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  1. XeLala

    Y0UI's ll [4/6] Slot

    HIDE CONTENTS Reference : DM Background idea : DM Face Type (cute or mature) : Cute Expression : DM Pose : DM Text : Xela with a watermark of XeLala on just the crops Animation : Feathers falling and maybe her wings moving a bit Price : $70 Note :
  2. @Zelta Oh worries love. Thank you so much!
  3. @Zelta Omg!!!! I love her. I will send when i get home from work in the morning. I have a dpuble today and just got a moment to check my emails.
  4. @Zelta Love her Lets do her ribs. And don;t forget to add more bangs so it covers that one eye. Thank you hun
  5. Love her so far!!! Just her bangs cover on of her eyes. Other than that no changes *Edit* Also her tattoos and piercings
  6. XeLala

    Y0UI's ll [4/6] Slot

    Love it love. Proof send over dm <3
  7. @Zelta ·References: pm'ed ·Theme: Dark and Sad ·Background: A graveyard at night in the woods ·Text: Xela ·Watermark: XeLala ·Price: $42 +$2(background)+$8 (bride order)+$? to make it a half body frame like I have order before. Not sure if you want to charge extra for it. But I am fine with paying for it so let me know love. (Current price at: $52+?) · By placing an order I assume that you have read and agreed the rules ·
  8. XeLala

    ☠ Ritual ☠ (0)

    Yesh it is i nearly screamed i am so excited!!
  9. XeLala

    ☠ Ritual ☠ (0)

    PREMADE NAME:. Dusk NAME ON PREMADE: xela and neric CHANGES/ANIMATION:(Optional, Charges apply)no TOTAL PRICE: 76
  10. XeLala

    --++ Rock's Custom Shop ++ Slot 2/3 ++--

    -= Form =- ▪ References: Messaged ▪ Theme: Shy/Cute ▪ Anything else I should know: Shes shy but also very mischievous ▪ Text on DP: Xela with a watermark of XeLala ▪ Paypal email: also messages ▪ Final Price: $20?
  11. @Rotts Is her Cursed wip still avalible?
  12. XeLala

    ☠ Ritual ☠ (0)

    Rip Solitary was perfect
  13. XeLala

    Martinus' pre-premade shop! [5 UP!]

    @Martinus I just adored her and had to have her. But I am a sucker for purple and a void-ish feel to her. <3 Keep up the lovely work Sent love
  14. XeLala

    Martinus' pre-premade shop! [5 UP!]

    PREMADE NAME: Pyxis YOUR NAME: Xela with a watermark of XeLala PRICE: $25

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