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Found 27 results

  1. Cancer is known as a specific set of diseases that cause cells to grow out of control. This happens because new cells form and old cells don’t die when they should, if the cells continue to divide without being stopped, or without dying to create room for the new ones, it can cause tumors. Today we know of more than 100 types of cancers and a lot of them cause tumors, however, cancers of the blood would not form tumors. There are malignant and benign tumors and the difference between the two would be: malignant have the chance of having cells break off and spread to other parts of the body as well as once they’re removed, they can sometimes grow back while benign tumors do not spread and do not grow back once the area infected is removed. Cancer can be cured in different ways depending on the sort of cancer a person may have. In some cases only one treatment may be needed but often a mixture of treatments is implemented into the person’s course of action. Treatments include: surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and hormone therapy. Event: This year we are going to have a few options you can choose from in order to participate. This includes: art, poem, stories, and quotes. After you've picked what you'd like to share, include a little story as to why you chose it and how it's important to you. Finally include some words of encouragement to people with cancer, this can be just a sentence long or a couple sentences. As all other events, please put effort into your submission, and you are free to do several or one of these options and most importantly enjoy the event! 🎗Everyone can participate. 🎗You do not need to have an overlay DP; it is there for you to show your support. 🎗Pick at least one of the options we've listed. 🎗Include a story as to why you picked what you did and how it's important to you. 🎗Add some words of encouragement to finish off your submission. 🎗Be creative and thorough. 🎗Finally, enjoy the event! July 1st - July 14th All participants will receive the following badge: Similar to the LGBTQ+ Event, you may have an overlay on your display picture to show your support for this event. Below are some already made overlays you can use and/or customize. We also included a chart to identify all the ribbon colors: We only included a few overlays based on its popularity. You can download the .psd file for more customization and/or add another color you would like to support: download it here All Cancer/Survivors Breast Cancer Lung Cancer Stomach Cancer Leukemia Prostate Cancer Liver Cancer Brain Cancer Colon Cancer Galbladder Cancer Head and Neck Cancer Melanoma Multiple Myeloma Non Hodgkins Lymphoma Ovarian Cancer Pancreatic Cancer & Leiomyosarcoma Testicular Cancer Thyroid Cancer Uterine & Endometrial Cancer Appendix Cancer Bladder Cancer Bone Cancer Cervical Cancer Childhood Cancer A special thanks to Luxor for making the overlays! If you need help with putting on the overlay, feel free to ask in the topic or one of the Event Coordinators!
  2. Cas

    Get Wet!

    Just because summer is nearing it's end does not mean we can't enjoy it with a little fun with water! So grab your towels and meet us at the Exclusive 18+ Beach! Who knows what will happen. Note: This is a Mature Event. You will need to have your age published on your profiles. Needless to say, you must be 18+ to participate!
  3. The term LGBTQ+ stands for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Queer or Questioning. The + includes all the communities present in the sexuality and gender spectrum as well as its allies. This month is all about the LGBTQ+ pride and showing our true colours! The month of June was chosen to be the LGBTQ+ Pride month in honour of the Stonewall riots, which occured at the end of June in the late 1960s. Which has resulted into many pride events being held in the month of June to recognize the impact LGBTQ+ people have had in the world. Therefore we are bringing the GASR community together to celebrate love and equality, while promoting a safe space for people of all orientations! Even though the LGBTQ+ community has fought for their rights and has reached amazing milestones, it is still important to raise awareness and promote a space, free of judgement and discrimination for those who are still fighting for the right to love or the right to be who they want to be. In this topic you may post about your coming out stories, experiences, people that inspired you, other stories, discussions or anything else you would like to tell that is related to the topic. The point of this event is to meet and talk to people from the community and meet fellow LGBTQ+ friends who may even share a similar story to yours! Just like the previous years, you are able to add overlays corresponding your orientation (or a straight ally overlay) to your DP. This shows our colours and support all over the forum! Down below we have some already made overlays you can add to your DP and adjust if you feel the need to do so! Also, feel free to make your own overlays and share them in this topic so they can be added to the list of overlays for people to use! A big thanks to Kita for doing most of the overlays! LGBT Rainbow Overlay click for .png Straight Ally Overlay click for .png click for .png Heteroflexibility Overlay click for .png (special thanks to Fervent) Bisexuality Overlay click for .png Pansexuality Overlay click for .png Panromantic Overlay click for .png (special thanks to Alismora) Asexuality Overlay click for .png Aromantic Overlay click for .png Demisexuality Overlay click for .png Demiromantic Overlay click for .png Transgender Overlay click for .png Transgender + Homosexual Overlay click for .png (special thanks to Xilatr) Transgender + Bisexual Overlay click for .png click for .png (special thanks to SPIDERWEBS) Transexual Overlay click for .png Polysexual Overlay click for .png Polyamorous Overlay click for .png Mascsexual Overlay click for .png (special thanks to Dunked) Mascsexual + Panromantic Overlay click for .png (special thanks to Dunked) Intersexual Overlay click for .png Autosexual Overlay click for .png Skoliosexual Overlay click for .png Androgynous Overlay click for .png Genderqueer Overlay click for .png Gender Binary Overlay click for .png Gender Non-Binary Overlay click for .png Bear Overlay click for .png Lipstick Lesbian Overlay click for .png Androphilia Overlay click for .png Gynephilia Overlay click for .png Hermaphrodite Overlay click for .png Neutrois Overlay click for .png Greyromantic Overlay click for .png Lithromantic Overlay click for .png If you're not able to put on the overlay yourself, feel free to ask for help in this topic! All users who have posted in this topic while wearing the overlay will receive the following badge! Please note that you will not receive the award if you do not post in this topic while wearing the overlay
  4. Cain

    Cancer Awareness

    Cancer has affected so many millions of people across the world and it continues to do so. To commemorate those who are fighting or have been lost to the disease and to celebrate those who have survived the battle, let us come together as a community to raise awareness about cancer and show our support. We invite you all to join us on July 1st.
  5. Every year YouTube hosts a convention to celebrate creators while also giving people the opportunity to meet their favorite creator. This con is called Vidcon! It happens mainly in the second to the last week in June, 20th-25th roughly. It is such an amazing event but it can be very expensive if you do not already live in CA. So, I wanted to create this event to allow people to come together and show their love and support to their favorite creators here! Even if you do not draw you can participate! There will be chances at fun prizes for everyone who does want to participate! >> This Event runs from May 25th - June 16th! << >> What you can enter << (you can pick up to 3!) - A Drawing of your favorite youtuber! ( Pixels, Digitial, Traditional all accepted! ) - A poem about youtube! - Hypothetical letter to your fav youtuber! - Description of your fave youtuber / Why do you like them?? >>> Make sure you list the youtubers name / a link to their channel so others can look them up if they don't know them! <<< >> RULES << - Art MUST be yours! - GASR RULES APPLY - Try to have the artwork be new! - You MAY change your entry before the end of the event! - You can post up to 3 entries. - Names will be placed in a random name picker - You can have your name on the list up to 3 times - You MAY collab with an artist and prizes would be split evenly. - In case a collab group is picked for a Dp prize: both parties would get a DP. >> PRIZES << $15 GASR Gift Card $10 GASR Gift Card $5 GASR Gift Card Custom by Me Random Premade by Me 10,000 IMVU credits ***Premade will be RANDOM, But will try to make something I think the winner would like based on their current Dp. Participants - Levudazed -SELENA -Michelle - mangolord -cheese -Mya -birdseed
  6. Credits to: LOZ & kiryukazumas for banner Approved by @Flix #MERMAY EVENT Welcome to the (un-official) #MERMAY Event! The MerMay Challenge was initially created as a hashtag trend on Instagram, where artists must post a mermaid themed artwork everyday for the month of May. This event will allow artists on GASR to transition out of winter and explore the calming ideas of spring & summer incorporating the theme of mermaids. Participants can include various different forms of artwork such as pixels, portraits, scenery/landscapes, and more! All entries must be mermaid inspired or very mythical/sea inspired. You do not have to submit an entry everyday! The sea is your canvas! Contest Start Date: 5/10/18 Contest End Date: 5/31/18 @ 11:55PM EST RULES PRIZES 🌊 All GASR Rules Apply 💦 Everyone can participate. 🌊 You are able to submit the following art forms: Pixels, Digital Art, Photo-manipulations, & Traditional. 💦 Traditional artworks that are submitted must be properly photographed; enough to see your entry. 🌊 Entries must be your own work. 💦 Resources, References, and Stocks that are used must be properly credited in your submission. 🌊 You are allowed to submit 2 entries per person, in one post. 💦 This is an open submission event, post your artwork in this topic! 🌊 Please do not submit old artwork! Try something new. 💦 You may sell your entries as premades, as long as they follow GASR Rules. 💦 You can collaborate with other GASR users for this event, a collaborated artwork submission will only count as one entry, entering your collaboration for one prize (which will be split) 🌊 You can change your entry anytime before the deadline, make sure it's in your own post! 💦 10$ GASR Gift Card 🌊 10$ GASR Gift Card 💦 5$ GASR Gift Card 🌊5$ GASR Gift Card 💦 20,000 Credits 🌊 1 Mystery Premade 💦 1 Mystery Premade 🌊 1 Mystery Premade (Premades by @Angel @Windows @BBY) * All participants will be put into a randomizer, which will allow you the chance to win 1 of 8 prizes*
  7. Ramadan Mubarak! Happy Ramadan, Everyone! Ramadan is the most sacred month of the year according to the Islamic Lunar calendar. It takes place to observe the revelation of the first chapters of the Quran that were granted to Muhammad by Allah, or God. Its other known names are Ramadhan or Ramazan and is celebrated in nations all across the globe! Islam, being the 2nd largest religion in the world, showcases this event by being celebrated in unique ways in each country. It’s considered to be the holiest time of the year. Ramadan begins at sundown when the moon is visible in the sky. It’s a time of prayer, fasting, self-reflection, and casting away the bad and bringing in the good. It is a time to seek amendments for any sins, faults or mistakes a person may have made. During this period, eating, drinking, smoking and any activity that is considered to be against good-manner is forbidden (including minor arguments). The focus is to cleanse oneself of any negativity, spiritual or bodily. Many people throughout Ramadan choose to provide and donate to charities of any sort. Fasting starts everyday 10 minutes before dawn, or adzan subuh. The duration of the fast is called Ismak. After sunset, an individual is allowed to break the fast until the sun rises again the next day. The ending of Ramadan is called “Id al-Fitr”, meaning "the Feast of Fast-Breaking". During this time gifts and well wishes are exchanged with friends/family. Ramadan starts on May 15th and ends on June 14th this year. However we will be ending it a little shorter due to wanting to give as many celebrations and events a chance as we can! May 15th - May 29th Also a special thanks to the following people for helping us out with a few questions we had concerning the event! @Sugi, @MayVenn, @IrisNeko, and @Thrust! To celebrate Ramadan, we're encouraging all of you to bring awareness to the main message of this event: 'positivity and casting out negativity'. Every time you participate in the many tasks available, you will receive an 'x' amount of points. Current Task (26th-29th) A drawing/poem depicting the end of the celebration. This can include a self-reflection of your progress throughout Ramadan, and/or inclusion of the new positivity you have brought into your life. Points Task 2 A drawing/poem depicting what you intend to cast away that you consider negative. Then, in contrast, a drawing/poem illustrating something positive about oneself (personality traits, talents etc.) 2 A drawing/poem depicting a change in your life in order to fulfill a more positive lifestyle. 3 A drawing for another member that is participating in the event. Alternatively, a poem conveying appreciation and gratitude for them. (Only two gifts for one person, and you must PM an Event Mod to let them know who you're gifting). 4 A drawing/poem depicting the end of the celebration. This can include a self-reflection of your progress throughout Ramadan, and/or inclusion of the new positivity you have brought into your life. 2 For each $5 worth donation A user is also more than welcome to donate to a charity of their choosing. If you wish to do this, please PM an Event Moderator proof of said donation. Please remember, though, that is completely optional! Rules Everyone is welcome to participate! Your entries need to revolve around the message of positivity and appreciation Art submissions can include (but are not limited to): Digital, Traditional, and Pixel All entries need to be of good effort (Event Moderators will be looking at all your entries!) Please remember that we will need proof of any donations! These must be PM'd to an Event Coordinator. In order to keep it fair for everyone, only 2 gifts will be allocated for one person for the 3rd task. Please make sure that you are PM'ing an Event Coordinator stating who you have chosen to gift so that we keep it fair! You are welcome to sell any artwork that you create for this event (except the gift(s) you create for others). Prizes In order to obtain the Participation Badge, you need at least 4 points when Ramadan finishes. In order to obtain the Completion Badge, you need at least 10 points when Ramadan finishes. Participants Points Participant Points Participant 11 Rotts 11 Careworn 11 Mya 7 Buni 2 Windows 11 Daedae 16 SatanicBeast 7 Noxey 2 Princepol 11 Darksalad 4 Ronin 11 Michelle 2 Pissarro 11 Linastried 11 Stephmeeow 11 Emily 4 Bunnycat 11 Deth 2 Parasitic 2 Latex 2 Ezariel 5 Skizzeroo 3 Rin 4 Mayvenn
  8. Administrator

    Contest/Event suggestions

    Contest/Event Suggestions In this thread here, we would like you guys to suggest ideas for future Contests or Events. The suggestion(s) can be anything that comes to my mind. Just remember, we want ideas that brings the community together and things that everyone can enjoy. If you would like to PM a suggestion, you can contact an Event Coordinator. We want everyone's suggestions! There is no such thing as a bad idea! You are more than welcome to host your own events/contests. However, they have to follow the contest and event rules that are located here. Suggestions by Members » Raffle » Collaboration Contest » Draw that Style » Art Worm » 7 Days of (theme) » GASR Meme
  9. Flix

    LGBTQ+ Month

    It's that time of the year again where we appreciate who we are and who or what we love. The time where we spark up GASR with a lot of rainbows and colour as a way to express who we are! The overlay event which we have hosted for 2 years now will help with sparking up GASR with colour. For the event you need to wear an overlay of your sexualities and/or genders on your DP for the whole month of June! There will also be a drawing event starting at the 3rd of June lasting until the 17th of June. All I will say for this event is that your true colours will play a big role in this event! Keep an eye out and I hope to see you guys on the 1st of June!
  10. Cain

    Ramadan Celebration

    GASR has decided to celebrate Ramadan this year! We hope to bring some positivity from this event over to our community. Artists as well as non-artists will have a chance to participate! We hope to see you join us on May 15th!
  11. Kita

    Take A Chance!

    TAKE A CHANCE! It's time for another mature event, and who better to host this event than our very first Mature Content Moderator @Cas!! This event is going to be a bit of a drawing gamble and a lot of fun for anyone who wishes to participate. Find out more on May 1st and take part in this latest mature event. We look forward to seeing you there! Please be advised that you will need to have Age Verification in order to access the mature content.
  12. Welcome to our annual Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt! The aim of this event is for the wonderful community to find all the letters that spell out the word " E A S T E R". As you may have noticed, we have a lot of sub-forums so don't panic! We've got you covered. So in order to help you on your hunt, we will provide clues as to the whereabouts of each letter to help you out. How it works: Using the clues provided, search out each of the letter to make up the word "Easter". Once you have found all of the letters, you must send a screenshot of the letters and links to the posts to an Event Coordinator. The letters look like this: ► Anyone can participate! ►Each letter will be located within the first 5 pages of each topic. ► Eggs are spread through these sub-forums: All customs, all premades, all requests & trades, all off-topic. ► Do not spoil the fun by telling others where the letters are. ► Do not post your findings/results in public and/or private. ► No asking for help from anyone other than an Event Coordinator. ► PM your screenshots and links to @Mattie or @Kita. ► Most importantly, have fun! ◄ April 1st - April 8th 1st prize: $5 2nd prize: 1 month Elite 3rd prize: 1 week Free AD space Everyone who finishes this event will receive the following badge: • Username: The short term for Barazoku, some sort japanese gay magazine ^_^ Subforum: It is time for you to learn bby! • Subforum: Previously made for you! Topic: A state of being calm and peaceful. • Subforum: A place to get feedback on value. Username: Bugs Bunny's favourite snack. • Topic: Its pie... but like.... in swedish 🙂 Subforum: I have spend my sweat and tears on my tablet to create this piece for to purchase. • Username: A spoiled kid Subforum: Totally no charge at all! I am practicing on my tablet ^_^ • Topic: Japanese artwork being praised *u*, may it be animation or comics Subforum: Like, you know, bla bla and haha totally just chit chatter
  13. Mattie

    Easter Scavenger

    Its time again for our annual Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt!! The aim of this event is for the wonderful community to find all the letters that spell out the word " E A S T E R". As you may have noticed, we have a lot of sub-forums so don't panic! We've got you covered. So in order to help you on your hunt, we will provide clues as to the whereabouts of each letter to help you out. How it works: Using the clues provided, search out each of the letter to make up the word "Easter". EGGS WOOOHOOO!
  14. Hey GASRians, welcome to our March event where we are here to celebrate St Patrick's day! What once started as a religious feast day in the 17th century, has changed into a variety of festivals across the globe celebrating Irish culture. One aspect that is often associated with this time of year is a leprechaun, along with shamrocks and four leaf clovers. The original Irish name for leprechaun is "lobaircin", meaning "small-bodied fellow". Leprechauns have magical powers which can be used to serve good or evil. So in the spirit of the leprechaun folklore, this event is all about drawing a leprechaun and three wishes you would love to become real! This can be anything and everything as long as it follows GASR's rules. It doesn't even have to be realistic so go crazy and think outside the box! A big thank you to @Flix and @Fervent for the graphics, too! ☘ Everyone can participate! ☘ Draw a leprechaun and three wishes you'd love to be granted. ☘ This is an open submission, so post all entries in this topic for everyone to enjoy! ☘ Don't forget to mention which wishes you have drawn! ☘ Credit any resources and/or references. ☘ There is no size requirement, but try not to draw too small. ☘You can change your entry anytime before the end of the event. ☘ Do not take an image off of a search engine and submit it as your entry. ☘ Most importantly, have fun! Everyone who participates in this event will receive the following badge: Random prize drawing: ☘ $10 or shop pin ☘ 1 month elite ☘ 1 week ad space March 5th - March 20th
  15. Kita

    St Patrick's Event

    With March just around the corner, GASR is happy to bring you the... ST PATRICK'S EVENT! Pixel Credit This event will run from March 5th to March 19th. A drawing event to make your wishes come true. MORE TO BE REVEALED ON THE 5TH!!
  16. Fervent

    Earth Day Celebration

    ☁ GASR's Earth Day Celebration! ☁ Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22. Worldwide, various events are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. This year, GASR will be hosting its own event that will only accept landscapes/scenery themes submissions. In order to display the submissions on the actual day, the event will start on April 7th to April 21st! More information will be provide when the event goes live.
  17. Fervent

    Lunar New Year Celebration

    GASR will be celebrating the Lunar New Year this year with 2 events. Yes, you heard that right... 2 EVENTS! We hope that these events will bring the community together to celebrate something GASR has never done before. The first event is designed for everyone to participate! It will be similar to the LGBTQ+ Event where you will need to have an overlay on your DP to receive a badge. The overlays will be provided for you and all you have to do is display it and comment on the topic. Yes, it is that simple and easy! The second event is for artists who would like to challenge themselves and think outside the box. The idea is to draw your OC in a lunar theme outfit but somehow include your zodiac in the artwork. More details will be provided when the event goes live, so please stay tune! We look forward to see everyone joining us in this celebration on February 16th! Special thanks to @Kia for the adorable doggie Pablobs!
  18. Mattie

    GASR Valentine card contest

    Intro Hello Everybody, It’s almost Valentine’s Day where we all come together to tell someone we love them or tell someone how special they are to us. Whether, that be someone who’s a friend or more to your heart, but there is always so many different cards to choose from. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one card that was universal for everyone to fill out, or even maybe just a few selections that just says it all? That perfect one that explains that particular moment your thinking of? Well, do we have a contest for those that are interested in doing just that for all our last minute lookers or our high strung cupids in need! We’re inviting all artists to make a Valentine’s day card for that loving time of the year! How this event works is you design a couple of cards to steal the hearts of our lovely members. At the end of the event the members have a chance to choose which cards they want to send to the ones they love! Date Designing cards Start: 21th Januari End: 1st Februari Community Voting Start: 1st Februari End: 4th Februari Collecting cards Start: 4th Februari End: 12th Februari
  19. Fervent

    New Year, New Me Collage V2

    Version 1.0.0


    A collage made from the entries of the New Year, New Me Event. This is the light version. Click here to take a look at the event.


  20. Fervent

    New Year, New Me Collage V1

    Version 1.0.0


    A collage made from the entries of the New Year, New Me Event. This is the dark version. Click here to take a look at the event.


  21. Fervent

    GASR Valentine's Mature Event

    This February GASR will be hosting its first ever Mature Event! Yes, you heard that right... A NSFW EVENT HERE ON GASR! The event will start on February 1st to February 15th. The theme will be based on love and seduction but with a twist. More details will be provided when the event becomes live! *Note: You must be age verified and above age to participate as the event will take place in the Mature Section. For more information about age verification, please click here.
  22. oldmattie

    Secret Santa 2017

    Intro It's time for GASR's annual holiday event; Secret Santa gift exchange! So get your hot cocoa to marshmallow ratio perfect and your mistletoe hung up because, it's time to get those art gifts wrapped and under the tree for a happy holiday surprise. What is a Secret Santa? You are giving art to someone to then receive art back. From a secret giver! Meaning you won´t know who YOUR Santa is until the day arrives. It is like a blind date. Or a Blind Art Trade :p Leaving it exciting and thrilling waiting for your special gift! Date Sign up start: 13th November Sign up ends: 27th November Gifting start: Late 24th December Gifting ends: 26th December
  23. oldmattie

    Christmas Charity

    Intro Happy Holidays! It's the season of giving and what could be better than giving to those who are most in need? In order to help other celebrate the holidays we'd like for all of the GASR to come to together and help donate money to those who are less fortunate and to help put a smile on a child's face this year! What is a Christmas charity? How this event works is we gather volunteer artists and they make art for the people who donate towards one of our charities listed! Date Volunteer sign-up Start: 1st December End: 10th December Donation start: December 11th end: December 24th
  24. Orbical

    Event Profile badges

    Hello, not sure if this is the right spot to post this but On the old GASR there was profile badges from events that you won or participated in. Were those added here yet or if so, is there away to make them so or option to unhide them or something o.o
  25. Fervent

    Emotion Palette Challenge

    Nowadays, digital art programs give us an overwhelming amount of colors to choose from, which can make it tempting to go overboard. Drawing with a limited color palette challenges you to think outside the box and find new, creative uses for colors. The “Color Palette Challenge” is extremely popular in the art community, therefore we have decided to feature it on GASR as well- with a little bit of a twist; Each of the 20 sets of colors has been linked to an emotion! Find out more when the event goes live in October!

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