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  1. @Midget Thank you! Let me know if you need any changes and sorry for the lag, my cat decided to plop right on my tablet and laptop just as I was adding text LOL. PNG GIF
  2. @Midget Thank you! Adding text now, animating will take a few minutes
  3. @Midget Accepted! You may send with no shipping address
  4. @Rosie Of course, it’s on hold for you
  5. @Lunsta Accepted yes $17 with no shipping address~
  6. 5 new premades tomorrow! I've been taking forever but almost finished  :klovee:

  7. @Ryry Of course! Will PM you all the versions @soup Thank you! Will start working on it now
  8. @soup No problem! Payment is via paypal, you can click this link -> https://www.paypal.me/Bayliie and then send $15.50 but be sure to select "no shipping address". If you have any questions feel free to ask @Ducissa Absolutely! I'll start working on that now and PM you everything @EmiSArakan Hi bbu, did you still want 198? @satania Ahh I'm sorry, I forgot to update the front page ;o; but thank you for being interested
  9. So sorry for not responding, I ended up being far busier than I expected and didn't have time to get on my laptop. But I'm home and starting sketches @Ducissa Accpted! Sorry for the late reply ;o; @Ryry Accepted, it does come with the blinking so the total is $7. @soup Accepted! The total with additions would be $15.50. I have a new way of animating so I'd have to redo the sparkles. They won't be identical as they are in the preview, but I'll make sure they look nice, if that's okay?
  10. @Kneck Thank you so much omg Same to you <3 @Rosie Oh yes! Absolutely, she's all yours, you can go ahead and send $10 and I'll send out when I can Little Update: I'm leaving tomorrow for a vacation with my boyfriend. It's about a 10 hour drive, but I'm bringing my laptop and tablet. I'll be able to respond to anyone and send out DP's either Sunday or Monday
  11. @Kute Ahh you're so sweet ;______; I hope the text is okay, thank you! PNG GIF @Rosie PM'd you your DP's with a note @EmiSArakan On hold for you bbu
  12. @Kute LOL I'm sorry, but it makes me so happy you like my art. ;o; Accepted of course, you may send I have a busy day today so I won't be able to post the DPs until tonight, sorry about that<3 @Rosie Accepted as usual of course You may send, I'll post DPs tonight

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