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  1. This is my dragon mascot, you are NOT allowed to use her in anyway shape of form. She belongs solely to me. Rules 1. No Textless |No Name Changes | Do not edit/alter them | Do not resell them! This is for personal use only. 2. First come, First serve 3. I accept color changes on non-animated premades. I will not do changes to animated premades. (However, I can give you more than one text version as long as you wrote them in your form.) 5. No Refunds, All sales are final 6. Do not pay ahead of time, please wait for me to accept your order. AVAILABLE PREMADES + PRICES Available Chibis (Note: I will not animate non-animated premades and I will not remove animation on an animated premade.) Single:usd12|Couple:usd 24 (Animated Chibis: Single:usd25|Couples:40) FORM Premade#: Price: Desired Text:
  2. ❀ ᴄᴀᴋᴇ ʀᴏʟʟ ❀ Hello! My names Emily and welcome to my little cake shop! Here at Cake Roll I sell a variety of sweet and delicious cakes. As well as some cutesy little anime premades! I try to satisfy all my customers with a variety of themes. If you have any, please feel free to let me know. Feel free to take a look around and order whenever you’re ready. Hope you can find something you like! Pixel credit Before placing your order I have some rules ❀General GASR rules ❀ ❀Be nice & patient ❀ ❀1 text only and no textless ❀ ❀ Please, I cannot stress this enough, do not ask for changes! ❀ ❀Paypal only! ❀ ❀ Do not resell or claim as your own ❀ ❀Yes you may make a premade your OC❀ ❀I will only hold a premade for 48 hours ❀ ❀ If you are unable to post due to a 50 limit post restriction, then please contact me through PM ❀ Payments are quite simple. They will all go through Paypal invoices. If you don’t want to put your Paypal email out there for the public, you are free to PM me. Also please remember to read the rules before purchasing, as all sales are final! Here are some previous things I have sold ❀ Images are not for sale and belong to their respective owners ❀ ❀ Available sweets ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ W I N T E R ❀ B L O S S O M ❀ $36 Comes with larger size click image above for preview ❀ Available ❀ T W I N K L E ❀ $40 Comes with larger size click image above for preview ❀ Sold to Alex ❀ M I D N I G H T ❀ $36 Comes with larger size click image above for preview ❀ Sold to Cymette ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ T E T S U ❀ $30 Comes with larger size comes w/ non-blurred background click image above for preview Sold to Seku ❀ H O P P Y ❀ $26 Comes with larger size click image above for preview ❀ Available ❀ C H A R M ❀ $30 Comes with larger size click image above for preview ❀ Sold to Dolores ❀ R I N A ❀ $26 Comes with larger size click image above for preview ❀ Available ❀ C O N F E S S I O N ❀ $30 Comes with larger size comes w/ non-animated ver. click image above for preview Available ❀ C O M I N G ❀ ❀ S O O N ❀ ONLY AVAILABLE WHEN THERE ARE WIP IN THE LEFT SIDEBAR DO NOT ASK TO CLAIM SOMETHING THAT WASN'T ANNOUNCED AS A CLAIMABLE You may purchase any WIP and select colors, change things, edit in/out anything you'd like This will cost extra depending on the piece! If you decide to purchase a WIP, then please add revisions and request to your form! You may also edit the WIP into a OC you have if it fits the theme If there is a YCH available, you're not limited to just your own OC. You can also request fanart if you'd like! ❀ F O R M S ❀ ❀ I WANT ❀ Premade: Handwritten or Font: Text: IMVU: (this is a watermark & can be left blank if you don't use IMVU or don't want it displayed) Email: (can PM this if you'd like) Suggestions: (for what you wanna see next) ❀ I'D LIKE TO PREORDER ❀ WIP: Handwritten or Font: IMVU: (this is a watermark & can be left blank if you don't use IMVU or don't want it displayed) Text: Colors/Revisions/additions: Email: (can PM this if you'd like)
  3. MangoLord

    Mango Market [2 SLOTS OPEN]

    More Examples here: https://islandofmangos.tumblr.com/ BG PRICE: Flat Colour BG = FREE Simple BG = $3 Detailed BG = $5+ (depends) DP PRICE: 160x220 DP full colour and shading = $16 160x220 DP flat colour = $12 ICON STYLE PRICE: Square Icon full colour and shading = $16 TEXT 1 TEXT = FREE Each Additional TEXT = +$1 CHANGES AFTER FINISH $1+ (depends) Bust, Waist Up, Full Body Bust: Flat = $10, Shading = $13 Waist Up: Flat = $16, Shading = $18 Full Body: Flat = $22, Shading = $28 ADDITIONAL CHARACTER Bust Flat +$6 Bust Shading +$8 Waist up Flat +$10 Waist up Shading +$12 Full Body Flat +$18 Full Body Shading +$22 DP Flat +$10 DP Shading +$12 Payment: Pay in USD ONLY Pay through PAYPAL to mangolordmangoisland@gmail.com Tell me your paypal and I will send an invoice Money must be sent as GOODS AND SERVICES with NO SHIPPING ADDRESS I will start working after receiving the form and confirming your order. Full payment must at least come after the first WIP. Contact: Comment: Form Let me know if you have any questions! Reminders: Follow all GASR rules These commissions are for personal use. Please do not redistribute, sell or claim as your own. My previews are the first sketch. NO REFUNDS Depending on my workload and the level of detail, a commission can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. No mechs or NSFW Slots 1. Darksiders 2. 3. Bribe (+$4 for priority) 1. FORM TEXT: TYPE OF ORDER (DP, Bust, Waist Up, Full Body): COLOUR TYPE (None, Flat, Shading): REFERENCES: NUMBER OF CHARACTERS: BACKGROUND (Flat, Simple, Detail): PRICE: OTHER DETAILS (Pose, Expression, Personality): YOUR PAYPAL: Finished Commissions!
  4. Open/Closed Hia, I'm Des (Nyandere@imvu) and sometimes I doodle. I took an unforeseen break and I'm ready to jump back in. I plan on doing a few rounds of freebies, before opening my custom shop back up. I have two styles to choose from. I'm still playing around with both, so it's all highly experimental. Either way, I hope you like it, because I'm a starving artist. I think that's all I have to say. The shop itself is based off the anime No Game, No Life. All that said, let's get into those rules. Rules and Stuff 🖤 All gasr rules apply. 🖤 It is NOT first come, first served. 🖤 I am picking and choosing from the submitted forms. 🖤 I reserve every right to refuse ANY order for ANY reason. 🖤 If an order IS refused... feel free to try again with changes or different OC. 🖤 I can cancel your order after accepting for ANY reason. Like... you know... life happened. 🖤 Be patient, I go to university and I work. As a result, some days I'm just tired and sleepy. 🖤 Prefer females over males, but will still doodle males. 🖤 Do NOT resell my work or claim it as your own. 🖤 No textless. EVER. 🖤 No couples or animations, yet. 🖤 Iffy with hands/feet. Examples Newest first. Cheeb Anime Note: I usually give out the full sized 320x440. However, since the shop is free, I am NOT giving these out. The 500x500 size upgrade is also unavailable. All you will get is the 160x220 crop(s). Slots 1. Tristan 2. AkiraMinami 3. Sippys Form Desadoo! Do me a doodle! Username/Text: Style: Cheeb/Anime Screenie/References: Pose/Expression: (I can decide for you if you're unsure.) Extra(s): Background Color(s): (I can decide for you here too.)
  5. Demtues

    coldy (closed)

    Hi , i'm ben sO, i'ma be accepting free orders bc i finally got an art tablet again and need to get back in the groove of everything I do edits and from scratch so just drop a form I'm also gonna be practicing my realistic style so yeahhh (by ordering you're giving me freedom on the style I choose to make your order in) these are old examples Text: Watermark: OC/Refs/Screenies: Extra: To do list: Drude MukJuk Navigare Beas Nessasweet HippieDippie Nimwit Deadcause Liaa Trifling Pehyne SPIDERWEBS lSinny Meitzu Vatu
  6. Notice : If shop is closed, bribe for slot is still available. (a.k.a finished commissions, most are half body. my styles are abstract lol) ( please read before you place an order ) Each commissions will be estimated in a maximum of 2 weeks. I do screenies and customs Sizes : Normal size = 160x220 ( IMVU DP SIZE ) Full size = 1600x2200 ( the normal size which I draw ) I only accept credits as payment. I only work on weekends ( saturday and sunday ) Fits the GASR rules and policies. System : I work after you pay~! I don't provide textless result DO NOT RESELL NO REFUNDS Girls Femboys Artistic freedom ( not much ) Cute Pastel Manly guys Too detailed/complicated stuff Piercings Dark themed ( gore, NSFW ) Big boobs. ( im serious :u ) Animals Orders with deadlines. And most of all, I dont like to rush things. so please be patient Single : 15k Credits. ( DP SIZE ONLY ) (added to normal price) FULL SIZE +5k Credits (1600x2200) ANIMATED +1k Credits CUSTOM +5k Credits (not based on screenshots/screenies ) +1 Character = Double the single price. BRIBE +10k Credits ( auto top slot )
  7. Ophelia

    Pixel Worshop *Waitlist closed*

    GOAL 0/140 i stream on fridays/saturdays/sundays on; https://picarto.tv/OpheliaHikai PIXEL WORKSHOP just a heads up, if your order gets removed from the to-do list, it means its almost done! EXTRAS ART RULES extra charges blinking/winking; $1 pets; $2 guns/weapons; $2 complex animations; $2+ simple animations (floating hearts, sparkling eyes); $0 deadlines; ask me . E X A M P L E S (latest ---> oldest) style; buttercup 160x220 $25-35 USD these are good ol' fashion dps, colored in the style inspired by late 90s and early 2000s anime! these can be with or without extra sparkles, up to you! however, the style for these are still in development but will be heavily anime-based! the style will really depend on the character! however, the coloring will be relatively consistent. please let me know if you need something specific incorporated into the piece, i.e certain background. blinking and all animations are included. please let me know what you'd like for the animations before I begin lining! style; vanilla 200x250 $15 USD these are chibi page dolls! they will be colored in the style of the buttercup dp and the first example i have listed (gray hair chibi ). these have relatively the same proportions, but you can ask me to do bigger legs, bigger eyes or heads, etc. blinking is $1 USD, floating stuff is free. style; icing 50x50 $5-7 USD simple chibi 50x50 icons, made from a base. blinking is included, unless you don't want blinking, then just ask! combo #1; $60 USD Receive all 3 types of art, (icon, doll and dp) and get a bribe included to your order. When this is ordered, you will take up both 2 slots, meaning your order is the only one on the list, and priority. This can be ordered at any time, which means you can skip the line! only one available per month! ORDERS 1; 2; 3; 4. METHOD OF PAYMENT IM CURRENTLY ACCEPTING/NOT commission me wait-list
  8. Hello~ ♥ My name is Amy and I'm looking for someone to draw my OC's Jae Rin | Yui | Sybil | Rosé new! I'm quite picky with the style I want LOOKING FOR 1. Semi-Realism and Anime 2. Animation [petals falling, blinking, smiling...etc I'll decide which one once I choose people] 3. Half Body or above 4. Jimin and Amy as the names on the DPs !I'll only be paying PayPal! Paypal Email: amyvien@hotmail.com I won't be able to pay it all right on the spot so you'll get paid half for the first WIP when its 50% completed then the other half when it's 100% completed [animations being the last step]. Hopefully you take your time and work over the span of 2-4 weeks LOL I need to work to afford these beautiful pieces my dudes. Please do check in once in a while with WIPs so I can see what you're doing. I will be making 1 order at a time to different artists as that's easier for me to save money lol Price Range Up to $60CAD [plus tip if you really wow me ♥] Thank you for checking this out ♥ ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- SLOTS [closed until Jan 7, 2019] ------------------------------------------------- 1. 2. ------------------------------------------------- FORM: Which OC?: Examples: Email to paypal [leave empty if you do invoices]: Final Price [in details]: ------------------------------------------------- DONE
  9. Meylith

    Mey's Customs! [CLOSED] (0)

    Welcome to my Shop! 0. PREMADES Snow Kitten SOLD Animations included: Blinking, 3 expression changes, petting Price: $30 Candycane Kitten SOLD Animations included: Blinking, expression change, ear twitch Price: $30 I. SAMPLES/PRICES Solo Base - $20 Duo Base - $30 Large Art - $40 834 x 1250 / 1250 x 834, ideal for printing as a common-sized photography! (No extras available here) Extras Accessories: Pet - $5 (ex: Cat, Dog, etc.) Detailed items - $3(ec: Wand, Head piece, Textured clothes, etc.) Detailed background - $3 Animations: Blinking - $4 (+$1 for a second person) Winking - $2(+$1 for a second person) Glow/Twinkle - $1 Grin/Tongue out/etc. - $5 For any other animations, feel free to just ask for a price! II. RULES Do not use or re-use my art without my consent; Please be patient, my drawing schedule will tighten up a lot when I'll have other things to deal with! Make sure to fill up EVERYTHING in the form, or I might not take your order into consideration; The more references, the better! III. PAYMENT Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/Meylith [ Email in case the link doesn't work: xsaradavinci1995@gmail.com ] IMVU: Meylith IV. FORM (I do accept private orders as well!) Solo/Duo: Normal/Bribe slot: Name(s) you want on it: Pose Reference: Character(s) References: Accessory: Detailed Background($3): Background Reference: Animation: Estimated price: Would you like it streamed?: PREMADE FORM Name: Watermark: V. SLOTS IMPORTANT NOTICE Slots will be finished the following way: bribe>one step* in a regular>bribe> one step* in a regular>etc. (*steps: sketch>lineart>base colors>finishing) Working on: Fricky Next: RoyalJojo BRIBE (+$5): 1. RoyalJojo [~ $74 ] 2. CLOSED REGULAR: 1. Fricky [paid] 2. Novastar [paid] 3. CLOSED 4. CLOSED 5. CLOSED CREDITS SLOT 1. CLOSED VI. SUPPORT ME Copy-paste the following code! [center][url=https://gasrforum.net/topic/49-meys-customs-closed-%E2%99%A5/][img=https://i.imgur.com/qFeADjh.png][/url][/center]
  10. ~WELCOME TO ME SHOP~ Youtube| Instagram |coffee ~LITTLE ABOUT ME~ Hello~ name's momo an im an extremly shy person who is a turtle, when I get use to people I seem to come out of my shell heh. Just a small self taught artist who is slightly bad with artistic freedom. I'm hopeing to get my name out there slowly, as an artist! The more art I do, The moreI hope to keep imrpoving on my art, And do it one day for a living. I am obsessed with Games,Memes and anime. I love to draw Anime styled art, Im slowly starting to love drawing semi-real art, I have only been doing it for about maybe 2 months now so I hope to get better with time. I'm still trying to perfect my art style, It allways seem's to change with time and the more I draw. I hope you like what you see~ ~RULES & INFO~ V..RULES..V V..Info..V ~EXAMPLES~ Anime art style: Semi-real style: ~PRICES & INFO~ Prices USD ~Paypal only~ ~FORM & SLOTS~ FORM: SLOTS: ~ = Not paid ~ = Paid SLOTS ORDER,PRICE PROGRESS ~llhendonistll 1080p-Bust up,Simple BG/28$ Painting~ HOW TO PAY: https://www.paypal.me/M0M0kaze (will need proof when payed ^-^) V Dp's done since shop opened V !~THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR SUPORTING ME AN HELPING ME WITH MY DREAM~!
  11. Animu

    Gatling Gun Girl

    Animu’s Gatling Gun Girl (art done by @TaiyaChan) About my Gatling Gun Girl. Her name is Renwick, Ren, Wick, Wicked: and she’s used for roleplay purposes, she’s a snobby and deadly punk. When I say punk it can go either way of being a brat, or just being punk rock. She is typically smiling but in a very cynical way. If she is not smiling she looks disgusted because somebody looks like shit and she hates people who don’t put effort. She loves to literally dance with the corpses of her most recent kills and doesn’t care if blood is smeared all over her from who she’s murdered. Ren has a wicked sense of humor but also finds pretty much everything hilarious and has an obnoxious laugh. Ren is incredibly intelligent even if she comes off as dimwitted, it’s typically to throw off the people around her. She manages to be really friendly to those that are able to get close to her and really cold to those who she finds annoying/ugly into their appearance and they look sloppy. IMPORTANT FOR THE ART The piece above is a finished commission piece by Taiyachan and it includes: the main references that I'd prefer to be used (but there are others for diversity because I don't want 50 with the exact same hairstyle/accessories/expression/pose). Pricing can be whatever as long as I think it matches the quality of art I’ll be receiving. (I am aware it might be a bit more expensive because of the details I am asking of, as well as the weaponry.) The animations are not necessary but I do looooove animation to be added. Hairstyle can be changed from a few styles that will be included in the sta.sh link. There are other accessories that you can pick from as well mainly on her head. Please include the body stitches. Blood and non-blood versions required please! Don’t forget the cat symbols throughout the outfit/weapon. Background is creative freedom but I liked the idea of ruined war zone or bullet holes and torn up tapestry and what not. Feel free to use a different facial expression such as: Disgusted/grossed out/irritated/angry. Pose is creative freedom as long as you do the weapon justice and you can get Ren’s personality correct. I require large art versions, I do not want just a DP size, but including a DP size is greatly appreciated! (I don’t use IMVU anymore so DP sizes don’t do me any good.) This art must be waist to full-body in terms of detail. Finally, I will give you the sta.sh with the full details and references once I see examples and accept you to complete this for me! APPROVED TO START: .Acelee- waiting on first wip / not paid / $65? .Aerie- waiting on first wip / not paid / $6.50 .Kenny- waiting on first wip / not paid / $55? .
  12. Hello! OuO/ thank you for taking an interest in my work ❤️ To get started with an order send me any image references/information I should know about your character along with any other specifics you'd like using the form at the bottom. Once I confirm that it's something I'm able to draw you may send payment via this link https://www.paypal.me/charliezouo The time frame for commissions is 9 days after payment is made. It's assumed you agree with my Terms of Service when commissioning me. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! either here, in a pm or on discord charliezouo#4086 ~Prices~ (per character) ~DPs~ When ordering any option of Bust, half body or full body you can ask for a DP crop with text/watermark version of it at no extra cost. When ordering DPs you get the standard 160x220 size and a high resolution version of the drawing (check spoiler below). ~Animations~ Blinking animation extra: + $2 Hair animation extra: + $4 Custom animation: if you have an idea for an animation let me know, I'll price it according to complexity (animations available in DP size only) Alternatively you can send me information/refs of your OC and I'll try to come up with an idea for the animation. ~Chibi~ $18 each Do's & Don'ts At the moment I mostly draw humans. I can add elf or cat ears, tail, horns (simple things) but anything beyond that I have very little practice with. I can draw nudes as well, these will have to be handled via PMs due to site rules. Same prices and terms apply. I don't do backgrounds currently, I usually add solid color shapes or a gradient in the back so as to not leave it empty (see examples). Filling out the form Type: the type of commission you want for example "Portrait black & white", "Full body colored", "Chibi" etc. References: refs of your character (images please), you can also specify the pose and expression if you want. Text: any text or watermark you'd like me to add. Other: any other indications you may want to give me. Slots & Status (0/4)
  13. new -> old - Anime Style - - Special Requests - (Special Requests are priced after seeing the request)
  14. ♦ 𝖄 𝖎 𝖐 𝖊 𝖘 ♦ ♦ 𝕽 𝖚 𝖑 𝖊 𝖘 ♦ ♦ No refunds ♦ No art theft will be tolerated. ♦ Follow all GASR / my rules ♦ Please don't resell / trade my art work ♦ If you want to make a DP a OC, please message me first and ask about it. ♦ Yes I have a customs shop, please check my profile for further information. ♦ If you want to place a form privately, you may message your form to me. ♦ First come first serve. ♦ i will not accept bribes for pieces that are already spoken for. ♦ Please be nice in here, understand I might take a day to respond, it really depends. ♦ Please don't send money until I have confirmed with you that it's okay. ♦ on " PYP " you can do CREDITS and PAYPAL prices. ♦ Please don't ask me to lower my prices, they are what they are for a reason. ♦ Any questions? Ask away. ♦ 𝕻𝖆𝖞𝖒𝖊𝖓𝖙 𝕴𝖓𝖋𝖔𝖗𝖒𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓 ♦ • IMVU: illidari • Paypal: Yezimee @gmail.com ♦ 𝕰𝖝𝖆𝖒𝖕𝖑𝖊𝖘 ♦ 𝕱𝖔𝖗𝖒 ♦ 𝕬𝖛𝖆𝖎𝖑𝖆𝖇𝖑𝖊 𝕻𝖗𝖊𝖒𝖆𝖉𝖊𝖘 ♦ ♦ 𝕰𝖝𝖆𝖒𝖕𝖑𝖊𝖘 ♦ ♦ 𝕬𝖛𝖆𝖎𝖑𝖆𝖇𝖑𝖊 𝕻𝖗𝖊𝖒𝖆𝖉𝖊𝖘 ♦ Christmas Premade $5USD or 5K Goth Premade $12USD or 20k ♦ 𝕱 𝖔 𝖗 𝖒 ♦ ► Text: ► Premade: ► Total:
  15. 👊 👊 👊 👊ONE PUNCH !!!!!!!! Hey guys welcome to my shop ♥ My name is Ace. I'm a Malaysian. An 21 years old self-taught artist just for fun. Now, I am studying Japanese to go Japan travel next year so I have to make more money for my doujinshi. (And english is not my first language, as an excuse for my bad grammar.) I hope you like the work I have to offer and respect/read all the rules. Rules and Notes = = = = = (▼▿▼)(⊙▿⊙)= = = = = 👊 COMMISSION PRICE 👊 ORDER FORM  COMMISSIONS STATUS (JULY/AUG/SEP/OCT) COMMISSIONS STATUS (NOV/DEC) PAYMENT Email address : hediiya01@gmail.com PayPal Me ↑↑↑(Click and type your price amount)↑↑↑
  16. Hey hey, not really going to make too this fancy. So I'm just going to do some window shopping, since I want to give my ocs more loving. I'll be more stricter as to what I would like this time round. + really determined to get art of them together. ☆ Rules ☆ - All gasr rules apply. - Payments will be paypal only. (I won't be paying in credits since I barely use imvu) - No drama or spamming. - NSFW is allowed, but please pm me for that. hue. - - - - - - - - - - It will be these 2 together. //sorry I like pink. And they are still WIP, I've been quite slow cause of work & other irl things. ♡ Mia ♡ Info & Art here - She will be only drawn in this outfit with him - x (including hairstyle & etc) - If I would like her on her own, then I'll give you the choice of her other outfit - x - Her bust size is medium/big, not flat chested. - She is shorter than Alec. - She has freckles. ☆ Alec ☆ Info & Art here - Please don't make his hair yellow. Best ref to follow for his hair - x - When drawing him do not give him blue eyeshadow or anything like that. Here are some poses that could be of help. xoxo (please do not copy them fully, it is just ideas). Looking for: - Display pictures - Fullbody, halfbody, chibi - Pixels - Sketches/doodles (I really like the sketchy sort style/flat) - HQ art Not looking for: - Traditional (depends) - Screenie art Please provide wide range of examples + prices (single & couple). Thank you!!
  17. - RULES - ° GASR forum rules must be followed. ° Be kind and respectful to me and others. Any complaints or issues you'd like to address, do so in a professional manner or via private message. ° No taking credit for my art or reselling it without my permission. ° No changing my artwork without my permission. ° If unpaid, the artwork will always be shown with a watermark. Obviously, the watermark will be removed once the art is fully paid for. ° I am very patient with payments, but try to pay as soon as you can. ° If I finished an order and it gets cancelled after it's done, I will sell it as a premade. If it is art of an OC, I will change the color palette, but not the design. ° First come, first serve. ° I do not do private orders or pre-orders, so DO NOT message me forms. I will only take orders if there is a slot available and if they are posted in the shop. NSFW orders are exempt from this rule, though. ° Please be as detailed as possible when ordering. ° Once I approve an order, please be patient. I am a college student and can be busy at times, but I will do my best to finish an order ASAP. ° I have the right to refuse an order if I need to for any reason whatsoever. ° By ordering in this shop, you agree to follow these rules. Failure to follow them will result in the user being in a permanent ban from my shop and any future shops I make. ° Rules may change at any given time. - EXAMPLES + PRICING - Style 1 - Painterly Single DP: 25$ Couple DP: 35$ detailed, supports all animation types, 100% drawn from scratch. *** 160x220 size only ! *** Style 2 - Manga Single DP: 10$ Couple DP: 20$ simple, no animations, lineart from scratch, uses royalty-free screentones. *** 160x220 size only *** Style 3 - Experimental Bust: 30$ Half-Body: 40$ Knee-Up: 50$ Full-Body: 65$+ depending on detail Couples: +50% per character High-detailed Subjects: +10$ 100% from scratch, can be really detailed, limited animations *** BIG size and 160x220 size included *** * Big sizes may vary depending on the subject(s). * Full sized piece will contain a faint watermark of my own. Not like my examples. (click on images for full size) - ADD-ONS - * Manga style contains no animations, but complex objects, armor, and complex backgrounds will be charged. * ALL DP’s, except manga, come with moving sparkles unless I am otherwise requested not to include them. * When selecting animations, be aware of the amount of animations. More add-on animations means more KB, and you run the risk of exceeding the 200KB limit for IMVU. I will always provide PNG versions of art just in case this happens. Simple Animations, +3$: Blinking, Kiss, Glowing, Eye color change, Blushing, Eye sparkle. Complex Animations, +5$: Ear twitch, Falling objects, Rain, Moving, Expression change. Complex Objects, +3$ each: Guns/Weapons, Plushes, Excessive jewelry, Intricate tattoos, Animals, Feathers. Armor, +4$ Complex Backgrounds, +3$ - PAYMENT - >>> Pay Here <<< *Remember to select “No Shipping Needed”
  18. kanan

    nicopuri // pp[3/3] cr [2/3]

    round 3 bc i suck srsly open / closed rules i prefer pp paypal order will get done first before cr i noly do 3 cr slots and 3 pp slots pls be specific when filling out form and keep everything organized, if it's jumbled together i probably won't accept you. pls dont order when slots are full, i will ignore youuu payment style 1 DP size Price single - $4 / 4k couple - $8 / 8k Larger size (thigh up) comes with dp crops Price single - $8 / 8k couple - $16 / 16k Style 2 Price single - $2 / 2k couple -$4 / 4k Style 3 (fullbody chibi) comes with dp crops Price single - $10 / 10k couple $20 / 20k style 4 Price $5 add on's detailed bg +$2 / 2k floating hearts, eye twinkle/sparkle - free blinking, winking +$1 / 1k facial expression change +$3 / 3k ask about any other animations if you want something else!~ form
  19. Snowcandymagic


    Custom for Kitten💜
  20. CRAP'S CORNER Hi and welcome My name is Joy I finally fixed my tablet after like 10 months and I'm trying to find myself through art once again It's been awhile so bare with me paypal only usd I'll be offering sketchy dps... or I CAN COLOR IT here are some older works of mine from last year, i kinda lost my mojo so please make my hands cramp i need practice im feelin like idk $4 for sketchy dp and like $12-14 for colored $12 basic colored, +2 for hands, animals, extra detailing n stuff. Create your own form, just please provide as much of the following as possible - Base color/colors (skintone,shading) - Hair style and color - Eye color, you can also include different eyelash and brow colors - extra face details / makeup, scars, markings - clothiing detail, extra details - Background and text ( handwritten or pixel? cursive?) I draw from scratch but feel free to include screenshots and refs FIRST THREE ORDERS HALF OFF HAPPY HOLIDERRS ILL ALSO MAKE A SEPARATE VERSION WITH A SANTA HAT IF YOU ASK TO DO: 1. 2. 3. alright go
  21. Welcome to my custom shop!! GOAL SHOP $103/$500 E X A M P L E S Semi-Realism - $35 Detailed coloring and shading Anime - $20 Detailed anime coloring and shading Manga - $10 Get to pick a single color for a manga style Chibi - $25 Full body with detailed anime coloring and shading R U L E S ☆ My art is only from scratch ;3; ☆ Simple animations included (ex: Blinking, sparkles) ☆ Small animals/ plushies are an extra $5 ☆ Couples are double the price ☆ Chibis have no animation** ☆ For payment please include your Paypal/Email so i can send an invoice (you can pm that to me instead too!) *invoice will be sent after 2nd/3rd Wip. you can pay then or wait until the order is finished* ☆No refunds!! ☆ Wips will be shown if you want! usually i'll show 2-3 F O R M ♥ Style: ♥ Text: ♥ References: ♥ Animation (Optional): ♥ Price: ♥ Paypal/Email (can pm it to me): S L O T S ☆ 1. open ☆ 2. open ☆ 3. open ☆ 4. open
  22. Vee

    Chao Garden | TEMP CLOSED

    (✿ ˆ ⌣ˆ) CHAO GARDEN (ˆ⌣ ˆ ✿) INTRO vee/18/aries/infp-t/neutral good/obsessed with chaos & angels RULES All sales are final. Please send your payment in USD. Paypal: omphvee@gmail.com (check goods and services and no address needed) IMVU: Geep Prices are subject to change based on detail and effort. Tips are MORE than welcome. By ordering from me you are agreeing to my rules and are implying that you've read them in their entirety. Send me your payment once the order has been accepted. Please do not rush me. I reserve the right to decline/cancel orders for any reason at any given time. I will not change the final product. Once you approve the sketch, I will make no further changes. I may adjust text if you don't like it. Please give me credit if you plan on using my art offsite. EXAMPLES REGULAR DP $15 Couples are double. example will be updated soon PIXEL DP $15 Couples are double. FORM I want: (regular/pixel) Text: Watermark: References: Expression: Pose: Extra: (ANIMATIONS ARE $3 EACH! ) Total: (Tips are appreciated but not necessary!) POINT SYSTEM Every 3 orders you get 2 free animation add-ons. Every 6 orders you get 40% off your next order. (does not apply to animations) Every 10 orders you get 2 free animations + 40% off your order. Each ★ is one point! POINTS: SUPPORT Support Banner: Dope artists that you should check out: Poisonous / Windows / Martinus / kyles / Luxor / Pey / Ivyx / TaiyaChan / Saxophonia / Robin / Pissarro / Capsule / Crima
  23. Vlex

    Glitched [Open]

    Alex|20|Italy|Cancer Freelance artist. University student. Lover of videogames, anime and books. Feel free to pm me for anything. Buy me a coffee https://ko-fi.com/N4N4H1HC  All GASR rules apply. Payment is made after completion work. DO NOT Copy. DO NOT steal. DO NOT resell. PAYPAL only. Please be patience. Prices are in EUR. You can post your email in the form or pm me. You have 48h to send payment. You can send me a pm for anything. Animation: 2/3 Eur Tattoo: 2/5 Eur  Type: (Single/ couple) Form: (Head shot, Bust, Half bofy, Full body) Reference/Oc: Expressions: Poses: Animations: Background: Text or watermark: Extra: PAYPAL here or pm: HEAD SHOT: 30 EUR FULL BACKGROUND: +15 EUR EXTRA CHARACTER: +25 ANIMALS: +5 EUR BUST: 40 EUR FULL BACKGROUND: +20 EUR EXTRA CHARACTER: +35 ANIMALS: 5/10 EUR HALFBODY: 50 EUR EXTRA CHARACTER: +45 FULL BACKGROUND: +25EUR ANIMALS: 10/20 EUR FULL BODY: 60 EUR EXTRA CHARACTER: +55 FULL BACKGROUND: +30 EUR ANIMALS: 15/25 EUR
  24. -- OPEN -- Check out my premades shop as well! Pixel art made by me 🙂 Hello! Welcome to my shop! DP BUST BUST UP WAIST UP/THIGH UP FULL BODY I WILL NOT DO - nsfw - machinery/armor (unless it's simple)- ✧✧✧ SLOTS ✧✧✧ NOTE: NO CANCELLATIONS 48 HOURS AFTER POSTING A FORM! ✧✧✧ 1. 2. 3. 4. ✧✧✧ ✧✧✧ BRIBE SLOTS ✧✧✧ BRIBE SLOTS ARE AN ADDITIONAL $4 This means you will get PRIORITY! I will start on your order as soon as I am done the one I am currently working on ✧✧✧ 1. 2. ✧✧✧ ✧・゚: *:・゚✧ TEXT: TYPE OF ORDER: REFERENCES: NUMBER OF CHARACTERS: BACKGROUND (Y/N): *Please give me an idea of what you want as a background! PRICE:

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