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  1. 5 new premades tomorrow! I've been taking forever but almost finished  :klovee:

  2. There's a big storm in the Bay Area so my computer can't connect to wifi, and the power keeps going out. I'll respond to everyone and send DP's as soon as I can. Sorry for the delay ;____; at least I love rain 

    1. ThroughtheLightx
    2. Baylie


      @ThroughtheLightx I don't know how I didn't see this comment, thank you so much <3 We have another wave of storms this week, so here we go round 3 :bapplause: we need the water though 

  3. First one very much reminds me of @Overkill ‘s work. Not sure though ;w;
  4. Baylie


    @Marona it's okay, I get so angry at those type of videos. I DON't KNOW WHY I STILL WATCH THEM. Bikers vs road rage cars get me so heated. I know they make me furious but they're addicting and I can't stop watching. The rage just flows. There's some signs on the roads where I live that say "Cars VS Kids: Think of the Impact" it makes me laugh every time.

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