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  1. XeLala

    Y0UI's ll [4/6] Slot

     Reference : DM Background idea : DM Face Type (cute or mature) : Mature Expression : DM Pose : DM Text : Xela with a watermark of XeLala on just the crops Animation : Smoke coming out of her eye(the one you can see.). Blinking. A normal smile to a grin to show her teeth. Price : $70 Note : ❤️❤️❤️
  2. XeLala

    VANCOUVER 3.0 Wip ( 4 ) Premade ( 1 F )

    @Hibernate Yep yep ^^
  3. XeLala

    VANCOUVER 3.0 Wip ( 4 ) Premade ( 1 F )

    Go wild ^^ @Hibernate
  4. XeLala

    VANCOUVER 3.0 Wip ( 4 ) Premade ( 1 F )

    code;vc3batch1-fskully hair / eyes colour : https://imgur.com/a/7mTQy colour theme : Smoke price; 65 usd
  5. XeLala

    VANCOUVER 3.0 Wip ( 4 ) Premade ( 1 F )

    Lolz yes @Hibernate the text is right. XD Thank you i lovvvee it
  6. XeLala

    Cotton's Adopt Center: (1) NEW 5/21/18

    @Cotton Loving it so far
  7. XeLala

    Y0UI's ll [4/6] Slot

    Reference : dm Background idea : dm Face Type (cute or mature) : A mix between the two. Expression : dm Pose : dm Text : One with G-Dub and one with Xela Animation : dm Price : $70+? Note :Everything in discord.
  8. XeLala

    VANCOUVER 3.0 Wip ( 4 ) Premade ( 1 F )

    Loving it!!!!
  9. XeLala

    Y0UI's ll [4/6] Slot

    HAHAHA! I felt the same!
  10. XeLala

    VANCOUVER 3.0 Wip ( 4 ) Premade ( 1 F )

    I want to steal/claim this
  11. @Sadist Ahh okie. I may get one next xD Also, considering the pose. I honestly don't have a preference.~ So its up to you what you think would work best with her, love. ^^ Both ideas seem cute for her.
  12. Do you have any reff for what a chara sheet would look like?~ Also your chibis are to die for! .:form:. Art type - Chibi ((Love the very first chibi in your reffs)) Size - Chibi size? .:image text - Xela References - nsfw reff so I will pm --pose is up to you~ Number of actors in image -1 Background - Theme - Cutesy soft look but has a dark twist Any extras - All in the reff Estimated price - $15?
  13. XeLala

    FUNERAL PARLOUR (1) new booty premade!

  14. XeLala

    Cotton's Adopt Center: (1) NEW 5/21/18

    ❧ Name: Xela ❧ Premade name: midnight caster ❧ Text: Xela with a watermakr of XeLala on crops <3 ❧ Price: 50 ❧ Extra: pm colors~

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