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  1. XeLala


     WIP ALPHA ~ claiming~ code : vc3batch7 M28 -ceres colour changes ( if theres option provided ) : hair- grey with black roots | eyes- the one red can stay but maybe black sclera? - the other to be all black? text : Neric watermark : can i get two versions? One with 'Zeisohr' n another with 'XeLala'
  2. XeLala


    @Hibernate I'm actually still letting her go if you don't mind love. And claiming this one. WIP ALPHA ~ claiming~ code : vc3batch7 M23 - Ambrosia colour changes ( if theres option provided ) : Hair-White Eyes- All white text : Lala watermark : XeLala
  3. XeLala


    @Evs I dont mind letting you have her if you really like her deary. I got one of his last ones too. So i dont mind
  4. XeLala


    Hold forever or never for me? <3 (m12) 
  5. XeLala


    code ; vc3batch7 M17 price; 68 usd animation provided ; blinking + glow colour changes available ; eyes / hairs Eyes: pure white - Hair: White (with an overall dark theme i assume lol) text; Lala with a watermark of XeLala
  6. @Zelta Eep!!! I Love itttt <3
  7. @Zelta No worries love
  8. @Zelta Only change is to add her ear holes in her hat so her ears show
  9. @Zelta No worries love!! Take your time and rest well ^^
  10. @Zelta Also gunna drop another~ ·References: Will PM again~ Same OC just her regular outfit this time, lol. ·Theme: Dark Sexy Reaper ·Background: Freedom! ·Text: Lala ·Watermark: XeLala ·Price: Same as before~ $48 ((base-background-tip-- no discount)) · By placing an order I assume that you have read and agreed the rules ·
  11. @Zelta Could I possibly get the colored animated one for imvu crop? 'tis too big right now. And you;re welcome love. You blew me away with it as usual ^^
  12. @Zelta Omg i love her!!
  13. @Zelta Omg i love it. And could you do fingerless gloves insted perhaps n make her hands likethis with black nails? @Zelta But no changes otherwise of not.

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