Premade 1V $8 USD Premade 3P $10 USD Premade 8P $10 USD Premade 0 $0 USD . Premade Couple D $16 USD Hand instants by: ThroughtheLightx Hand instants by: xxAphroditeGoddess
  7. Starry Night Welcome to my order store I use SAI, Gimp and Photoshop cs6 Sometimes I take more time to finish an order because of my personal life, be patient I'll do my best. active orders 1- 2- Rules Do not hurry me please Be SPECIFIC with your request (I can not make big changes) Bribes will have high priority. If you do not send the payment within 48 hours after the acceptance of your order, -it will be canceled and removed from the slots. I need avatar screenies because they are Edit/Repainted, NOT DRAWINGS Payments via Paypal will be with an Invoice. You must PM me your email I will not initiate your order if you do not send the payment. Once you place your order, you automatically accept all the rules. Important No refunds You must send / provide your Paypal email and i'll send an invoice Provide proof of payment please be specific as to colors, you can attach reference images. Delivered in two sizes 350 * 481 and size imvu 160 * 220 Order form Single/couple: Screenies: Background color: Text: Extras: Advice: credits/paypal: Bribery: Total: Prices in credits Single 14k couple 25k Price in dollars Single $ 7 USD Couple :$14 USD orders in order of request, if you want priority you can pay a bribe Bribe 3 usd or 6k crd (On weekends I'm not at home, if I'm slow to respond, I'm sorry.) Example.
  8. Welcome to Twilight Destiny, a custom collab shop with me @Sei and my friend of 4+ years @Vatu Twilight Destiny is a merge of two locations [Twilight Town + Destiny Islands] from one of our favorite franchises: Kingdom Hearts. With that being said, you have the option of choosing where you want to go. You can either relax on the sandy beaches, while enjoying some papou fruit at Destiny Islands or head to the place of endless sunsets, Twilight Town. Wherever you choose, we hope you enjoy the adventure. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  9. Intro Hello, Welcome to my second custom shop. I've been MIA since last year, making premades every now and then, but finally got around to opening a custom shop again ! this is a goal oriented shop, ( relocating to a different country in less than two months ) so I'm panicking a little and full on procrastinating by opening this shop =A=;; feel welcome to stop by and say hi ~ Rules Payment All gasr rules apply PayPal only The usual rules - do not resell do not steal please have funds before placing your order please be patient please send payment after final confirmation Paypal USD [email protected] Do's Dont neck up bust up female too many details animation couples Style 1 $5 160x220 One color tone (pick base color below) Loose , portrait based style (pink example) (grey example) _____________________________________________________________________________________ Style 2 $8 160x220 full color
  10. visit me here all of my drawing is from scratch NO RESELLING / TRACING / REDISTRIBUTION of my artworks NSFW / Couple drawing request available via PM
  11. Hello everybody! I have currently recovered from my sickness and need money to go see my boyfriend We've been together for a few months now and he's had such a positive impact on my life that I want to do something for him and surprise him. All Gasr rules apply, I can't do overly complicated things as I'm not that good yet. As the title says it's 3 USD per pixel ; Payment must be sent through paypal as goods/service WITHOUT delivery address as it puts my money on hold for about a month or two. Slots: 1. Promise pg 2 *starting* 2. Leatherface pg 3 3. Seyton pg 4 4. 5. Waitlist: 1. Vanatei 2. 3. 4. 5. Order Form: Name: Refs: Anims: (y/n ; i can do blush, wink, blink, bounce) Style: Payment: CLICK FOR PAYPAL Examples: Style 1; Style 2;
  12. Welcome to the Midnight Circle Premade shop! I'm Chilly, and I've been lurking around ever since art requests were offered on the IMVU website. I'll be offering various themed 160x220 Premade Display Pictures. My favourite theme is fantasy, so expect lots of those! If you have a suggestion as to premade themes you'd like to see, please let me know! / / R U L E S P A Y M E N T I N F O \ \ \ \ P R E M A D E D I S P L A Y P I C T U R E S C E N D I S $15.00 ● AVAILABLE A N A L O R A $20.00 ● AVAILABLE L I L Y $20.00 ● AVAILABLE P R E M A D E $ ● AVAILABLE P R E M A D E $ ● AVAILABLE P R E M A D E $ ● AVAILABLE P R E M A D E $ ● AVAILABLE P R E M A D E $ ● AVAILABLE / / F O R M \ \ W I P D I S P L A Y P I C T U R E S O R L E A $25.00 ● ON HOLD V Y L O V A $30.00 ● AVAILABLE P R E M A D E $ ● AVAILABLE P R E M A D E $ ● AVAILABLE ⏵Can select all colours. ⏵Accessories can be changed/removed/added upon request. ⏵Background/foreground can be specified. ⏵Animations can be specified. Will continue to work on if not claimed by 2019-08-19 ⏵Can select all colours. ⏵Outfit and accessories can be specified. ⏵Background/foreground can be specified. ⏵Animations can be specified. Will continue to work on if not claimed by 2019-08-20 / / F O R M
  13. Hi, everyone! I've decided to temporarily stop future orders from rolling in because I want to catch up with the current ones. I'm also going to switch doing orders from the bribe to regular slot occasionally, depends on the situation. When I open again, I will raise my price from $6 to $7 because my chibis are slightly getting more detailed. Extra goodies will stay the same. Current orders are not affected with the price change! I hope you understand. I will let you know when I'm accepting orders again. Thank you for your attention! GENERAL RULES ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Before considering on ordering a chibi from me, please read these general rules carefully. Follow all GASR rules that has been listed. The order takes some time to finish due to how busy I am. Important updates will be announced at the very top of this shop and also on the radar (alias status updates). The commission is for personal uses only! When used, please credit me. You're also not allowed to resell, trace, and claim that you made the commission on your own. No refunds, unless I’m unable to do your order. All payment will be done through Paypal. An invoice will be sent to you with the partial payment allowance. You will only need to pay 50% of the payment upfront. Once the order is finished, you can pay the rest. I will send a sketch and some further steps for you to state changes. Once I've started the proper coloring process, you are no longer able to state any further changes. You're free to leave some questions by replying to this thread if you're having trouble with one of these statements! I’m accepting private orders! Feel free to submit your form via personal message. Your name will still appear in respective slots, but your form will remain private. WIPs of your order will sometimes be posted to "bump" this shop. For animations, I can't do blinking and bouncy stickers at the same time since I still can't time them properly. Please don't hesitate if you want your drawing to have a specific background, pose, and stickers! If not stated, I'll try my best to come up with something. What I can draw: Girls and cute boys, pastel characters, kemonomimi, multiple characters, and small amount of gore. What I can’t draw: NSFW, romantic couples, macho boys, bikinis (anything related to it), animals, robots and mechas, and facial hair. Please type in DIZZYTANGERINES as proof that you've read both general rules and additional information! REGULAR SLOTS (UNLIMITED WAITLIST) BRIBE SLOTS (LIMITED) I can only do one order at a time. Submitted forms after the first slot has been taken will added to the waiting list. Upfront payment is not required to be in the list! I might start doing some orders although the first slot has been taken depending on my mood and time. 1. Cheebii 2. Babas 3. Toxicpunkette (Waiting) 4. LiLMooMoo (Waiting) 5. Hauntings (Waiting) 6. Katwaii (Waiting) Orders in this list are top prioritized, although the first slot has been taken! If you're interested in reserving yourself a seat here, you can take a look at the extra goodies section 1. Vanatei (Private Order) 2. Boogz (Private Order) 3. REGULAR CHIBI BUILD-A-CHIBI If your character has already-made art, then this option is for you! Please provide image-only references. Description is only allowed in a few words. Price: $6 USD (May increase due to complexity) REGULAR CHIBI FORM Text: Watermark: Expression: References: Extra Goodies: Paypal Email: Estimated Price: Password: If you're thinking of making a character completely from scratch, this option is specially for you! Please provide clear references of how you want your character to look like. You can also provide the closest reference of a certain item and describe how you really want it to look like in a few words. Price: $6 USD (May increase due to complexity) BUILD-A-CHIBI FORM Text: Watermark: Expression: Skin tone: Hairstyle and Color: Eye Color: Outfit: Extra Goodies: Paypal Email: Estimated Price: Password: EXTRA GOODIES Extra Character - 50% of Normal Price Bribe Slot Ticket - $3 Plushies/Holding Object - $2 Blinking/Winking Animation - $2 Bouncy Animation for Mini Stickers - $1
  14. Table by Fervent Link Hello and welcome This will be a small shop, meaning that I will have few spots open at the time, no bribe spots or anything. About me. I am Natasja, Tasja or Teal I am 30 years old and hail from denmark I work full time as a first assistant at a grocery store And I luveeee cats TIMEZONE AND WORK SCHEDULE Click Me For Time Friday: 12:00 - 21:15 Saturday: Off Sunday: Off R U L E S P A Y M E N T All Gasr rules must be followed Please do not rush me I will only hold a piece for 48 hoursafter that it goes up as a premade ♥ Kawaii - Pastel - Dark - Demons - Angels - Fun and different X Couples - Animals - NSFW - Ask Paypal - https://www.paypal.me/TealGasr ONLY USD and only AFTER I am done E X A M P L E S STYLE - Pixel Base price - 8$ Complicated (lots of details) - 13$ Animation - 5$ (options below) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STYLE - Sketch Base price - 10$ Complicated (lots of details) - 15$ Animation - 5$ (options below) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STYLE - Simple Base price - 5$ Complicated (lots of details) - 8$ Animation - 2$ (options below) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Animation option: Blinking - wink - expression change - floating things - sparkles - ask F O R M AND S L O T S SLOTS 1. Blasphemae / Not started / Sketching / Coloring / Finished 2. Toxicpunkette / Not started / Sketching / Coloring / Finished 3. Rothe / Not started / Sketching / Coloring / Finished UNLIMITED SLOTS!
  15. WELCOME Welcome to my premade shop! Here you fill find all the stuff i've made for sale. If you're interested on having custom display pictures, please visit my profile(not available yet). DISPLAY PICTURE PREMADES (1 normal + 1GIF + 1 b/w ) PREMADE # 8 PRICE 15$USD (1 normal + 1GIF + 1 b/w ) PREMADE # 10 PRICE 25$ USD (--) PREMADE # PRICE (--) PREMADE # PRICE PIXEL ART PREMADES (SOLD) NAME # Shin-Chan Head Set PRICE 17 USD - 35k cr + fees (SOLD) NAME # Kitbull PRICE 10 USD - 22,5k cr+fees INFO \ RULES When you post a form or purchase a piece from me, you agree to all these rules. If you do not agree then please do not purchase. Breaking these rules will result in being blacklisted. Clica aqui para leer las reglas en español Cliquez ici pour lire les règles en français PAYEMENT INFO Premades can be paid with Paypal or credits In both cases, i will provide you the Paypal.me link or the sticker GENERAL RULES GENERAL GASR RULES APPLY Please respect one another Please refrain from arguing with one another Please do not spam Please do not edit / resell / trade / share* / give away / swap any of the pieces you buy from me in any way shape or form. Please do not steal designs, art pieces or anything in general from me or my customers. All art pieces you buy from me are for personal use only, not commercial use (do not make money off of them) THEFT: If you notice an user using the art I created for you on IMVU or elsewhere, please report it to me and I'll try my best to contact the right DMCA agents to take it down. BUYING DISPLAY PICTURES One text name only, extra text costs 0.5 USD/1000 cr PER display picture, so if you want extra text on both the normal + animated version you need to pay 1USD/2000cr extra. I do not give textless display pictures. The text you want on your pieces have to be placed in your form publicly (for the normal and watermark). I do not make changes on premade avipics BUYING PIXEL ART The pixel art is only for badge purposes You don't have to grant it to me, but if you do, i'll be pleased By posting a form you agree with these TOS / rules. credits to @Capsule for this rules Section FORM _________FOR DISPLAY PICTURES _________FOR PIXEL ART
  16. hello everyone my name is Seon, nice meeting you all. sorry I took awhile, just wanted to make sure I get this rules and regulations right. :) (All Gasr rules apply) What I can DO Girls Pretty boys Light lewdness OCs Gore What I can't DO Samples: Dp sample: full body/ bust (PRICES FOR CUSTOMS) prices for 160x220 size includding the original size 434x614 singles: $22USD+fee | 45,000 credits couples: $34USD+fee | 60,000 credits -Addintionals- Blinking: +$5USD | +10,000 credits Ear twitch: +$5USD | +10,000 creds Blushing: +$3USD | +5,000 creds Detailed background: +$3-5USD | +5k-7k creds --------------------------------------- -full body price size- Full body chibi: $32USD headshot: $35USD bust: $40USD fullbodys art work: $60USD (FORUMS FOR CUSTOM'S) Text: Text color: Watermark text: example (pic of oc): Background color: Additional features (gifs, etc): Bribe? (optional): Total: -Finish DP 2019 Summer- -Premade slot- my schedule is mon-thurs: 6pm-12am | fri-sun: 9am-1am my spare time link to my livestream: click me <3
  17. It's the death of me. Welcome, people with money to spend! I'm opening (or have opened) yet /another/ custom shop, it seemed. I'm not sure for how long, I'll be sticking with this one, but I do hope that I'll follow this one through for a really long time. In case you don't understand my self absorbed and dry humor throughout the thread, I'm sorry in advance. ... Important Links : Twitter: @IKAN54N Discord: IKANくん#7356 or, join my server below! Premade Shop: This is a title. ... } UPDATE 22/07/19 What is Trial Slots? Starting 1st of August 2019, I will be requesting payment first before I start on the order. This is to increase my working speed and to decrease the potential of disappearing customer after I've completed the drawing. Only 5 slots will be opened as a trial to see whether or not I'm able to complete the orders before 17th of August (this does not include the delay caused by customer). Goals Added! In order to have a more fluid backed up finance, I've added one or two goals to achieve for each month. Possible Stamp System for Loyal Customers? Lets see how trial weeks ends!  } IMPORTANT NOTES, PLEASE READ no seriously, please read. Please order only if you're patient enough to wait. Only order if you have the money. Let me know if you don't have the payment now (the time you placed an order). It's courtesy, and it makes me feel better if I know that you're not just ignoring my order's pickup post later. :D Payments via invoice only. TIPS ARE MOST APPRECIATED. I meant, I enabled the option in invoice so I better see some tips in there. jk Please be nice. I will constantly update you on the art when I work on it, to ensure that the changes you want, will be done prior to finishing it. So please respond to it, thanks! My works are for personal use only. Please don't use them for monetary purposes.
  19. Ebichu art service, leave it to me to draw anything! Thanks for stopping by! “Chu~" PLEASE SUPPORT MY SHOP ☆ Examples Rules ☆ I don't mind spamming owo ♥ ☆ Please be nice T_T ☆ My art is only from scratch ;3; ☆ Changes might be able to be made just ask me! I charge extra for them. Charges may vary! ☆ For payment please include your Paypal/Email so i can send an invoice (you can pm that to me instead too!) ☆ If you can’t pay for the order right away, keep me updated, please! ☆ Please use the form!! (If youre on mobile just put premade, text and price) ☆ Suggestions for premades are always welcome! x No stealing or tracing! Available ☆ Premades Neko- $50 Swim- $55 Sparkle- $42 Sky- $80 Comes with dp crops! Blush- $75 Wind- $22 On Hold / Sold Sold to PlNKlEPlE Haha- $50 Sold to PlNKlEPlE Axe- $50 Form ♥ Premade: ♥ Text: ♥ Price: ♥ Paypal/Email: (can pm it to me) Credit to Stardust-palace @ DA for pixels
  20. Hello guys!~ I'm finally back on gasr with a new premade shop! ✧ Don't claim as your own. ✧ All GASR rules apply. ✧ DON'T STEAL. ✧ I won't make any edits on the premades. ✧ First come, first serve. ✧ No textless. Don't forget to write your email so I can send an invoice for the payment, thanks! Available premades: Lily. -comes with a half body version- 10$ 5$ Howl. (Howl's moving castle) -comes with a full body- 25$ 15$ Oiiwa. (Haikyuu) 25$ 15$ Seiya. (I-chu) -comes with a dp crop + bigger version 25$ 15$ Link. (Breath Of The Wild - LOZ) -comes with two dp crops + 1600x2200 version- 35$ 25$ CHEAP BATCH OFFERS! 1. Dimitri 2. Jean 3. Nathaniel 4. Shu 5. Souma fandoms: 1: Fire emblem Three Houses 2. Shingeki No Kyojin 3. Amour Sucré Campus Life 4. Ensemble Stars 5. Ensemble Stars 5$ each _____ There's not really a form, just tell me which premade you want and the name I need to write on it!
  21. Hello! Welcome to my shop. My name is Mira and I am 29 years old from Denmark. I've been drawing digitally for about 8 years and drawing in general since I could pick up a pen. I would like to get to know you all more, so it would make me very happy if you tell me a little about yourself when ordering! I will respond to orders with a little something about me as well! (ofc, only if you did.) If you have discord and want to follow what I draw, and get quicker notifications join here. https://discord.gg/Ub6agYB You'll be notified on livestreams on twitch from both me and @Meylith You'll see what I am currently working on. Premades will be posted there first. Can chat and just hang out with other people. Can support me RULES ♡ All GASR rules apply. ♡ Do not use or re-use my art without my consent; ♡ Please be patient! ♡ Make sure to fill up EVERYTHING in the form, or I might not take your order into consideration; ♡ Please don't just tell me "It's up to you!" Be specific, so I can make you something you will love. ♡ I reserve the right to use any image I make as an example for other users. ♡ Please don't order without funds. Orders will be sold as premade's, 3 days after completion. ♡ You will be banned from purchasing from me in the future if you waste my time. So please reply even it to tell me you can't purchase your order. Talk to me, I'm not that scary! Frequently Asked Questions ♡ Q: Do you draw children/kids? A: No I'm afraid not, I haven't drawn them and I am not sure I will. ♡ Q: Do you draw furries? A: Nope, I've tried, I simply don't know how to do it in a way I like. Sorry ♡ Q: Do you draw NSFW images? A: No I don't (normally). Other than having drawn naked people in art class I've never really had an interest in drawing explicit images. ♡ Q: What's your time zone? A: GMT +1, though I wouldn't rely on that too much my schedule is F up. Sometimes I'm awake at 3 am, sometimes I'm not. ♡ Q: Do you play any online games? A: Yes.. ♡ UPDATE! Half Heart Points! You now get half a Heart Point when purchasing a premade from me! This can also be used if you and a friend are splitting a duo image so you both receive half a heart which you can add to your collection. Collect heart points! Collect 5 hearts to receive 1 free solo Anime picture! + 1 animation. Collect 10 hearts to receive 1 free Duo Anime picture + 2 animations (Extra animations, or extra detail excluded.) You get 1 heart for every order you make, regardless of what type or price. Hearts can also be exchanged for 1 dollar off your order pr. Heart. Any Questions feel free to ask! Support Me, I'll love you forever ♥ Seriously... [center][url=http://gasrforum.net/topic/1825-%E2%99%A5-shop-stark-%E2%99%A5-open/][img=https://i.imgur.com/ZwxqOWx.png][/url][/center]
  22. 𝓪𝓫𝓸𝓾𝓽 𝓻𝓾𝓵𝓮𝓼 i'm keelie and when i can drag myself away from acnl i do cute arts. i prefer paypal but will accept credits bc i like badges lol. ♡ i will occasionally stream commissions ♡ social media: ig: artbyhholke / hholke.vu ♡ shop helper @Aww ♡ please look over my rules before ordering! ♡ nekomimi, boobs, pastels, cutesy ocs, demons, curves, kink wings, armor, muscles, animals, text descriptions, dudes i'm not the best at drawing men, pls keep this in mind! 𝓼𝓵𝓸𝓽𝓼 𝓹𝓪𝔂𝓶𝓮𝓷𝓽 paypal . . . credits closed . . paypal - https://www.paypal.me/hholke credits - @hholke on imvu there's an 20k fee for switching from paypal to credits plushes are $3/6k extra! animals are $5/10k ♡ for fonts & animations click here ♡ 𝓮𝔁𝓪𝓶𝓹𝓵𝓮𝓼 oringinal style : starts at $20 / 30k | couples are paypal only @ $35 anime style: starts at $30 / 60k | no couples for now (click for full res) *please note since this is a newer style it does take longer* 𝓯𝓸𝓻𝓶𝓼 𝓹𝓸𝓲𝓷𝓽𝓼 for every dp ordered via paypal, you'll get a you can trade in 3 for 15% off, or 6 for 30% your next purchase cat pixel by shuheiruri 𝓼𝓾𝓹𝓹𝓸𝓻𝓽
  23. Welcome to like, my newest shop. I know I keep deleting these suckers and bringing em back, what can I say. Life be WyLd Alright! Enjoy! If you have any questions, please feel free to hit me up! ( Please read these before ordering! ) Skin shine or no skin shine: Singles: $5USD Couples: $9USD Bribe: +$5USD Detailed bg ( Anything aside from a flat color ): +$1 Anything after 2 texts: +$1 per text Sparkles or bouncing object animation : +$1USD Paypal Email: [email protected] ( if you are wanting to be added to a waitlist, given there is space and you have your order ready and in mind, go ahead and post the form but just say " add to waitlist! " or something of the sort.. and before working on your piece, I will tag you and make sure you still want those references / still want to order! Thank you! ) Feel free to add this to your signature if you support! Thank you!
  24. - Update from August 17, 2019 - ♥ Open slots! ♥ I'm finally back! I'm on vacations btw~ I'm 100% free xD No waitlist for this time >< Will be accepting credits just via sticker. I'm planning on finishing before my vacations are over, then lock both of my shops for the next 4 months because keeping them open while I'm busy with university just doesn't work ;w; I don't like to keep my customers waiting too much even if I always charge till the end! While I'm on my university course I may accept like 1-2 private orders only if I have free time. ♥ La Mamacita's Layouts ♥ ✦ About ✦ -IMVU: Saiph -Location: North of Mexico -Note: my english is not the best, I'm sorry ;w; ✦ Rules - Please read them >o< ✦ ✦ Custom & Payment information ✦ I'm doing layouts and products pages! *From now (March 30, 2019) I'll be posting WIPS on here, if you want them to be private please let me know!* -Available just for 1 user -Full customization by the user - - ♥ - - You can request any of these for free! -Youtube video / music -Customized marquee bar. -Scrollable gallery -Products box / updates box -Recent visitors / badges panel inside the layout -Layout design fonts. Please request a 100% free font. -Customized scroll bar -Free to use background from internet. -Customized body text (you can choose the fonts from here). - - ♥ - - ✦ Payment ✦ -Paypal: You must provide your Paypal email and I'll send you an invoice. -Credits (sticker): Saiph ✦ Prices ✦ ✦ DIV Layouts / products page form ✦ ✦ Styles for layouts & products pages ✦ (click over to see an example) Simple / minimalist - 5 USD // 10K -Standard - 7.50 USD // 15k -Standard & animated - 10 USD // 20k -Pixel art - 12.50 USD // 25k -Mixed - 15 USD // 30k - - ♥ - - ♥ - - ♥ - - ♥ - - ♥ - - ♥ - - ♥ - - ♥ - - ♥ - - ♥ - - ♥ - - ♥ - - ♥ - - ♥ - - ✦ Extras ✦ -Cursor - 1 USD // 2k -Background // Pixel art background // animated background - 2.50 USD // 5k -Animated button in a non animated layout - 1.50 USD // 3k -Additions drawn by me - 2.50 USD // 5k - 5 USD // 10K -Big changes after the sketch part: 2.50 USD // 5k - 5 USD // 10K -Form- -Nick: -Order (layout / product page): -Public or private wips sharing? -Style: -Is a gift?: -Refs & colors (you can choose a palette from here): -Extras: -Design font: (from here, it has to be 100% free) -Payment method (paypal / credits): you can PM me your email ✦ iFrame Layouts / products page form ✦ -Form- -Nick: -Order (layout / product page): -Public or private wips sharing? -Style: -Is a gift?: -Buttons / links: -Filedrive access (for layouts): PM -Refs & colors (you can choose a palette from here): -Extras: -Design font: (from here, it has to be 100% free) -Payment method (paypal / credits): you can PM me your email ✦ Some done in this shop ✦ Click HERE to view all examples ✦ Premades ✦ ✦ Available premades ✦ ✦ Form ✦ TBA -Form- -Nick: -Premade: #__ -Is a gift?: -Filedrive access: (in case if it's an iFrame layout please PM) -Price: -Payment method (paypal / credits): you can PM me your email ✦ Premades: Pick your colors ✦ (click for full size) ✦ Form - Premades: Pick your colors ✦ ✦ Rules ✦ ✦ Take a look to my other shop ✦ I'm doing custom icons (simple & detailed), banners, badges descriptions and more! Click me!
  25. ﭢ ghost ɡōst/ noun an apparition of a dead person that is believed to appear or become manifest to the living, typically as a nebulous image. M A I N U P D A T E S Regular PayPal slots: Bribe PayPal slots: Credit slots: Please support my shop, thank you! ♥ double click the image and include this link ✿ S T Y L E S 'n E X A M P L E style 1 - semi realism | $50 General style - realistic Shading/Coloring - detailed, not too much shine Features - close to realism - not exaggerated/stylized Themes - all themes are available in this style style 2 - detailed anime | $50 General style - anime Shading/Coloring - detailed, including shines + glow Features - big round eyes - exaggerated/stylized Themes - all themes are available in this style style 3 - lined anime | $50 General style - anime Shading/Coloring - detailed lineart - including shines + glow Features - big round eyes - exaggerated/stylized Themes - all themes are available in this style style 4 - simple anime | $40 General style - anime Shading/Coloring - simple lineart - including shines + glow Features - big round eyes - exaggerated/stylized Themes - all themes are available in this style style 5 - manga | $15 General style - anime - chibi Shading/Coloring - 1 color only (can be any) Features - big round eyes - exaggerated/stylized Themes - all themes are available in this style style 5b- Sketches - $10 style 6 - soft anime | $40 General style - anime Shading/Coloring - simple, soft - shines + glow Features - big eyes - exaggerated/stylized Themes - all themes are available in this style style 7 - detailed chibis | $40 General style - chibi Shading/Coloring - can be soft of detailed Features - big round eyes - exaggerated/stylized Themes - all themes are available in this style style 7b - doodles/colored sketches Doodles - $7 Sketches - $5 ($8 if colored) style 8 - pixels | $40 General style - anime/chibi/semi-realistic Shading/Coloring - can be simple or detailed Features - can be realistic or stylized Themes - all themes are available in this style style 8b - Full body siggies - $10 style 9 - adoptable ref sheet - $90 Adoptable reference sheet: + What's included: - a full body (simple shading) of your OC - your OC's outfit (drawn separately) - your OC's accessories (drawn separately) - 3 different facial expressions of your choice ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ✣ R U L E S I'm comfortable w all themes, genders, and animals really. Everything I offer is from scratch, I only need references (you can use your IMVU screenies as refs too). I'll show WIPs of each stage if requested. If you don't mention that in your form I will only show 1 WIP! Orders will be done 1-3 weeks after being accepted. Couples are doubling the price of the style. (if you cancel your order/ditch me after I'm nearly done, that's an instant ban, that's honestly rude as fuck to do, i won't even tolerate.) Simple animations are included, such as: smiling, blinking, sparkling, etc. Bribing is adding an extra 50% of the price to your total. Just ask if you aren't sure, I'll do the math for you bb! Ex: For a $10 order, bribing would make it $15 instead. Speedpaints are $7 if you want any for your order. Small plushies, pets are an extra of $5. Bigger pets (lion, tiger, wolf, etc) will cost extra. For Paypal payment, I'll be sending invoices so please include your email or pm me it. I will send you an invoice after the first WIP, and will finish your order after it's been paid. Click here for Planned Payment. All Credit payment must be sent to Hotarubi . I won't always take credit payment, please refer to main update to make sure before ordering. F O R M ♢ Style: ♢ References: ♢ Text: ♢ Animations (optional): ♢ Price: ♢ Email (can be pm'd): ☾ S L O T S - OPEN!♡ ♔ bribe ♢ paypal ♦ credit - ◦ ◦ (maximum of 2 bribes for each style) C L O S E D ◀ Style 1: Semi Realism ♢ -Flix C L O S E D ◁ Style 2: Detailed anime ♢ -Yimu C L O S E D ◀ Style 3: Lined anime ♢ - unavailable C L O S E D ◀ Style 4: Simple anime ♢ -Hoseok C L O S E D ◁ Style 4: Manga ♢ -Hopey C L O S E D ◀ Style 5: Soft Anime ♢ -Cindy C L O S E D ◁ Style 6: Chibis ♢ -Taehyung ♢ -Elliee C L O S E D ◀ Style 7: Pixels ♢ -Hairclips ♢ -Hoseok (siggie) C L O S E D ◁ Style 8: Adoptable Reference Sheet ♢ Noxey ▽ Thank you for visiting! ♡

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