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  1. Sent! Proof Sent! Proof Sent Proof
  2. Thanks! As for clothes I'd like THIS , sorry I forgot to include it. And as for the legs that's okay! Should I send the payment now or should I wait?
  3. Name: Each Ref (be as specific as possible): Refs Pose: Pose Expression: Sexy cute Background ideas: Up to you Extra: None
  4. Each

    NHI's experimental shop | 1/1 SLOT

    Ah Okay! I'd appreciate that thank you!
  5. Each

    NHI's experimental shop | 1/1 SLOT

    Reference(s): Here Type: bust Text: Each Personality: Hottie chick *Animation type: Blinking
  6. Each

    Avi-Repaints Shop | Price: usd 6

    Loved your artwork ♥ Screenie: https://sta.sh/0p1437ancys or https://sta.sh/01g2u9edtljq Text: Each Price: 6USD
  7. Each

    Avi-Repaints Shop | Price: usd 6

    Screenie: https://sta.sh/0kq2hho4fr7 OR https://sta.sh/06lhmp07eit Text: Each Price: 6USD

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