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  1. ☾ Deadly - [ 1 ] - ongoing giveaway

    Hey everyone! My back is INSANELY better after doctor visits. With that: I'm stock piling premades currently, so that I always have new premades every week. Working on 5 new ones currently (one is a maaaaaleeeeeeee *wink wink*) Thank you for unending support!
  2. ☾ Deadly - [ 1 ] - ongoing giveaway

    Sorry for the SUPER delay!! It's been storming horribly all day, so my net has been super spotty. I've done the drawing & CONGRATULATIONS to @Noxey You can make your own sort of form & pm it to me with colors, background, ect! I'll also tell you the animation I had in mind and we can talk about it. I won't be able to finish for a bit, but I'm happy to be doing something normal and not just laying in bed lmao. http://prntscr.com/itlrzk Replying/ @Will shhh I've slept so much and laid around I feel like a bear hibernating in spring @Latex Thank you for support <3 means the world. @Mourning xoxoxxxoxoxoxoxox
  3. ☾ Deadly - [ 1 ] - ongoing giveaway

    Hello everyone!! If you follow my status updates or my shop manager's updates you'll know that my health at the moment is very poor. This is completely unexpected and I apologize for the wait. I've only been able to work on things in bed with paper and pencil, so I have a lot of premade ideas that I can't yet make digitally. As you all know the giveaway for Pisces includes a dp I make according to that zodiac, but because of this pain and such I won't be able to finish it on the specific date. I will however STILL select a winner! They will win - the art you're winning might just take a moment to get to you :) Because of this you may do the following if you win: - Using the wip provided, you may choose the colors & a background for the image. I hope this is alright to all of you!! I will do the drawing today in 10 minutes.
  4. ☾ Deadly - [ 1 ] - ongoing giveaway

    Pisces wip Because of my back this might not be finished exactly on the 19th - If it ends up being after I'll add a special bonus prize along with it to make up for the time :) The next DP giveaway will be on time for sure though!! I have some cuuuutee animations planned for this one :)
  5. ☾ Deadly - [ 1 ] - ongoing giveaway

    @Buni Yes!! My back has been messed up, so haven't gotten to be as productive ): but yes within a day or so
  6. ☾ Deadly - [ 1 ] - ongoing giveaway

    Going to be putting out some premades in this style possibly soon :) digitally ofc! But trying to work on traditional skills too :)
  7. Sing the song above you!

    Your voice is so nice!! <3 Here is my attempt lmaooo - Me trying this song boiiiiii also for the next This one!! (one of my favorites)
  8. Hey everyone!


    I've been fairly absent recently and I'd like to explain why.


    For the past week and a half, I've been suffering from severe back pain. I thought perhaps it was a pinched nerve or something of that sort, so I powered through a week of pain & with no progress I finally visited a physician. 


    A spinal disk in my back had somehow slipped out of place as well as my hip. They created this sort of angle in towards eachother pinching all of the nerves and muscles between. I couldn't walk or move. But after having it worked on and pushed back into place I can finally say that I'm almost pain free and ready to be back here.


    So much has been happening in the past month and I apologize to everyone who follows me for the absences and struggles. I appreciate those who kept up and are still here supporting 💜

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    2. Cheese


      @Will appreciate the kind words!! Can't wait to put out more art for you guys x 


      I have a looooot of stuff planned for the immediate future (:

    3. Hiroki


      Glad to know that you are feeling better now!

    4. Cheese


      @Hiroki thank you!!!

  9. Cheese's Customs -GOAL SHOP (1/3)

    @Brutalised thank youuuuuu
  10. 🌻psro's premade shopピサロ🌻 (1)

    9SGD is 7USD for me - so I went ahead and tipped you (: (also my phone battery so low and didn't realize until I did this LMAOOOO)
  11. 🌻psro's premade shopピサロ🌻 (1)

    @pissarro that's completely fine!! I didn't know if it would be a change or add on so I asked (: could the text just be cheese? (Sorry I didn't realize the anxiety I'd have seeing my own name LMAO)
  12. 🌻psro's premade shopピサロ🌻 (1)

    Premade Name: day Text: Tay & cheese as watermark Changes: (only if applicable) Price: 7 could you add sparkle eyes?
  13. 🌻psro's premade shopピサロ🌻 (1)

    This notification woke me up but I'm not even mad
  14. はちみつ | h o n e y, the custom shop

    Your examples don't show for me ):
  15. ☾ Deadly - [ 1 ] - ongoing giveaway

    @Mourning welcome back!!!!

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