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  1. Hello there, I'm opening Commission again for Paypal and Credits. Each Commission might take 3-7 days after I show you the sketch and got the payment. My old Shop have been deleted permanently IDK why so I re-open my new shop. I can do : OC, fanart, male, female, custom (like DP for IMVU or something), yaoi , yuri, normal couple I can't do : mecha, furries, bara (over muscles), complicated details PAYPAL : https://www.paypal.me/YunBie 1. All GASR rules 2. I will work after I got the payment 3. No refund 4. Sent me all reference , your type of commission (Headshot/Bust up/ Half body) 5. You may not cancel it if I have started your order. 6. You Will get the real size of your commission and not textless, Size 500x688, 300 dpi. You MAY NOT sell it! 7. Don't rush me! I work as the queue, so please be patient 😥 8. If I haven't received the payment within 1 or 2 days, I will skip to my next order. 9. I don't do any progress on weekend. (I want my free time too. hhh) 1. Headshot: $35/ 105.000 credits 2. Bust up: $40/ 120.000 credits 3. Couple: $65/ 195.000 credits Addition: +$3/ 9.000 credits for animations (1 or 2 animations only) Any animations as long as I can make it. + $5/ 15.000 credits for each pets. If you want it Non Animated Just Let Me Know. PREMADE AVAILABLE Incubus Price $42 $35 Couple DP Price $73 $65 PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM IF YOU WANT TO COMMISS ME (just copy-paste them): ˚♥ Name : ˚♥ References: ˚♥ Animation? ˚♥ Expression: : ˚♥ Background?(Flat color? Or give me the refference): ˚♥ Text : ˚♥ Price : ˚♥ Tip?(optional): ˚♥ Have you read the rules? : Thank you for reading it till the end 1. 2. 3. Waiting List: 1. STATUS: Active Support me?
  2. Hello! Welcome to my shop. My name is Mira and I am 29 years old from Denmark. I've been drawing digitally for about 8 years and drawing in general since I could pick up a pen. I would like to get to know you all more, so it would make me very happy if you tell me a little about yourself when ordering! I will respond to orders with a little something about me as well! (ofc, only if you did.) If you have discord and want to follow what I draw, and get quicker notifications join here. https://discord.gg/Ub6agYB You'll be notified on livestreams on twitch from both me and @Meylith You'll see what I am currently working on. Premades will be posted there first. Can chat and just hang out with other people. Can support me RULES ♡ All GASR rules apply. ♡ Do not use or re-use my art without my consent; ♡ Please be patient! ♡ Make sure to fill up EVERYTHING in the form, or I might not take your order into consideration; ♡ Please don't just tell me "It's up to you!" Be specific, so I can make you something you will love. ♡ I reserve the right to use any image I make as an example for other users. ♡ Please don't order without funds. Orders will be sold as premade's, 3 days after completion. ♡ You will be banned from purchasing from me in the future if you waste my time. So please reply even it to tell me you can't purchase your order. Talk to me, I'm not that scary! Frequently Asked Questions ♡ Q: Do you draw children/kids? A: No I'm afraid not, I haven't drawn them and I am not sure I will. ♡ Q: Do you draw furries? A: Nope, I've tried, I simply don't know how to do it in a way I like. Sorry ♡ Q: Do you draw NSFW images? A: No I don't (normally). Other than having drawn naked people in art class I've never really had an interest in drawing explicit images. ♡ Q: What's your time zone? A: GMT +1, though I wouldn't rely on that too much my schedule is F up. Sometimes I'm awake at 3 am, sometimes I'm not. ♡ Q: Do you play any online games? A: Yes.. ♡ UPDATE! Half Heart Points! You now get half a Heart Point when purchasing a premade from me! This can also be used if you and a friend are splitting a duo image so you both receive half a heart which you can add to your collection. Collect heart points! Collect 5 hearts to receive 1 free solo Anime picture! + 1 animation. Collect 10 hearts to receive 1 free Duo Anime picture + 2 animations (Extra animations, or extra detail excluded.) You get 1 heart for every order you make, regardless of what type or price. Hearts can also be exchanged for 1 dollar off your order pr. Heart. Any Questions feel free to ask! Support Me, I'll love you forever ♥ Seriously... [center][url=http://gasrforum.net/topic/1825-%E2%99%A5-shop-stark-%E2%99%A5-open/][img=https://i.imgur.com/ZwxqOWx.png][/url][/center]
  3. Hello everyone! I'm Nicole and welcome to my screenshot shop Rules - Don't steal - All screenies are taken with *hiresnobg and shadowless - All credits to be sent to 'ExDies' - First come, first serve - i'll hold a screenshot for 24h - I like to see artwork made with my screenies - watermarked. - Only send payment when I accept your order - Screenies that have someone's username as a title are on hold/reserved My Vips Jastelyne (Angel) : 8/10 Packs 16/20 Singles Michelle (Angel) : 1/10 Packs 6/40 Singles Nap (Angel & Hell) 7/10 Packs 15/55 Singles Emmzi (Angel) 8/10 Packs 14/15 Singles Seksigirliie (Angel) 5/10 Packs Screenshots Price 100cr Single | Sale 50 cr Packs Price is 500cr Packs included 4 Bald and 4 Hairs in different style If you buy 5 packs you have 50% off for the next order List of people that have 50% off for one order Jastelyne Kute Mariko WiccanAngel33 Fora xAddorax Persephone Dratto Form Screens: Packs: Price: Idea for new theme?:
  4. :¨¨·.·¨¨: `·. SHOP iTRAP XoXo I am an art hobbyist looking to do commissions. I take both cash and credits. I'm mostly active on GASR and IMVU. I do happen to do DP sizes as well. Males & Female art as well as furry upon request. Couples now available as well for additional body-length price. ✨ Contact Me • My DA / DeviantArt • My Tumblr • My Instagram | iTrapXArt ✨PRICES • ( $15 ) Headshot | Shoulders Up 37.5k CREDITS • ( $30 ) Bust | Waist Up 75k CREDITS • ( $45 ) Full Body | Head To Toe 112k CREDITS • ( + $5-10 ) Extreme detail | ( Characters with twenty different things going on. ) 12.5k - 25k CREDITS • ( + $2-5) Simple Background 5k - 12.5k CREDITS 🎨 E X A M P L E S ❤️ 💛 💙 💜 💚 ORDER FORM IN POST BELOW DP SIZES BIG ART
  5. RULES * -No drama and respect me and others here * -I accept PAYPAL and credits as payment *-Wait until I confirm your order to send me payment * -Use the form * -Do not steal *-I do not make changes *-Do not order if you can't pay or no want * -Send the money as a service and mark no shipping address *-Please pay attention when sending the payment,send in USD with no conversion (change the option that says ''Recipient gets'' to USD) *- You have 24 hours to pay once you have fill the form *-Credit payments will be made through the purchase of sticker, so this is a little more expensive,let a review payment method Paypal email fabianearmando@gmail.com Premade name: Price: Text: PREMADES Premade 05G-$8 USD or 20k Premade 06G-$8 USD or 20k Premade 09G-$8 USD or 20k Premade 11G-$8 USD or 20k Premade 13G-$8 USD or 20k Premade 18G-$8 USD or 20k Premade A21-$8 USD or 20k Premade 36K-$8 USD or 20k Premade 1M-$8 USD or 20k Premade 2M-$8 USD or 20k Premade 3M-$8 USD or 20k Premade 5M-$8 USD or 20k Premade 6M-$8 USD or 20k Premade 8M-$8 USD or 20k Premade 9M-$8 USD or 20k Hand instants by: ThroughtheLightx
  6. ♡재소♡ $10/20k Premades I will be offering some fanart, sketches & premades of multiple mediums. Some sketchy adopt designs, maybe some old ocs of mine. I’ll definitely be experimenting. So my style in general, will be changing often. Thank you for viewing & please consider buying! ~ I currently have a sale going on. ~ ♡ Thank you very much! ♡ ( ♡ Form ♡ ) ♡ Premade Name: ♡ Text/watermark: (gasr user or imvu) ♡ Changes/other?: (colors/design/anything else?) ♡ pm'd?: (pls pm me your paypal) Y/N *you don't need to PM if paying with imvu credits ( ♡ Rules ♡ ) ( ♡ Payment Info ♡ ) All GASR Rules apply. Do not steal/claim/trace/copy/resell/trade. Please credit me with original design. Do not remove my signature pls. Please be patient and be respectful. If you have anything such as feedback, pls pm me. All of the premades names will be highlighted if paying with credits please click this link :) ( CLICK HERE TO PAY WITH CREDITS ) I accept payment via Paypal only. Please PM me your paypal email because I will be sending out invoices. Invoices are a safe way for both me and you, to secure the payments. Proof of payment is required. < All of these premades, will be $10/20k USD > Payment upfront pls ( ♡ Sales ♡ ) ( ♡ Music ♡ ) ・‥…━━━━━━━☆☆━━━━━━━…‥・ BOGO: Buy one, get one free ♥ ・‥…━━━━━━━☆☆━━━━━━━…‥・ (This sale has no limit in sight) ┏━━━━━ ʕ•㉨•ʔ ━━━━━┓ ┗━━━━━ ☆☆☆━━━━━┛ ( ♡ Premade ♡ ) Santa's Helper (you get both with hat & w/o) [] [] [] < Futuristic > [] [] [] ♡ Happy Valentine's Day ♡ ( ♡ PYOC ♡ ) She's a sparkly babe!! ( ♡ Sketches ♡ ) [ If you wanna see pieces be completed before they go up, see more WIPs, or see more of my art, please join my discord! (click) ]
  7. (✿ ˆ ⌣ˆ) CHAO GARDEN (ˆ⌣ ˆ ✿) INTRO vee/18/aries/infp-t/neutral good/obsessed with chaos & angels RULES All sales are final. Please send your payment in USD. Paypal: omphvee@gmail.com (check goods and services and no address needed) IMVU: Territory Prices are subject to change based on detail and effort. Tips are MORE than welcome. By ordering from me you are agreeing to my rules and are implying that you've read them in their entirety. Send me your payment once the order has been accepted. Please do not rush me. I reserve the right to decline/cancel orders for any reason at any given time. I will not change the final product. Once you approve the sketch, I will make no further changes. I may adjust text if you don't like it. Please give me credit if you plan on using my art offsite. EXAMPLES REGULAR DP $15 / 50k Couples are double. example will be updated soon PIXEL DP $15 Couples are double. FORM I want: (regular/pixel) Text: Watermark: References: Expression: Pose: Extra: (ANIMATIONS ARE $3 EACH! ) Total: (Tips are appreciated but not necessary!) POINT SYSTEM Every 3 orders you get 2 free animation add-ons. Every 6 orders you get 40% off your next order. (does not apply to animations) Every 10 orders you get 2 free animations + 40% off your order. Each ★ is one point! POINTS: SUPPORT Support Banner: Dope artists that you should check out: Poisonous / Windows / Martinus / kyles / Luxor / Pey / Ivyx / TaiyaChan / Saxophonia / Robin / Pissarro / Capsule / Crima
  8. All GASR rules. No refunds unless the fault is mine. Please do not cancel your order after I have accepted. I may be working on your sketch. Only use the art for personal use, not business/commercial use. Give credit when needed. You must either approve or ask for changes after sketch is shown. I won't progress until after approval & payment. Changes are made during sketch phase, and is very limited after that phase (coloring). All files are sent through a drive folder. The folder may be deleted after 2 weeks of link given, so please do save as soon as you get your files. I may decline orders that I find uncomfortable or hard. I usually do not work on the weekends. Use the form provided at the bottom of this please. Do not rush me. No textless. You may PM an order if you wish to stay private. Please note that your piece may still be displayed as a sample on the shop, unless NSFW. Painting DP Bust - 27 USD // 80k credits Waist - 32 USD // 110k credits My "normal" style. Only bust/waist-up. Simple/minimal background for busts, more complex backgrounds for waists. Can be your avi, OC, game character, etc. 800x1200px, 160x220 size given. Examples sorted from recent to oldest. Anime DP Bust - 14 USD // 40k credits Waist - 18 USD // 50k credits Sketchy lines with simple cell-shading. Only bust and waist-up. Only one single color background (you can ask for mini hearts or something though). 800x1200px, 160x220 size given. Chibi 15 USD // 40k credits Full body only. Transparent background, best for sticker-ing or siggies. 800x800px. Couples are doubled the price. Please note I am only accepting one or two credit slots at a time. Check slots for availability. Paypal orders have priority. Credits are more expensive since I do not value them as much as real money. You cannot pay partial Paypal and partial credits. Only all credits or all Paypal. Please show proof of payment after initial sketch is approved. You can order more than one order, but only one order per form (you have to post two forms if you want two orders) Send credits to valin (vaLin) Paypal.me (USD/Goods and Services "NO SHIPPING NEEDED") I will refund if done wrong and ask you to please redo. Painting DP Anime DP Chibi please note that slots here also apply to outside-GASR orders/private orders These are just slots, they aren't in the order they are finished. I may finish others easier orders before complex ones to save time or depending on my mood to draw. I will hold slots for 24 hours. ◆ = not paid ◆ = paid * = Outside-GASR orders SLOTS ORDER PROGRESS ◆ Jungkook waist painting dp sketching open - - ◆ Hoseok chibi order coloring CREDIT SLOTS PROGRESS ◆ iMoo single waist painting dp // sketching Waitlist (only if reg slots are full) - Sketching > Sketched (Awaiting approval/payment) > Coloring > Finished/Slot removed thank you for your interest!
  9. Starry Night Welcome to my order store I use SAI, Gimp and Photoshop cs6 Sometimes I take more time to finish an order because of my personal life, be patient I'll do my best. Rules Do not hurry me please Be SPECIFIC with your request (I can not make big changes) Bribes will have high priority. If you do not send the payment within 48 hours after the acceptance of your order, -it will be canceled and removed from the slots. I need avatar screenies because they are Edit/Repainted, NOT DRAWINGS Payments via Paypal will be with an Invoice. You must PM me your email I will not initiate your order if you do not send the payment. Once you place your order, you automatically accept all the rules. Important No refunds You must send / provide your Paypal email and i'll send an invoice Provide proof of payment please be specific as to colors, you can attach reference images. Delivered in two sizes 350 * 481 and size imvu 160 * 220 Order form Single/couple: Screenies: Background color: Text: Extras: Advice: credits/paypal: Bribery: Total: Prices in credits Single 13k couple 24k Price in dollars Single $ 7 USD Couple :$13 USD orders in order of request, if you want priority you can pay a bribe Bribe 3 usd or 6k crd (On weekends I'm not at home, if I'm slow to respond, I'm sorry.) Example.
  10. Gasr rules apply Please order in thread Do not steal, copy, or resell. Do not send credits until I accept your order Please read the important notes in the next section. You will recieve your screens via PM after payment Paypal payments always have to show proof of payment If you don't pay in 48 hours then the screenie(s) will be put back up Once you purchase & save screenies, they will be removed from my computer. First time customers, please place the Easter Egg Basket somewhere on your forum so I know you read the rules. You have 48 hours to send payment, if paying for a pack and need extended time let me know. Single: 100 Couple: 150 Clearance: 20 Packs: Paypal only Credits send to Sippys @ IMVU Paypal: (send as goods and services with no shipping address) *Click below* Credits: PixelParka, MikariStar, Zombhood, GetAnimated
  11. Gif Credit > https://www.tumblr.com/search/monochrome%20anime%20gif -No stolen OC’s / Screenies -Follow my rules and Gasr Rules-Please only order if you'll have payment ready. -If you ghost/ I have permission to sell this as a premade -( May charge more, depending on how difficult the order is ) -( Will discuss before just plopping down those charges though ) -understandable if talked to about payment / but if any rules are broken, I will make the art into a premade. -provide proof of payment in my shop or in GASR Messages -3 Days to Pay (once notified finished) (I don't do Furries as I do not know how) -Please use my form https://sta.sh/21chpoyvn1kt <<< Click to see ALL my examples! ↓Paypal↓ (Paypal Payments go to PayPal.me/Sehuns) $7.00 for Singles $10.00 for Couples ↓Credits↓ (Credit Payments go to Yihu@IMVU) 15k for Singles 20k for Couples Once You've order 2 Your 3rd will be 50% off ↓Form↓ Text desired: screenies: Have you ordered before? (Y/N) : Paypal or Credits: (Mention What You want GIF'd, Eye's and or name or nothing) GIF?: Theme:(Dark, Light, kpop just name it with examples) Amount Due: Gif credit > https://kittycatsama.livejournal.com/84363.html ( 2 / 3 ) (expect a wait time if you're at the bottom) Been pretty busy with School and work, might take longer. -Impius and Challenge -Sophie & James
  12. 𝓐 𝓼𝓶𝓪𝓵𝓵 𝓘𝓷𝓽𝓻𝓸𝓭𝓾𝓬𝓽𝓲𝓸𝓷 My name is Mona, 26 years old and I live in Belgium. I've always been a creative little bee, which is why I got into doing art! So what do I have on offer? A bunch of lil things! Tho it'll mostly be busts or half body pieces! This also means I will have Male DP's up on occasions, so keep your eyes out! 𝓡𝓾𝓵𝓮𝓼 = Basic GASR rules apply. = Keep in mind that my art doesn't always uphold to the GA rules of IMVU. = Do not resell, trace or repaint any of my art; this is considered art theft. = First come first serve! I will put a 48h hold on any kind of art MAX. Not paid by then and it's available again. = Be kind and patient. I'm not a robot, I can't and won't rush shit. = Name and price will be added above each image, as well as any available edits. = Always provide proof when funds are transferred. = I don't do textless art. = For added extra's (Such as accessories or animations) I will charge a 1$/2k fee per accessory/animation. (Just ask for them in the form and I'll let you know if I'm able to do them) = Once an order is place I will hold for 48h MAX. After that it's up for sale again. 𝓟𝓪𝔂𝓶𝓮𝓷𝓽 𝓞𝓹𝓽𝓲𝓸𝓷𝓼 Paypal: Send as goods and Services The email will be DM'd to you. Credits: Send credits to "Viewed" on IMVU. Sticker - Currently Unavailable 𝓞𝓻𝓭𝓮𝓻 𝓯𝓸𝓻𝓶 Art/WIP name: Name: Watermark: (Optional) Paypal or credits: Price: Edits/Extra's: (If any) 𝓕𝓸𝓻 𝓼𝓪𝓵𝓮 Spooder - 10$/23k Edit(s): Skintone, Outfit color, background Neon - 5$/13k Edit(s): Background, Piercings, Skintone Valentine - 12$/25k Edits: Background, skintone 𝓞𝓾𝓽𝓭𝓪𝓽𝓮𝓭 𝓪𝓻𝓽 Seasonal pieces: 5$/13k Each - Edit(s): None (When ordering, number them from S1 - S9) Outdated: 1$/3k Each - Edit(s): None (When ordering, number them from P1 - P9)
  13. Notice : If shop is closed, bribe for slot is still available. (a.k.a finished commissions, most are half body. my styles are abstract lol) ( please read before you place an order ) I take my time in doing the art commissions, Ill let you know when I need more time. I do screenies and customs Sizes : Normal size = 160x220 ( IMVU DP SIZE ) Full size = 1600x2200 ( the normal size which I draw ) I only accept credits as payment. I only work on weekends ( saturday and sunday ) Fits the GASR rules and policies. System : I work after you pay~! I don't provide textless result DO NOT RESELL NO REFUNDS Girls Femboys Artistic freedom ( not much ) Cute Pastel Manly guys Too detailed/complicated stuff Piercings Dark themed ( gore, NSFW ) Big boobs. ( im serious :u ) Animals Orders with deadlines. And most of all, I dont like to rush things. so please be patient Single : 15k Credits. ( DP SIZE ONLY ) (added to normal price) FULL SIZE +5k Credits (1600x2200) ANIMATED +1k Credits CUSTOM +5k Credits (not based on screenshots/screenies ) +1 Character = Double the single price. BRIBE +10k Credits ( auto top slot )
  14. E N A M O R E D Enamor //en·am·or// iˈnamər/ verb past participle: enamored -be filled with a feeling of love for Please support my shop ♥ (double click the image and include this link: https://gasrforum.net/topic/738-♥-e-n-a-m-o-r-e-d-★ R U L E S & E X A M P L E S I will offer premades of all themes and genders. :3 Everything here is drawn from scratch. I post wips if I'm not done w it in one sitting. Sometimes if im bored, i repaint as well, but i always post the before-screenie if that's the case.. Please include your PayPal/Email for me to send invoice. (you can also pm me this if you feel uncomfortable.) All payments made with credits must be sent to Hotarubi. Let's see, I can hold stuff too. Please only have me hold stuff if you're 100% sure about buying. Don't fucking copy/trace/steal, it's embarrassing for you and your loved ones. Changes can be done most of the time, just ask ! I'm sure I'll have to charge extra if any's done. Give me ideas, please? I need to know what you guys want to see more here. Please use form. ❤️ (If you're on your phone just put the premade name, text, email (for PayPal payment) and price.) Here's some examples of my art P R E M A D E (S) haiwo - $55 STATUS ♥ sold to Xunjo ♥ Skull - $50 STATUS ♥ sold to MatchaTea ♥ | Pick your own colors - Examples | not claimable! R E C E N T L Y S O L D click to view F O R M Premade(s) : Text : Price : Email : Suggestions : P L A N N E D P A Y M E N T
  15. INTRODUCTION Hi there! I'm Hima! I've decided to finally open a custom shop ♥ Hope you like my work! I would like you to know a little more about me. I've started drawing since i have awarness, but I did not take it seriously until I discovered digital art. Than I decided to buy a graphic tablet and practice more. I've started digital art on 2014, and since then, I've tried to improve my skills. Actually I'm on my last year of my career, so I decided to manage my time to take some customs, since some asked for it. RULES/INFORMATION You have to pay in advance to reserve your slot The delivery of the order becomes every weekend I only open comission one time per month, once the slots completed I close them I accept credits and Paypal I give textless versions too I accept private orders I only do IMVU avatars Edits Be as specific as posible I don't do big changes on the avatar, like poses, skin color, hair color, clothes I don't add animals, if you want one, you have to take a picture with PRICES/EXAMPLES SINGLE COUPLE INFO Price: 14500cr or 6$ USD Size: 220*160 INFO Price: 22200cr or 8$ USD Size: 220*160 If you want a bigger pic (only 320*160) you should pay an addition of 2$ or 5700cr ANIMATIONS BLINK SHINE INFO Single: 3000cr or 1$ USD Couple: 4500cr or 1.5$ USD INFO Price: 1000cr or .5$ USD Couple: 2000cr or 1$ USD MORE EXAMPLES FORM Screenies: Background: Extra: Animation: Text: Price: SLOTS/DELIVERY DATE 9th and 10 March: - Private Order - Private Order - Private Order - Layla 16th and 17th March - Saiph - Private Order - Private Order - Private Order 23rd and 24th March - Private Order - Private Order - Private Order - MariaL0vesYou 30th and 31st March - Luciah - Sippys - Private Order - Private Order WAITING LIST On this link you will find the wainting list. I will annotate the persons that want to figure in. I will take maximum 10 persons for the waiting list. The list will be updated when closing order. You can see at what stage is your order in Trello Trello: https://trello.com/b/XEd5vQlp/himas-comissions
  16. Hello! Welcome to my premade screenshot shop ♥ I am Christine but everyone calls me Olson I'm 25 years old from Greece and I love making imvu outfits! I had another premade screenshot shop a couple of years ago But I am back from my hiatus with plenty of inspiration for about a year now My twin sister irl Vanilla will be my shop assistant and will make sure everything goes smoothly All gasr rules apply Please be as nice as possible both to me and my assistant No reselling First come first serve Please don't steal If you absolutely cannot afford to pay I could do trades just pm me I can do holds for 2 days max You have 3 days max to send payment and another 3 days to save the screenshots Mass orders are allowed Tips and suggestions are highly appreciated Singles with a name on them other than an "x" have been already requested so they aren't available If you have read the rules please include a funny emoticon in your form (existing & repeat buyers don't have to do this) 100cr if it is only 1 screenie or 70 cr each for more Send credits to Ollson @ imvu Click on the respective icons to take you to the albums for couple screenshots I do not currently make premades (only accept custom orders via pm) FREE you may save any of the screenshots you like from the free album above without notifying me and use them Username: Singles (links)/ VIP (pack #): Payment: PACK 1 2k 40 screenies of your choice PACK 2 4k 80 screenies of your choice PACK 3 8k 160 screenies of your choice MY VIPs N/A ART MADE WITH OUR SCREENS
  17. About Me: My names Alita, I’m a self taught artist. If you’d like to contact me concerning my art my IMVU is wica and my art insta is bbysmooch. Thank you for taking the time to visit my shop. ❤ Rules: ♡ General GASR rules apply ♡ Credit my work where credit is due ♡ I have the right to refuse a commission ♡ Do not edit, trace, resell, copy or claim my art as your own ♡ No refunds ♡ I’ll give 24 hours once the order is done, if not it will be sold as a premade. (Unless you give me a proper reason as to why payment hasn’t been sent) ♡ Please only ask for detail changes during the WIP stages, once it’s done I will only change minor things. ♡ Be patient with me, I am just starting a nursing diploma Examples Anime Style Semi Realism Style Animations I will do: ♡ Winking/Blinking ♡ Blushing ♡ Slight hand movements ♡ I am open to ideas, but these three are an immediate acceptation ♡ Price Anime DP Credits Single: 9k Double: 10k Hands: extra 1k (as much as you’d like) Animals/Plushies/Handhelds: 2k (each) PayPal Singles: $10 Doubles: $13 Hands: $1 (as much as you’d like) Animals/Plushies/Handhelds: $3 (each Semi Realism DP Credits Single: 15k Double: 20k Hands: extra 5k (as much as you’d like) Animals/Plushies/Handhelds: 10k (each) Animation: 5-15k depending on what you want PayPal Singles: $15 Doubles: $20 Hands: $4 (as much as you’d like) Animals/Plushies/Handhelds: $7 (each) Animation: $2-$10 depending on what you want Send the credits to wica Send the money to lochtd2000@gmail.com Form Name: Art Style: Payment Method: Refs/OC: Theme: Extras/Animations: Slots 1. 2. 3. 4.
  18. Valen


    MAGICALLY > Layouts for your IMVU homepage < RULES ★★★ ★ DON'T RUSH ME! I HAVE REAL LIFE LIKE ALL OF US. SO PLEASE BE PATIENT ★★★ ★ SEND THE CREDITS OR PAYMENT WHEN I TELL YOU TO DO IT ★★★ ★ ALL THE PAYPAL PRICES INCLUDES THE FEES ★★★ ★ I DON'T GIVE REFUNDS ★★★ ★ALL GASR RULES APPLIES ★★★ PAYMENT ★★★ ★PAYPAL ME: Link ★STICKERS: LINK ★★★ PREMADE LAYOUTS ★ E X C L U S I V E ★ ★ Only available for one user ★ Links changes: Free ★ Color changes: Not available ★ Payment: Sticker/credits or paypal ♥ SOON ♥ ★ S E M I - E X C L U S I V E ★ ★ Only available for FIVE users ★ Link change: Free ★ Color changes: Not available ★ Payment: Sticker/credits or paypal ★NAME: SE1 ★COST: 20K OR $8 ★AVAILABILITY: 1/5 ★NAME: SE4 ★COST: 25K OR $10 ★AVAILABILITY: 3/5 ★NAME: SE5 ★COST: 30K OR $12 ★AVAILABILITY: 2/5 ★NAME: SE7 ★COST: 30K OR $12 ★AVAILABILITY: 4/5 ★NAME: SE9 ★COST: 30K OR $12 ★AVAILABILITY: 2/5 ★NAME: SE10 ★COST: 30K OR $12 ★AVAILABILITY: 0/5 ★ M A S S S A L E ★ ★ Unlimited ★ Link change: Free ★ Color changes: Not available ★ Payment: Sticker/credits or paypal ★★ ★NAME: m1 ★COLOR CHANGE: AVAILABLE ★COST: 15K OR $6 ★★ ★★ ★NAME: m2 ★COST: 8K OR $3,6 ★★ ★★ ★NAME: m3 ★COST: 8K OR $3,6 ★★ ★★ ★NAME: m4 ★COST: 8K OR $3,6 ★★ ★★ ★NAME: m5 ★COST: 8K OR $3,6 ★★ ★★ ★NAME: m6 ★COST: 8K OR $3,6 ★★ ★★ ★NAME: m7 japan ★COST: 15K OR $6 ★★ ★★ ★NAME: m7 london ★COST: 8K OR $3,6 ★★ ★★ ★NAME: m8 ★COST: 10K OR $4 ★★ ★★ ★NAME: m9 ★COST: 10K OR $4 ★★ FORM Customs layouts YOU CAN ORDER CUSTOMS LAYOUTS AT MY WEBPAGE SHOP! https://www.magicallyshop.com/ OFFERS ★ F R E E L A Y O U T ★ When you buy three layouts the fourth is free! It includes semi-excluisve and mass sales ★ C O U P O N S ★ ★ If you buy ten layouts you will have a coupon of 50k ★ It could be spend in any layout, semi-exclusive, mass sales, exclusive and customs!
  19. - P R I C E S - Solo Pair Trio 20k 30k 40k Animation & Detailed Props +5k - C O M E S W I T H - • One Rough Draft • Two WIPS • Full body Chibi • DP Crop (Optional) - P R I C E S - Solo Pair Trio 30k 40k 50k Animation & Detailed Props +5k - C O M E S W I T H - • One Rough Draft • Two WIPS • Full sized Image • DP Crop (Optional) - D P P R I C E S - Solo Pair Trio 30k 40k 50k Animation & Detailed Props +5k - C O M E S W I T H - • One Rough Draft • Two WIPS • Full sized Image • DP Crop (Optional) - B E F O R E P A Y M E N T - - I M V U C R E D I T S - - I M V U P A Y M E N T S - - O T H E R M E T H O D S - Do NOT send payment until commission has been discussed & decided upon. If I forget to tell you or you are unsure, the slots below will have the progress of all approved orders. Send Payments to: Befoulment Be sure to send proof of your payment. I will not be able to work past the rough draft the until payment is made in full. xoxo Other Payments include: • VIP • Badge grid • Name change • Chatroom slot • Badges I currently do not have access to paypal so other payments outside of imvu would be amazon gift cards or steam cash in the amount due. Payment is a 1:1 ratio Example: 20k = $20
  20. ﭢ ghost ɡōst/ noun an apparition of a dead person that is believed to appear or become manifest to the living, typically as a nebulous image. M A I N U P D A T E S Regular PayPal slots: Bribe PayPal slots: Credit slots: Please support my shop, thank you! ♥ double click the image and include this link ✿ S T Y L E S 'n E X A M P L E style 1 - semi realism | $50 General style - realistic Shading/Coloring - detailed, not too much shine Features - close to realism - not exaggerated/stylized Themes - all themes are available in this style style 1b - bust/half body/full body | $70+ Bust - $70 Half body N/a Full body - $90 (click to view full) style 2 - detailed anime | $45 General style - anime Shading/Coloring - detailed, including shines + glow Features - big round eyes - exaggerated/stylized Themes - all themes are available in this style style 3 - simple anime | $40 General style - anime Shading/Coloring - lineart kept - including shines + glow Features - big round eyes - exaggerated/stylized Themes - all themes are available in this style style 3b - simple coloring - bust/leg up Bust - $50 Full body - $70 style 4 - manga | $15 General style - anime - chibi Shading/Coloring - 1 color only (can be any) Features - big round eyes - exaggerated/stylized Themes - all themes are available in this style style 4b- Sketches - $10 style 5 - soft anime | $40 General style - anime Shading/Coloring - simple, soft - shines + glow Features - big eyes - exaggerated/stylized Themes - all themes are available in this style style 6 - detailed chibis | $40 General style - chibi Shading/Coloring - can be soft of detailed Features - big round eyes - exaggerated/stylized Themes - all themes are available in this style style 6b - doodles/colored sketches Doodles - $7 Sketches - $5 ($8 if colored) style 7 - pixels | $40 General style - anime/chibi/semi-realistic Shading/Coloring - can be simple or detailed Features - can be realistic or stylized Themes - all themes are available in this style style 7b - Full body siggies - $10 style 8 - adoptable ref sheet - $90 Adoptable reference sheet: + What's included: - a full body (simple shading) of your OC - your OC's outfit (drawn separately) - your OC's accessories (drawn separately) - 3 different facial expressions of your choice ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ✣ R U L E S I'm comfortable w all themes, genders, and animals really. Everything I offer is from scratch, I only need references (you can use your IMVU screenies as refs too). I'll show WIPs of each stage if requested. If you don't mention that in your form I will only show 1 WIP! Orders will be done 1-3 weeks after being accepted. Couples are doubling the price of the style. (if you cancel your order/ditch me after I'm nearly done, that's an instant ban, that's honestly rude as fuck to do, i won't even tolerate.) Simple animations are included, such as: smiling, blinking, sparkling, etc. Bribing is adding an extra 50% of the price to your total. Just ask if you aren't sure, I'll do the math for you bb! Ex: For a $10 order, bribing would make it $15 instead. Speedpaints are $7 if you want any for your order. Small plushies, pets are an extra of $5. Bigger pets (lion, tiger, wolf, etc) will cost extra. For Paypal payment, I'll be sending invoices so please include your email or pm me it. I will send you an invoice after the first WIP, and will finish your order after it's been paid. Click here for Planned Payment. All Credit payment must be sent to Hotarubi . I won't always take credit payment, please refer to main update to make sure before ordering. F O R M ♢ Style: ♢ References: ♢ Text: ♢ Animations (optional): ♢ Price: ♢ Email (can be pm'd): ☾ S L O T S - OPEN!♡ ♔ bribe ♢ paypal ♦ credit - ◦ ◦ (maximum of 2 bribes for each style) C L O S E D ◀ Style 1: Semi Realism ◦ ♔ Pey ◦ ♔ private order (half body couple) ◦ ♢ Animu (half body) ♢ Cyme (bust) C L O S E D ◁ Style 2: Detailed anime ◦ ♔ Remba ◦ ♔ Emberly ◦ ♢ sala ♢ Xunjo C L O S E D ◀ Style 3: Simple anime ♔ Taehyung ♔ Remba ◦ ♢ private order ♢ sala ◁ Style 4: Manga ◦ ♢ Flix ♢ -available C L O S E D ◀ Style 5: Soft Anime ◦ ♔ Emberly ◦ ♔ private order ◦ ♢ Remba ◦ ♢ DivineYumi C L O S E D ◁ Style 6: Chibis ◦ ♔ Mya ♔ Spirits ◦ ♔ Darksiders ♢ Cupid ♢ private order C L O S E D ◀ Style 7: Pixels ◦ ♔ Taehyung ◦ ♔ private order ♢ private order ♢ Beastly ◦ ♢ private order C L O S E D ◁ Style 8: Adoptable Reference Sheet ◦ ♢ food ♢ Noxey ▽ Thank you for visiting! ♡
  21. PREMADES BY VEITY ____________________________________________________ Hello everyone, Welcome to my new premade shop. It's been a while since I had one. There were several important things that I had to do irl for example exams. Only this store will be available for now. The reason is that I have to focus on my mental and body health. I apologize to my customers who have not received their orders in my old shop. My two old shops have been removed due to inactivity and I do not intend to restore these because I want fresh start. In this shop I will be selling display premade pictures in semi-realistic style and ‘experimental’ style (arts where I try new things) in sizes 160x220 and 300x412. 20/5/2018 Meet me: Name: Justyna Age: 20 (1997) Birthday: December 31 Zodiac: Capricorn Country: Poland PAYMENTS AND FORM Payments are sent through PayPal and I will create an invoice. In order to create an invoice, every buyer should send a PayPal email via private message or when ordering. Each invoice has enabled option to pay more if you want to support me etc. In case of payment for 300x412 size you will get same art in a few cropped DP sizes with texts and animations if they’re included (160x220) which is free. PayPal invoice is the only payment option because is it safe for both of us. You can also pay at IMVU and Second Life (Only if it’s available in prices under premade or as a bribe, but it will be cost more): IMVU payment to: Moves | or buy sticker Second Life payment: If you want to pay in L$ PM me. Click here for form RULES Click here for rules. DISPLAY PICTURE PREMADES NAME: Cloud garden PRICE: Soon NAME: We appreciate power PRICE: Soon NAME: PRICE: NAME: PRICE: BIGGER SIZE DP PREMADES NAME: PRICE: NAME: PRICE:
  22. W E L C O M E T O , F U T U R A M A ! YUMI - 26 - MARS - Please feel free to drop me refs, or suggestions Report any GASR rules being broken appropriately My favorite themes are sci-fi, goth, cute, and exotic Refer to my rules in post two for more shop info! Recently Added S E L I N A - SOLD PRICE: $15 or 37,500cr - comes with 4 animated, and 4 static versions (320x440 is large resolutions) A R C A D I A - SOLD PRICE: $15 or 37,500cr - comes with 4 animated, and 4 static versions (320x440 is large resolutions) Rocker Girl V E R A PRICE: $12 or 30,000cr - comes with 2 animated, and 2 static versions F O R M PREMADE NAME: TEXT: (comes with watermark) PAYMENT METHOD: EXTRA: TOTAL: P A Y M E N T I N F O ARTISTS I SUPPORT (THESE ARE ARTISTS I DEEM IMPORTANT TO EITHER MY LIFE, STYLE, INSPIRATION, OR ALL OF THE ABOVE) LUNNA EMILY AYUMI DETH INCOGX VERIXIA MARTINUS TAO SAXOPHONIA KARISMIC KAMLIN SCREENIE ARTISTS I SUPPORT (THESE ARE THE AMAZING MEMBERS THAT I PURCHASE SCREENSHOTS FROM OFTEN WHEN I DON'T USE MY OWN!) AWESOMEOLSON FALLON PEY EXDIES FAITH SIPPY Solar System - Planet Express team icons - square bullet - Zoidberg head
  23. ✧✦ S I N G U L A R I T Y ✦✧ ♥ W e l c o m e T o S I N G U L A R I T Y ♥ ☆ Rules ☆ All Gasr rules apply No stealing, claiming, editing, or selling my art Please be polite and patient, DO NOT rush me I take my time with each piece I have the right to not accept your form if I don't find it interesting but that's a rare chance It may take me up to at most a week to finish depending on the time I do it, but I do tend to stay up late in order to finish an order You may pay once I show you the last wip, or you may pay after the first one Once you send the credits, please provide proof if you can thank you My IMVU: Togi Paypal (USD ONLY): Here ☆ Prices ☆ Singles Busts: $15 to $16 USD or 19k to 20.5k Half Body: $20 to $21 or 24k to 25.5k Thigh up/Knee up: $25 to $26 or 29k to 30.5k Couples Busts: $30 to $32 USD or 38k to 41k Half Body: $40 to $42 or 48k to 51k Thigh up/Knee up: $50 to $52 or 58k to 61k Add-ons Hands - 1k or $2 3D Effect - 1k or $2 "Detailed" Bg - 9k or $10 Animations (not doing these atm) Sparkling eyes - 2k or $4 Bouncing objects - 2k or $4 ☆ Examples ☆ Recent examples here > Click Singles old to new Couples old to new Big Art old to new ☆ Slots 1/2 ☆ - Private order - ☆ Form ☆ Text/Watermark: References/ocs: Pose (if in refs leave blank): Extras: Animation: Tip?(Optional): Total(Leave blank if unsure):
  24. 𝕴𝖓𝖙𝖗𝖔 𝕲𝖗𝖊𝖊𝖙𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖘. 𝖂𝖊𝖑𝖈𝖔𝖒𝖊 𝖙𝖔 𝕾𝖊𝖆𝖘𝖔𝖓 𝖔𝖋 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖂𝖎𝖙𝖈𝖍 𝖘𝖈𝖗𝖊𝖊𝖓𝖎𝖊 𝖘𝖍𝖔𝖕 ❤ 𝕾𝖍𝖔𝖕 𝕲𝖔𝖆𝖑𝖘 IMVU badges wish list . little spoops bundle: 0 | 22,200 𝕽𝖚𝖑𝖊𝖘 Please READ the rules before ordering. All Gasr rules apply. Please DO NOT COPY any details/content/concept in this shop and any notes from my sta.sh album. I DO NOT save extra copies of the screenies I made so it's YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to keep your screenie(s) safe. There are NO limits to how many screenies you can buy at once. NO PM orders, all orders must be posted in this thread. Please follow the form and do not modify it. RESELLING of the screenie(s) is strictly forbidden. NO refunds. Unless there's a mistake (E.g. Credits were sent twice from your account due to system glitch) Only send payment AFTER I've confirmed your order. Please provide proof of the payment, either through PM or in the thread itself. If payment is not sent within 36 hours (1.5 day) of approval, the screenie(s) will be back up for sale. You are allowed to re-post your order form for ONE (1) more time if you missed the deadline of 36 hours. Apprise me if you have a legitimate reason that you cannot pay in time. Please inform me when you've saved your screenies. You have 2 days (48 hours) to save your screenies. Later than that, they'll be deleted without prior notice. PM me if you need extra time saving your screenies and at the same time; please provide me a time limit. 𝕴𝖒𝖕𝖔𝖗𝖙𝖆𝖓𝖙 𝖓𝖔𝖙𝖊𝖘 𝖙𝖔 𝖆𝖑𝖑 𝖈𝖚𝖘𝖙𝖔𝖒𝖊𝖗𝖘: Click spoiler to read.
  25. Hello my name's Feli or Felix! Here's a little bit about me and my art; I've been doing art since the 5th-6th grade, got into digital art a few years ago(Freshmen-Sophomore year?) I love sketching and doodling, kind of has become a hobby of mine that I enjoy Making art for people brings me lots of joy that I can bring characters to life or even just draw things in my own style for the customer I'm very nice and easy going, I accept everyone But that makes me pretty easy to walk all over So please be nice to me and I'll be nice to you ^^ Give respect if you want respect ♥ ♥Rules♥ 1) All GASR Rules apply strongly! 2) Don't resell my art 3) Do not steal my art 4) These don't take me very long to do(about a couple of hours to a few days) But I do get art blocks, sick, unmotivated, busy like everybody else...so if I do take a lot longer to get through order's I will always apologize and give a heads up as to what's going on with me and updates on art progress. Thank you. 5) Be Polite and Patient, I will give respect to those who give it back in return 6) Please only order 2 at a time 7) Be thorough when filling out the form 8) My art style isn't really consistent...I like to experiment a lot when it comes to my art(of course my style as of late can be very determined as mine) but I do like to mess around with different ways to color. I'm a mouse artist and do plan on sometime in the future getting a tablet so I have a feeling my skills in art will be changing a lot over time ♥ 9) People who pay through PayPal will have their order's done before people who pay with Credits 10) Order's ordered through Paypal will go in order and Credit orders won't be(for it'll depend on my motivation) 11) No drama/being rude to me or any of my customers(if there are issues please take it into PM) 12) If you are going to give me artistic freedom, please do be aware of the way I like to draw and what I enjoy to draw is not very "normal" it's very creepy, cute, alien like(character type that is), if you've ever seen my oc's you'll understand LOL 13) You do NOT have to tip, but if you would like to that's all up to you 😄 14) Credit me if you can ♥ 15) Changed my prices to fit imvu's unite price $.40 = 1k(and if I feel like my art is getting better and deserves to cost more the prices will change) 16) Paypal is limited to 3 slots only and Credits only 2 slots, When everything's full people will then be put on a waiting list(waiting list will be limited to 5 slots only!!!!) 17) I have the right to decline anyone's order out of my own personal reasons, I do not say this to be mean but there will come times where I will(even if it's not just declining order's because of full slots) [NEW]18) IF YOU CANCEL AN ORDER PLEASE TAG OR MESSAGE ME SO I KNOW THAT YOU'VE CANCELED LOOKING BACK OVER THE ORDER'S GIVEN TO ME AND FINDING OUT THEY ARE CANCELED WITH NO HEADS UP/WARNING REALLY THROWS ME OFF COURSE ♥Does♥ - Cute/Pastel/Kawaii/Lolita - Alien/Mythical creatures - Abnormal Skin color/Patterns - Goth/Dark/Emo - Female/Cutesy/Feminine Male/Androgynous/Male Characters - Neko's/Furries(??? Haven't done them for a while so bare with me) - Multiple eyes ♥/Single eye ♥ - Object heads - Couples(but i can't do side profiles only side by side characters) ♥Don’ts♥ - Masculine/Muscle(Manly men) Characters - Mecha - Posing(I really suck at poses that are side views, back poses, or holding certain objects so please don't make it complicated for me) - Nudity - Animation ♥Normal or Pixel Dp(s)♥ ♥Normal Bust or Pixel Bust♥ ♥Normal Half Body♥ ♥Normal Full Body♥ ♥Credit Prices♥ Pixel/Normal Dp :: 5k / Couple :: 10k Pixel/Normal Bust(Comes with Dp) :: 12k / Couple :: 24k Normal Half Body(Comes with Dp) :: 17k / Couple :: 34k Normal Full Body(Comes with Dp) :: 24k / Couple :: 48k ♥USD PayPal Prices♥ Pixel/Normal Dp :: $2 / Couple :: $4 Pixel/Normal Bust(Comes with Dp) :: $5 / Couple :: $10 Normal Half Body(Comes with Dp) :: $7 / Couple :: $14 Normal Full Body(Comes with Dp) :: $10 / Couple :: $20 $0.40 =1k unit price I tried my best to correlate my prices to the imvu unit price ! ♥Forum 1♥ Text: Border/No Border: If Border Thick or Thin/Color: Style: [ Pick: Normal dp, Pixel dp, Normal Bust, Pixel Bust, Normal Half body ] Size of Canvas: [ Ex. (width)640x480(height) / For dp's it'll always be 160x220 ] Reference: Detail: Extra: Paying with: [ Paypal or Credits ] Tip(?): [optional] Price: ♥Forum 2♥ (Full body) Text: Reference: Detail: Size of Canvas: [ Ex. (width)640x480(height) ] Extra: Paying with: [ Paypal or Credits ] Tip(?): [optional] Price:

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