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  1. @Hellsent Could you make changes to the skin and fur color to the x-mas one?
  2. XeLala

    δ dɛltə ll

    @Hibernate code ; vc3batch6 F4 price; 80 usd colour changes ; eyes : full on white animation provided ; blinking + glow + drip + text ; Lala with a watermark of XeLala if possible could you add ear piercings and nose piercings like
  3. XeLala

    FUNERAL PARLOUR (2) new claimable wip

    Premade name: torment -Text: Lala -Watermark: XeLala -Price: 42 · By placing an order I assume that you have read and agreed the rules ·
  4. @FoxGod Sent sweetie @Sorce I am sorry lovie. I have been waiting ages to snag a kitty piece from her and the kitty matches my 'Lil Darkness irl <3 much love though
  5. •Premade name: Red Moon •Text: Lala with a watermark of XeLala •Add-On's (if any): moon glowing/pulsing animation? •Changes (if any): hair to white and eyes to with( will pm about the eyes •Comments (optional): •High quality animated big art version ($10 extra): yes •Price: 29+2+5+2+10 = $48? I have read and agreed with the rules.
  6. XeLala

    can & sext collab a bit [2up] SALE

    sent darlings. @Sext @Can
  7. XeLala

    can & sext collab a bit [2up] SALE

    premade #: ghost friendo text: Lala with a watermark of XeLala price: 36 (cause 35 isnt even )
  8. XeLala

    δ dɛltə ll

    HOLD THE DARK 1 price ; 70 usd animation provided ; blinking + glow + 1 blood drip hair / eye colour ; white [ recommended but you can change this ] will dm about it for the eyes text ; Lala with a watetmark of XeLala
  9. XeLala

    † MOURNING DAY † - open (0/3)

    @Zelta I love it so much!!! Thank you darling
  10. XeLala

    † MOURNING DAY † - open (0/3)

    @Zelta Eep no changes!! So excited
  11. XeLala

    † MOURNING DAY † - open (0/3)

    @Zelta Omg!! I love love that wip. Only one change. Could you move her horns forward a bit more so they are closer to her hair line. And make them a bit thicker. Will send when i get home from work today!!
  12. XeLala

    † MOURNING DAY † - open (0/3)

    ·References: will pm ·Theme: dark and sexy ·Background: freedom ·Text: Lala ·Watermark: XeLala ·Price: 42usd+$2 Baackground+ $8 bribe ($3 tip)= $55 · By placing an order I assume that you have read and agreed the rules ·
  13. XeLala

    Y0UI's ll [1/6] Slot

    Reference : DM Background idea : DM Face Type (cute or mature) : DM Expression : DM Pose : DM Text : Lala & Lottie with watermarks of Xelala and another version of watermarked DanielleSaguri Animation : DM Price : $140 Note : DM 
  14. XeLala

    δ dɛltə ll

    BATTberries price ; 75 usd animation provided ; bllinking + glow + smiling [ on character ] colour changes available ; eyes / hairs / pets -- Not sure love so just do you. Um I like pink/purple/black/grey/ and blues. I dunno colors text ; Xela with a watermark of XeLala OMG YES PLEASE Um I guess dislikes: green, orange, yellow, gold
  15. XeLala

    δ dɛltə ll

    Sakura price; 75 usd hair / eye colour ; Hair- Black with the pink tips -- Eyes- Pink animation provided ; blinking + glow + spirit(s) bounce + smile/ change of expression text ; Xela with a watermark of Xelala (Is it possible to have her hair be long? If not thats fine. Just figured I'd ask. )

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