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  1. Post your favorite youtube video(s) to share with your fellow artists and gasr members!
  2. Alex

    Accent Challenge

    Title says it all. Answer the following questions below and show off that beautiful accent of yours If you say/pronounce words in a different language, include that as well! For recording your voice: https://vocaroo.com/ Challenge 1 (Default) Questions: Your name and username. Where you’re from. Pronounce the following words: Aunt, Roof, Route, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Pajamas, Caught, Naturally, Aluminium, GIF, GASR, Crackerjack, Doorknob, Envelope, Meme. What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house? What is a bubbly carbonated drink called? What do you call gym shoes? What do you call your grandparents? What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket? What is the thing you change the TV channel with? Choose a book and read a passage from it. Do you think you have an accent? Be a wizard or a vampire? Pronounce these extra words (requested by Mattie): Casa, baguette, krankenhaus, briedis End audio post by saying any three words you want in English and any other language(s) you know! Challenge 2 (Mixed, a bit harder) Questions: Create an intro and what is your role? (artist, Lurker, Obsessed art fanatic, Stalker, etc) Pronounce the following words: Crumpet, Velo, Prullenbak, Dutske, Xin Zhao, Menininkas, Pontianak, Garrafa, Menas, Anata, Negeren, quatre vingt dix, Ngon, Batas, papillon, Bleiten, Shitsumon, Boke, Tu zi, Brolly, Schmetterling, Qun zi, Innit, Fille, Haburashi, Thangachi, Kasa (傘), Umarmung, Payung, Oltre, Travieso, Sjuksköterska. Can you guess 5 words of which country they belong? Describe your favorite animal in your mother-tongue. What is your favorite national snack? (sweets, candy cookies, etc.) Which language(s) are you interested to learn? Choose one (minimum) of the tongue twisters to try: (you can choose your mother-tongue one) English: Picky people pick Peter Pan Peanut-Butter, 'tis the peanut-butter picky people pick. Dutch: Langs de koele kali liep een kale koeli met een kilo kali op zijn kale koeli-kop. German: Bierbrauer Bauer braut braunes Bier, braunes Bier braut Bierbrauer Bauer. Chinese: 吃葡萄不吐葡萄皮, 不吃葡萄倒吐葡萄皮 (chī pútáo bù tǔ pútáo pí bù chī pútáo dào tǔ pútáo pí.) French: Pauvre petit pêcheur, prend patience pour pouvoir prendre plusieurs petits poissons. Norwegian: Du ska ikkje kalle Kalle for Kalle, selv om moren til Kalle kallar Kalle for Kalle, ska'kje du kalle Kalle for Kalle, for Kalle hetar egentlig Karl. Spanish: Paco Pino Ponte Pascual Pérez pinta pinturas preciosas para personas pudientes. Para pobres pinta poco porque pagan poco precio. Italian: Il cuoco cuoce in cucina e dice che la cuoca giace e tace perchè sua cugina non dica che le piace cuocere in cucina col cuoco. Japanese: Sumomo mo momo, momo mo momo, sumomo mo momo mo momo no uchi. Portuguese: O peito do pé de Pedro é preto. Quem disser que o peito do pé de Pedro é preto, tem o peito do pé mais preto do que o peito do pé de Pedro. Have you ever been to other countries? Which was the hardest part of the questions? Bid farewell as to finish it off. AND GO!
  3. Hello! Welcome to my premade screenshot shop ♥ I am Christine but everyone calls me Olson I'm 24 years old from Greece and I love making imvu outfits! I had another premade screenshot shop about a year ago Now I am back from my hiatus with plenty of inspiration My twin sister irl Vanilla will be my shop assistant and will make sure everything goes smoothly All gasr rules apply Please be as nice as possible both to me and my assistant Absolutely no reselling First come first serve Please don't steal If you absolutely cannot afford to pay I could do trades just pm me I can do holds for 2 days max You have 3 days max to send payment and another 3 days to save the screenshots Mass orders are allowed Tips and suggestions are highly appreciated Singles with a name on them other than an "x" have been already requested so they aren't available If you have read the rules please include a funny emoticon in your form (existing & repeat buyers don't have to do this) 100cr if it is only 1 screenie or 70 cr each for more Send credits to Ollson @ imvu Paypal option is available for VIP packs 2 & 3 as stated Conversion rate I go by is 1k=$0,40 USD If you pay by paypal please include your paypal email in your form so that I can send you an invoice If you are not comfortable with writing your paypal email then pm it Click on the respective icons to take you to the albums for couple screenshots I do not currently make premades (only accept custom orders via pm) FREE you may save any of the screenshots you like from the free album without notifying me and use them Username: Singles (links)/ VIP (pack #): Payment: PACK 1 2k 40 screenies of your choice PACK 2 4k or $1.00 USD 80 screenies of your choice PACK 3 8k or $2.00 USD 160 screenies of your choice MY VIPs N/A ART MADE WITH OUR SCREENS
  4. Yimu

    post some quotes

    post some quotes u like, u can even draw how they make you feel if ya wanna.
  5. GASR rules apply Do not steal, copy or resell All screenshots are shadow-less Screenshots are sold as is.. means no changes Only send payment after I've confirmed your order. Let me know once you have saved the screenshots If payment is not sent within 24hrs of approval, the screenie(s) will be back up for sale. No PM orders, all orders must be posted in this thread. Please provide proof of the payment, either through PM or in the thread itself. Click below ♥ Each screenie is 100 Credits can be sent to my avatar name Liyah I accept credits for single screenshots I accept paypal for vip payments VIP CURRENTLY CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS VIP's 53/70 @Cappster 45/70 @Karismic 51/70 @Pey  Name: Screenshot link(s): Total: For Vips! VIP Screenshot link(s):
  6. Babies SCREENIES WELCOME!!☺️ Hello! My name is Dema. Thank you for visiting hope you enjoy 🤗 Rules ♡ GASR rules apply ♡ Wait for approval ♡ Do not steal or copy ♡ No reselling screenshots ♡ All screenies are shadow-less ♡ You have 24 hours to send payment ♡ Screenshots are sold as is which means no changes ♡ Let me know once you have saved screenies ♡ Do not edit your form once you have posted ♡ Post in this shop only if wanting a screenshot Payment/Prices!! I accept credits for single screenshots Each screenie is 100 Credits can be sent to my avatar name iiidemaiii Screenshots !! Female Screenshots Forms Name: Screenshot link (s) : Total:
  7. R U L E S Hi-de-ho sweet people. I am SO excited that GASR decided to add this section to the forum! You may know me as Deity/Cotton, De, Beca or Banshees. I'm 23. I'm a Brit living in the USA. Art is my life, ever since I could hold a pencil. I will be selling my handmade collars/chokers in this thread. I have been making and selling them for over 2-3 years now, and have been selling them via etsy and kik groups, so i'm very excited to be able to share this side of my craft with you guys! If this picks up and goes well, I WILL be opening a custom collar/choker shop. ALL products are hand stitched and tug resistant. They have sturdy webbing on the backs of them to ensure they are able to be used for long wear use. They feature D ring fastenings, so ALL collars fit ALL sizes. If you have any questions or worries about sizing, I can make sure that it will fit neck size. If you know your neck/wrist size please include it in the extra section. Customers that have coupon codes may use them on anything above $15. Please include the code in the extra section and I will take the percentage off your final price. ALL prices INCLUDE shipping costs. You will receive your package fully wrapped and with a thank you note. Payment is taken via Paypal. My paypal email is: becjayy28@gmail.com If the product is broken when received, please let me know so i can fix the issue, which may include the product being remade and resent to you. Once I have sent packages money can not be refunded. Once I receive your order your package will take between 2-3 days to package and send out. If you're in the US I use first class 1-3 business day shipping, if it is international it can take between 5-12 business days. With international packages a $5-$7 fee will be added for the extra shipping. It costs me an extra $13-$17 to send international. So depending on your country it will be $5 to $7. Please know that your information is 100% secure, that it will deleted after being used to send out the product. There will be a point system in this shop. @Priceless Is my assistant and best friend. Please show her the same respect you do me and she will extent you the same courtesy. F O R M P A Y M E N T Jar Credit All payment is via paypal. Payment is required after your form has been accepted. Please send as goods and services with no shipping address needed. All prices are final. My paypal email is: becjayy28@gmail.com Please send proof once you have sent funds. Or let me know you have sent and I can check my paypal. ❧ Name: ❧ Collar name: ❧ Price: ❧ Extra: C O L L A R S F O R S A L E: $20 - $25 $30 - $35 $40 - $45 CLEARANCE RECENTLY SOLD: UPDATES: NEW CRYSTAL COLLARS COMING SOON IN THE FOLLOWING: OPALITE, ROSE QUARTZ, CLEAR QUARTZ AND AMETHYST. Table credit to Luxor.
  8. Klndred

    ? ? ? ? ?™

    So. I've been kinda MIA recently bcos I got a new job that has me working everyday + school. SO by the time I get home to try to draw anything Im exhausted (If you've posted in my old free shop for digital art, tis why. But maybe Ill get around to them one day soon. Promise. If not you can beat me up okay?) However, I want to get back into pixel art because it's the easiest to do for me right now, I enjoyed it sm when I did it and I feel like I've gotten bad at it since I have no inspiration personally. . :-( SO! I'd forever be grateful for people to post, Tysm. If I'm feelin the shop I might keep it around for awhile/clean it up, if not it'll be temporary. Size Chart Nothing above (2x3) 40x60 currently, Tysm. If you'd like anything bigger talk to me in PM. Examples **Some of these are really old, Some are not. My styles changed a bit but not much** Willing to try a couple Icons as well, Just ask. Form Yes you can PM me, Just lemme know ID/Username: Size: Ref: (Please do not give me other artists art unless you have permission, tysm.) Extra: Music:
  9. Sterminate

    ☾ Toxic Moonlight ☽ (8)

    ☾ TOXIC MOONLIGHT ☽ Premade Art Shop - Hello everyone! I am back! - I know I've opened some shops on GASR, including my latest one, which was a free shop. But I couldn't complete all orders because my topic was removed and I got to not get access to your orders to finish it. But now I'm here to open a new shop, in order to sell premades. I hope you like this new shop. - Please try to follow all GASR rules, including the rules in terms of behavior and the content of the posts you decide to share. - Please fill the form below. in order to get your order accepted. - Please don't post off-topic. - Please try to be nice with other people and with me. If you don't like a premade, I will accept your opinion. - See GASR rules in terms of premade shops and how to order a premade, or you can follow my directions of how to order below. > STYLE 1 - 10K EACH < More realistic style, kinda semi-realistic with screenies. > STYLE 2 - 11K EACH < More realistic style, kinda semi-realistic but without screenies (free hand). - The payment is only done by CREDITS! - The price of the animations adds 1k (simple animation) up to 2k (complex/various animations in one premade) to the original prices of the premades - The payment is done AFTER I confirm your order - Send your credits to Guest_Sterminate (I don't know if the Guest is needed or not...) - After your payment, the premade is going to your inbox - I'm doing this method because I've had a very few people who I've given art and I did not had the payment, I don't know for which reason though. - You have to show me a proof that you payed for the premade - The price of the styles premades are on the premades part. [center] [b]☾ Toxic Moonlight ☽ - Premade Ordering ~[/b] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Style:[/b] [b]Name of the premade you want:[/b] [b]Text you want me to add:[/b] [b]Any other extra information:[/b] [/center] - I hope you like my art and my shop. - You can just see, give critiques and explore the shop, you don't need to buy a premade. - Have a nice day!
  10. Alright so I am (Semi new) to shops and such and getting used to all of this so its not guna be a pretty layout like others..... Yes I do accept customs and requests....just message me here or IMVU @ Tristitia. I used GIMP to create this image, watermark to prevent art theft. PAYMENT.... Payments: Paypal or IMVU credits I do not personally (YET) have IMVU stickers so I can only accept direct transfer (Which is a pain), so IMVU is a secondary payment for me. I accept payment via paypal as well though via my paypal me... Link: https://www.paypal.me/gothickrockerart I now accept customs and sell premades, I also do colabs ^-^. I do “freebie requests” only to those who have purchased something before, so sorry bout that. Currency: USD || Credits Bust up: $18.20 || 35k Half body: $26.15 || 45k Extra Details: $3.65 || 6k Animation: $1.50 || 1k Bribe: $3.05 || 5k Payment through Credits/Paypal. Online converter here: http://www.convertmymoney.com/ - All Pre-Mades are 25,000 IMVU Credits (25k) or $12.70 in US currency // or if buying in bundles 50,000 IMVU Credits (50k) or $31.35 in US currency. All Premades located in my imvu group or DA IMVU: https://www.imvu.com/groups/group/Rockabilly%2BGraphics%E2%84%A2/ DA: https://www.deviantart.com/gothickrocker ------------- [REQUEST FORM] Type: Single/Couple Type: Bust up/Half body References: Pose: Text: (title) and (watermark) Background: Additional info: Price: (paypal/credits) -------------- [RULES] 1. Will not accept order when shop is full/closed. 2. No reservation of slots, first come first serve. 3. No pressure please and thank you, I have a young child. 4. Don't steal, edit (On your own, come to me), resell (Ill cut you...). 5. Orders, one form per costumer. 6. Manners please and thank you. Note it takes time to do customs, I do have pre-mades you can buy for asap stuff. I will allow multiple orders per person though each order gets a form, but please one order per 24 hours. I have 4 Customs slots and 2 bribe slots. -------------- [Le Slots] [OPEN] [OPEN] [OPEN] [OPEN] [Le Bribes] [OPEN] [OPEN] -------------- What You Get After Buying: - Free Edits for names, minor color changes and full rights to work - A JPG/PNG image of the completed work in a 160x220 frame - A "Token" next to your name for 10% off if desired in my custom or pre-made shops (I need proof of name and purchase o.o) Any tips, tricks or such is helpful and I will gladly take it <3. -------------- [Previews Of My Work]
  11. Moose

    Sing the song above you!

    Moosey Welcome! I've come up with this thingy (inspired by Accent Challenge)... pretty clear from the title, I suppose. The rules are simple: Make sure you claim the song first, so others know it's taken already! Record yourself singing the song posted above you using Vocaroo or another tool. Edit your post with a link to your recording and leave a song for the next person! Only claim a song if you are ready to sing it right here and now! I mean, yeah you have some time to sing it and all, but you shouldn't take hours to do it. Also, you don't have to sing the whole song. You may pick one part of the song and sing it. No limit on claims, sing your heart out! Any song is fine, just keep it PG13. You can sing it in a different style and tone, whatever you want! And moose importantly... have fun! Let's gooooo! Sing fur meeeee:
  12. I can't make topics as nice as Yumi's done, but if anyone knows me they know how much I love food. (Pasta tbh). So why not have a topic where we can just spam food, share any recipes we love for others and anything food related!
  13. Hi guys, I made this Premade shop to try to sell some art of my own.My style will change as i am new to digital art. ☆All GASR rule apply ☆ First come, First serve ☆ Do not claim as your own ☆Do not steal ☆ No refunds ☆No textless ☆ only paypal ☆ Be patient ☆ I can only hold your premade for 48 hours till it go back up for sale. ☆ Send money after I have confirmed the order ☆ You can repost with credits Please send all payment to Yasinxzada@hotmail.com and make sure the payment is in GBP not in USD or any other currency Premade: 16 Price:30 £20 Size: 160x220 and 480x660 ☆ Premade Number: ☆ Text: ☆ change: ☆Total
  14. Arjura.Edevhir

    Mochiraptor Mystery Egg Premades

    Mochiraptors are an open species by Lupipup (IG/DA) - and these are premade mystery egg adoptables of them that I probably won't be selling here (at least not for a while) Designs © Arjura-Edevhir Mochi Raptors © Lupipup

    © https://www.deviantart.com/arjura-edevhir

  15. Kiom

    Comic Talk

    A place to chat about the current comic books you're reading, spoilers, recommendations and such! My favorite comic has to be: I Hate Fairyland by Skottie Young It's about a girl named Gertrude, who has been stuck in fairyland since she was 10 and is trying to escape. What I love most about it is how gruesome it can be + I think it's hilarious Staff Edit: Make sure to put spoilers in spoilers and make sure people are aware before they click!!
  16. Kuffi

    Poetry anyone?

    So I write my own poetry. I get inspired from almost anything tbh. Anyone else care to share? I'll start off. Paths. I often wander. Pathways with no ends. Both bright and dark. I travel through, eyes big and wide. Widening, for there is so much to explore. But I stop briefly. What once felt warm and safe. Is not longer within my grasp. What appeared to be a glow within. Faded, faded by the loss of a sun. A sun once so bright and vibrant. Illuminating everything within its path. A now fallen light. I often wander. Weary and alone. To lay eyes on the paths I once walked. You'll find yourself attempting to illuminate the sun I once had within. But to even get to that. You'll find yourself grasping for what was once your sun. J.
  17. Alismora

    Official GASR Forum Discord

    OFFICIAL GASR FORUM DISCORD SERVER Hello GASRians! Due to a recent influx in Discord servers that have popped up with a focus on GASR, we have decided to go ahead and recreate an official GASR Forum discord server for you guys to enjoy. The invite link will be left below for you guys to join if you'd like to participate. Following the change, we'd like to also take this time to get everyone on the same page. We are not affiliated with any other Discord servers that use our name in their title, are populated by GASRians, or claim to be a GASR server. We only have this one official server and none else. If you are invited to join a discord server that claims affiliation or is set up to deceive members into thinking it is affiliated without directly claiming so, please report it to a moderator. Lastly, if a user is claiming to be a GASR moderator on Discord and you are unsure of the legitimacy of the claim, you are more than welcome to ask a moderator on GASR to verify the information. We do not handle GASR related business off-site, so if a user is making this claim and discussing GASR/Staff related information or is attempting to discuss any sensitive information with you via DM or a server conversation, you should see that as a red flag and report it immediately. There's a good chance this user is lying about being a staff member, and if an actual staff member is acting this way off-site, we need you guys to let us know immediately. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to post below. Click to Join Discord! G A S R F O R U M
  18. Fallon


    Put your mind’s puzzle power to the test. In this topic you'll solve the riddle posted by the user above you; and at the same time you post a new riddle for the next person to answer. Then the next person posts a new riddle, and the next person solves it, and so on. For example: User 1 : I’m tall when I’m young and I’m short when I’m old. What am I? User 2 : A candle. What can be seen once in a minute, twice in a moment, and never in a thousand years? User 3 : The letter M. Because: What can be seen once in a minute, twice in a moment, and never in a thousand years? *Posts new riddle* And so on... Let's begin! Solve this riddle: I turn everything around, but I cannot move. When you see me you see you! What am I?
  19. Luxor

    GASR is now on Spotify!

    Hey Gasrians! Feeling overburdened by the overwhelming amount of playlists on Spotify? Wish you had one account you could follow for all your music needs? Well look no further, GASR has come to the rescue! On a more serious note after having this suggested several times, we decided to buckle up and make use of the ride that is GASR's very own Spotify account! With this, you will have access to many playlist created by mods and users alike, and playlists suggested over time. Users can also suggest specific songs and make collaborative playlists for everyone to enjoy! Everyone wins! **Note: In order to see and add your own music to GASR's Collaborative playlist, you'll need to follow the playlist first, otherwise the playlist won't show. Click here to follow it. Click on the Pablob in order to be taken to the the Official GASR Spotify account!
  20. LinasTired

    painys shiny freebie icon

    Version 1.0.0


    9 Layers Black sparkles also included in .psd file You can make any changes you want Made in Gimp ____________________________________________________________


  21. I'm not sure if this was announced or updated somewhere, but I couldn't find anything. Did the feature to view the names of who likes and dislikes things removed for Elite? Answered by the new announcement, thanks.
  22. I was going through some profiles and saw some people have these huuuge links under their "My Shops" and thought it'd be cool if it was just a small icon instead of a big link. Or they could enter like their own clickable title, that way, it's not a huge link, and they can just add the name of what they want. Kind of like this :v0
  23. Artemas

    How to access my signature

    Ever since the site update to feature the new design I don't know how to access my signature anymore to change it. Was it removed or moved? I need help figuring it out.
  24. Version 1.0.0


    Two little gif pixel icons free for your own use to promote your own shops.


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