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  1. hihi !! i'm purrincess and i wanna offer some of my art for salee~ please note that i am legally blind !! this means i can't see well and i need BIG ref img if you have them!! it also means that i'd like extra info on detailed characters ~! i love working on details so please don't let that discourage you from sending me detailed characters, i just need some hand holding in order to do them properly. hehe~ i do nsfw too ^ q ^ i can't post them here tho~ for animation, i like being asked to do new things and i feel theres no real limit on what i can try to do with animation. i draw very slowly!! i'm a slow artist w disabilities but i work the fastest i can ! promises ~ i tend to rotate my art in pixel > chibi > pixel > fullbody it helps prevent artblock rules no rushing no edit/copy/trace must comply to GASR rules no refunds bribe slots are for couples and extra animation pixel chibis sakura pixel chibis mochi chibis sakura chibis fullbodies prices pixel chibis - base 35 USD +2 USD blinking +3 USD long hair/fluffy hair +10-60 USD for animation / detail sakura pixel chibis - base 45 USD +2 USD blinking +2 USD long hair/fluffy hair +10-60 USD for animation / detail *can resize for a fee baby chibis - base 15 USD +2 USD long hair/fluffy hair +10-40 USD for detail mochi chibis - base 35 USD +2 USD long hair/fluffy hair +10-60 USD for detail sakura chibis - base 45 USD +2 USD long hair/fluffy hair +10-60 USD for detail anime fullbodies - base 70 USD +5 USD long hair/fluffy hair +10-60 USD for detail +15 USD if i am building your chara for you working off a list of references, vs one picture already drawn) slots O1. katnip type wanted : Sakura Pixel Chibi paypal : kwierzbicki1022@hotmail.com references : CAUTION SLIGHTLY NSFW I don't have an overly extensive refs page, just the two artworks I have done of her. Her pasties are dark blue/purple orchid flowers as well as some parts of her outfit You can extend the coverage of the top, and turn it into something flower based since it's a bit NSFW *Her name is Morilossë which means Night Blossom. She is a healer who prefers to work with flowers, her staff helps her heal. simple background : Whatever you feel works best expression : Something sweet/happy animation : Maybe something to do with her orchid flowers, wink/blink, honestly I'm open to all suggestions O2. princess type wanted : pixel chibi paypal : 6a6ies@gmail.com references : HERE simple background : yes, in stash! (can I get an alternative without the bg too?) important things i should know/see: just make sure her clothing doesn't blend into her black hair color as it's dark toned too ^^ expression : smiling that changes to a sleepy expression like here animation : sparkles bribe : (put the amount & the option you'd like~ for couples and extra animation) O3. open bribe. open form type wanted : (pixel chibi, mochi chibi, sakura chibi, or fullbody) paypal : (please put your paypal email) references : (images or links here~ , can also be pose refrences as well as character references) simple background : (yes or no, and what you would like it to be) important things i should know/see: (anything important about ur chara! unless it's a detail, please keep it a bit short or i'll get sidetracked > < ;; ) expression : (what faces the character should make, this is for animation, emojis are OK to use for examples!) animation : (any animation you would like. please be specific and short ~! if it's something i've already done it's ok to reference that instead ^^) bribe : (put the amount & the option you'd like~ for couples and extra animation) type wanted : paypal : references : simple background : expression : animation : bribe:
  2. Hi everyone ! and welcome to my custom shop ! n.n ♡ R U L E S - - - - - - - - - I Only Accept Paypal. - All orders are for personal use only, no reselling - If you can’t pay within the next 2-3 days and/or cannot supply me with a legitimate reason as to why, i’ll be selling as a premade. OC or not!! - No refunds, sorry. What's bought is bought. - Please be specific in your form, unless you want give me artistic freedom (will only make MINOR changes after completion) - Do not edit your form/price after acceptance unless i asked you to clarify - Do NOT steal-copy-tracing. Please don’t rush. - I maintain rights to deny your order and to cancel at anytime prior to payment. And so do you, before your order is started. - Credits: gasara | kittyrocker | sukiie | King-Lulu-Deer  Days that i won't draw: Saturday (Super busy day!) Sunday (Super busy day!) Monday (Busy day | sometimes i'll draw) ♡ E X A M P L E S - - - Anime-ish CC Price DP: $21 (includes lights floating for free only in my goal shop) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Anime-ish FC Price DP: $25 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Fairy Style CC Price Style 2: $21 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Fairy Style Price DP: $23 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Pixy Style (experimenting) Price DP + medium size: $39 Big Art Half Body: $54 ♡ P A Y M E N T - - - - - - - - - - - Please send the payment here :paypal.me/PixyP after the first wip c: ~ Please remember to send in $USD. - - - - - - EXTRAS - - - - - - Pet: $5+ (depends on the detail) Extra props: $2.5+ (depends on the detail) Blinking: +$6 Shiny Eyes: +$2 Blushing: +$2.5 (animated blush increasing and decreasing again) Lights floating: +$2 Detailed BackGround: +$3(depends on the detail) ○ Max 3 animations per DP ○Other animations cost depend how much difficult and the details ○you can ask and i'll give you an estimate - - -Couples are double price - - - ♡ SUPPORT ME My Goal Shop (i accept credits here) My Premade Collab Shop (sometimes i accept credits here) ♡ F O R M Which Style? and size?: Single or couple?: Text in the DP: refs: emotion that wants to reflect in the dp: pet, blink, shiny eyes or blushing?(extra price): another animation?(extra price, depends how difficult): favorite colors for this DP favorite things for this DP extra: price: ♡ S L O T S ♡ YIMU ♡ LSNT CPL ♡ CLOSED Progress Bars: Not Started Sketching Lining Coloring Finished Doing animation Thank you for visiting my shop ! Please read everything before ordering, thank you ! ~
  3. catblast DP art example pricelist single : 5$ USD PAYPAL / 15K Credits couple : 10$ USD PAYPAL / 30K Credits animation (smile / wink /blink) : +2$ (paypal only) form name: screen(imvu pict): animation : yes/no payment cr/pp : total: payment info after i accept your order u can send the payment to : paypal : evaym98@gmail.com imvu credits : Jinji (i accept sticker payment too)
  4. · sweet bread· ♡ welcome to my custom & pyoc bakery ♡ hii you can call me amanda! i've doodled anime since i was a kid but recently got into digital art!! this shop is to help me improve on my skills, and also to save up for when my boyfriend comes to visit me in two weeks ♡ Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/miows Credits to @waifus on imvu ✧RULES FOR CUSTOMS: ✧ all GASR rules apply ✧ pyoc and customs are first come first serve ✧ all artwork is done on a bigger canvas which comes with a 160x220 crop ✧ two forms max per slot unless i state otherwise ✧ please don’t rush me i can take anywhere between a few days and a few weeks to complete your order depending on my class schedule and mental state ✧ if you want more updates you can pm me on here ✧ each art is different due to me growing as an artist and possible experimentation ✧ send payment in USD before or after colored wip ✧ no editing or altering my art in any major way, cropping or resizing is okay FOR PYOC/PREMADES: ✧ i can hold a premade for 48 hours ✧ all premades + pyoc come with big art and 160x220 crop ✧ changes can be made to some color on premades and some lines for pyoc feel free to ask ✧ feel free to suggest themes for future pyoc in comments or pm ✧ you may turn a pyoc or premade into your own oc only after paying for the art and it being yours, do not steal pyoc or premades please! i work hard to make these  ✧STRENGTHS / WEAKNESSES ✓ girls & feminine boys ✓ kemonomimi (animal ears + tails) ✓ kawaii, lolita, pastel, colorful, goth bbys ✓ a little lewd (´ゝз・`)ノ⌒☆ ✓ blushies !! plushies !! interesting ocs Χ furries (not good with a lot of fur) Χ masculine bois Χ extreme nsfw Χ very complicated poses & backgrounds ✧STYLES cakeroll anime $8 cupcake cutesy anime $6 pudding chibi-ish anime $4 taiyaki my current experimental style! $5 chibi $8 anime please put in your form if you want a chibi or anime (i currently only have sketch examples but they will be fully colored in) more examples further down of each style ✧EXTRAS; ✧ credit prices: 1.5x the usd amount Ex: $8 = 12k, $10 = 15k (i can calculate the total if you're confused ) ✧ couples: double the base price ✧ plushies and animals: $1 ✧ blushing, eye twinkle, ear twitch, hearts/sparkles: $1 each ✧ wink / blink: $2  ✧PREMADES + PYOC sketch pyoc: [ these sketches aren't claimable ] hit the woah (i dont know what to name this) LOL the moon is cheese senpai look at me! ✧FORMS ♥ custom form ♥ ✧ the sweet i choose is: ✧ text & watermark: ✧ oc/refs: ✧ background: ✧ pose: ✧ animations (optional): ✧ extra: ✧ total: ♥ pyoc form ♥ ✧ name of pyoc: ✧ text: & watermark: ✧ any changes?: ✧ colors: (skin, eyes, hair, clothes, accessories, background, etc) ✧ animation (optional): ✧ total:  ♥ premade form ♥ ✧ name of premade: ✧ text: & watermark: ✧CUSTOM SLOTS 1 ♥ = sketching / 2 ♥s = line art / 3 ♥s = coloring / 4 ♥s = animating + adding text 1.lolikon 2. loli x2 3.sai x2 - paid 4. pm x2 - paid 5. BRIBE SLOT shoua ✧PYOC PROGRESS 1 ♥ = sketching / 2 ♥s = line art / 3 ♥s = coloring / 4 ♥s = animating + adding text ✧ vanatei - playtime - paid  ✧ opertum - pocket chinchilla ✧ summer - floofy bun ✧ holicc - summer in antarctica - paid ✧ milk - recess ✧ cortrina - uni 500x500 - paid  ✧WAITING LIST - hairclips - holicc - opertum - milk ✧DONE CAKEROLL: ANIME CUPCAKE: CUTESY ANIME PUDDING: CHIBI TAIYAKI: EXPIREMENTAL ✧POINT SYSTEM = 1 purchase (couple dps or any one dp priced higher than usual gives you 2) after 3 purchases a bunny has spawned to give you 50% off your next order! after 7 purchases a bunch of bunnies have spawned to give you 1 free dp/premade of your choice! Ex: waifus credit: x x x x x x x
  5. Welcome Lovelies!~ I’m not the best at art, so for now I am going to keep my prices pretty low. Rules Payment Will Do ♥ Girly ♥ Cutesy ♥ Creepy ♥ Elf ♥Demon ♥ Fantasy ♥Geeky ♥ Edgy ♥ Kawaii Might Do ♥ Ruffles ♥ Armour ♥ Furries Won’t Do ♥ NSFW ♥ Mecha ♥ Full Robot Extras ♥ Pet ♥ Plushie ♥ Extreme Acc. ♥ Weapons ♥ Detailed Background Pricing ♥ $0.50 USD ♥ $0.50 USD ♥ $1.50 USD ♥ $1.50 USD ♥ $5.00 USD Animations ♥ Eye Sparkle ♥ Glowing Eyes ♥ Glowing Object ♥ Increasing Blush ♥ Winking/Blinking Pricing ♥ $0.25 USD ♥ $1.00 USD ♥ $1.00 USD ♥ $1.00 USD ♥ $2.00 USD Form Text: (No Blanks) OC: Style: (Sketch/LineArt) Size: (DP/Full-Bust/HalfBody/FullBody) Extras: (optional) Animations: (optional) Other: (optional) Background: (Simple. Complex is +$5) Music Inspo: (optional) Total: Current Name - Style/Size - Price - Paid y/n - Bribe y/n - % ♥ Next ♥ ♥ Wait List ♥ ♥ ♥ Blacklist ♥ Other Projects (Newest->Oldest) Other Works (Newest->Oldest) Premades
  6. ★° 🎀 𝕾𝖚𝖌𝖆𝖗 𝕭𝖆𝖇𝖞 𝕻𝖎𝖝𝖊𝖑𝖘 🎀 °★ Form Name: Badge Name: Method of Payment: Premades: chubby heart 5k or $2.50 PP sleepy piggy 10k or $5 PP Shell wand 10k or $5 PP kawaii syringe 15k or $7.50 PP dripping pills 10k or $5 PP love & healing 10k or $5 PP All available
  7. ★° 🎀 𝕾𝖚𝖌𝖆𝖗 𝕭𝖆𝖇𝖞 𝕻𝖎𝖝𝖊𝖑𝖘 🎀 °★ CLOSED / ACCEPTING ORDERS VIA PM ONLY Prices & Rules I'm not so good with people or chibis but am always open to trying new things! Your order may take up to a week possibly longer if i have to study. I will always keep you updated on when i will have your badge completed via private message. If you want your badge in parts let me know and i can break it up for you. Please be specific with how you want your badge and color theme to be! Don't be afraid to tell me of changes you want during the process, it helps me to improve my art. (Please bear in mind if you send a ref of a syringe please ensure it is a drawing/kawaii style not an actual photo i have a terrible syringe phobia and it triggers my anxiety lol) Things i can't do/will decline if asked: - People/chibis -Animated - Sceneries Please read my TOS before placing your order with me. You can find my rules on the next tab. Examples of custom art: SOON Order Form Name: Badge Ref: Size: Extra: Outline/No Outline?: Method of Payment: Slots 1/5 - Cortrina - - - -
  8. gyalko

    Sweet Lolita

    I've been practicing pixel art lately and I'm loving it ;u;

    © Nim

  9. Hii all~ since no one wants to trade with me and I feel like drawing I will sell my skills for a cheap price. 5 EUR/6 USD for bust up drawings I won't draw a lot though. Just on my weekends. (I am gone to Barcelona next week so I won't be able to draw for a week) Note on the side: I have a full time job and attend courses in the evening. So patience is key. Rules: - I will only draw OCs I LIKE - don't be upset if I decline - I like: Cute things, Nekomimi (not furry though), PINK, etc. - I draw both genders. Male & Female - I hate OCs who look too plain. - I might take up to a month to finish your drawing. - I don't do animations - Payment via Paypal after the drawing is done - Please let me know If you want a dp crop. My examples - my drawing style changed though.Most recent example is here: clicky Slots: 1. Nikki 2. Hiroki
  10. Herro I am looking to get back into the swing of making more art. Would love to do art trades Hand drawn for hand drawn, Repaint for repaint. In the past few years i have done a lot of repaints and can create this much more quickly! Hand drawn photos take time and may have few slots to begin. My Samples: Repaints: Hand drawn: (Click on for full images) Rules: Please do not start anything until your request is accepted~ (I do not want to waste your time) Hand drawn for Hand drawn Repaint or Repaint Please fill out the form for what you are applying for Upload examples of your art please *No Couples* ISO (In search of): I am looking for Cute, Alien-ish / Android or goth~ Take a look at the screenies anything around those styles Screenies: HiResNOBG Soul Cal - chara Selfies referances: Insta Aesthetic Inspo: Neons Music Inspo: Goth: Music // Cyber: XX For Fun: XX Form: Style: Repaint / Hand drawn Samples/references: Hair/ Eye colour: Name on photo: (Optional) Song Inspiration: SLOTS: Hand Drawn: 1. Pixelz 2. - OPEN- Repaints: 1. Open 2. Open 3. Open
  11. Another commission for Posi ^^
  12. ケーキカフェ 【 open 1/3】 welcome to my humble establishment! my name is alise and i'll do my very best to serve you.   rules all gasr rules apply. all dps come with a 480x660 size and a 160x220 size. all dps come with one text & one watermark. additional text + watermark versions will cost $2, each. payment is always expected up-front. i've ran into unfaithful customers in the past. send using goods & services with "no shipping address needed" checked. per wip, you can request a maximum of 3 free changes. once i've sent the final product, no further changes will be made. don't complain about the price; these are 480x660 busts, not 160x220. not to mention, this overall process is very time-consuming. know that i am human, not machine. expect your order complete within a week's time, minimum. please be patient. if there are orders ahead of yours, it will naturally take longer for me to complete. by ordering from me, i assume you've read all of my rules. all sales are final. examples and prices ♡♡ examples done in this shop. oldest to newest. single: $30 couple: $50 bribe: additional $20 bribes ensure completion of an order within 72 hours. i will only take one bribe at a time. animations: additional $2-$4 blinking - $4, crying - $4, blushing - $3, sparkles - $3, eyes sparkling - $2, winking - $2 form and slots form ♡ text & watermark: ♡ references: ♡ pose & expression: ♡ animation: ♡ extra: slots: 1/3 kennidy (55%...) n/a n/a please pay here.
  13. ❤·.·´¯`·.·♡ 𝕦𝕡𝕕𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕤 ♡·.·´¯`·.·❤ ———————♛——————— -3/8/19- cutesy art flowing like crazyy~ -4/4/19- working on a new batch of sketches!~ ❤·.·´¯`·.·♡ 𝕗𝕠𝕣𝕞 ♡·.·´¯`·.·❤ Artwork Name: Changes(If allowed): Text: Watermark (Optional): Total Price: Email Address: ❤·.·´¯`·.·♡ 𝕤𝕠𝕔𝕚𝕒𝕝 ♡·.·´¯`·.·❤ OmniaVanitas.8734 NiaVanitas _sunshineseeker OmniaVanitas I only own the banner used above, not the pixel images. 🄰🄻🄻 🄶🄰🅂🅁 🅁🅄🄻🄴🅂 🄰🄿🄿🄻🅈 ——————————♛—————————— ♡ Be patient and respectful. ♡ Do not steal, edit, or resell any of my pieces. ♡ I do not do textless dps. ♡ You may post a claim if you're not available to fill out the form at that moment. ♡ Claims must have forms filled out, orders accepted, and paid for within 24 hours. ♡ You have a 24 hour hold on a dp once you've placed your order and I've confirmed it. ♡ After the "Hold" on a dp is lifted, it's back up for sale. ♡ Post proof of payment. ♡ I do accept orders via private message, but the shop comes first. ♡ You get two text options free of charge. Any extra text will be a 1USD charge each. ♡ I do not make changes after you've bought my art. ♡ Do not send me your payment until the order has been confirmed. ♡ If you don't have the money for my artwork before ordering, don't put in a form. ♡ Fill out a form fully or your order will not be accepted. ♡ Do not create an empty post then fill out the form later on. ♡ My art does not always comply with IMVU's "Terms of Service", so please remember that. ❤·.·´¯`·.·♡ 𝕡𝕒𝕪𝕞𝕖𝕟𝕥 𝕚𝕟𝕗𝕠𝕣𝕞𝕒𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟 ♡·.·´¯`·.·❤ ——————————♛—————————— You will be sent a Paypal invoice in order to pay. Please provide your Paypal email in the form above. If you're not comfortable with providing it in public, send me a private message
  14. Hello guys my name is Jeannie and i will be offering pixel Badges for IMVU ~ My style is cute and kawaii, I speak both english and spanish Badge Seccion OPEN R u l e s No stolen OC please No fights, insults etc... Any unwanted art will be SOLD as a premade, dosent matter if is an OC No editing of any kind please ask me all changes before buying it No tracing or copy No resell any of my work Must grant the badge once made to me and my grantlist ! Grantlist: SweetCandy P a y m e n t Price $4 per title (20x20) PayPal jeannie.aboin@yahoo.com E x a m p l e s F o r m & S l o t I Should like a Badge! References: Imvu avatar name: Size: Price: Extra: SLOT 1-Myrahex 2- 3- 4- 5- F i n i s h e d O r d e r s Badge Descriptions OPEN R u l e s No stolen badge please No fights, insults etc... No editing of any kind please ask me all changes before buying it No tracing or copy No resell any of my work Must credit me P a y m e n t Price $5 or 10k PayPal jeannie.aboin@yahoo.com E x a m p l e s F o r m & S l o t I Should like a Badge Description! References: Price: Extra: SLOT 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- F i n i s h e d O r d e r s --- Layout Desing: @NyckyOwned: @TuChicaFavoritaSoyYo
  15. Smile


    Commission for @Lauren | Enjoyed animating it, not sure about the yellow shine reflecting on her but that's the reason for learning and practice!

    © Smile

  16. bunfetti

    [COMM] Shoua

    Knee-up Sketch Commission for Shoua!
  17. Full color chibi prize for my recent Insatgram raffle!
  18. bunfetti

    MS2 Takishiro

    Sketch chibi for my guild member Takishiro on Maplestory 2!
  19. ♡ RULES ♡ DO NOT COPY/STEAL Don’t rush me please, I am still a freshman student, I have stuff to do as well. No refunds Bribe slots are only accepted once regular slots are full. Cannot do: furries & mecha I can only do NSFW in private orders ( i’m old enough shush ;-;) You have 28 hours to pay No textless Will hold premades for 24 hours - Slots: 5/4 Examples Prices Single - 22k Blush - 3k Blinking - 4k Other animations- 7k Detailed background- 7k Bribe Bribe Single - 25k Blush - 6k Blinking - 8k Other animations - 12k Detailed background - 13k Form Text: References: Background: Extras: Price: welcome pic and pixel belong to owners.
  20. Hi! I'm doing avatar edits and character drawings! I only take IMVU credits as payments. It's 10,000 credits per drawing. I understand that it's a lot but they take a lot my of time and effort. Add my IMVU @Lilahbrooke Message me on there if you want one! Thanks, Lilah
  21. Good Pup! premade Shopu Welcome to my Premade Shop! My name is Jessica, Jess, or Jessie for short, I love animals, anything pastel/kawaii, and I obviously love ART ive been drawing traditional art since I was 10 years old, just recently I started doing digital art and it took me a lot of practice, a new drawing tablet, and being confidence to get where I am now! anyways enough about me here are some premades!, RULES: All GASR rules apply, do not steal/alter my work holds will only be for 24 hours unless I say other wise currency must only be in USD and sent at goods and Services Proof of payment is Needed No refunds Selling my art work without permission is NOT allowed Minor Changes are allowed Just ask! My paypal Email : jessicastroup1245@gmail.com ~Recent Premades~ Love Satan $20 USD Not so Average Princess $20 USD All About Red $20 USD Green Witch $20 USD Masked $18 USD Love Pink $15 USD Happy Kitty Price: $18 USD Form: Sold:
  22. Aiye

    Custom for Disney


    © Aiye

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