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  1. UGH I know Maybe a wallpaper would be a possibility, or a phone background? DAMN I just love this neat design. Haha. Don't even listen to me, I'm the last one to try to cause anyone more work. I'm just totally inlove with this.
  2. [2018] Zodiac Celebration

    @Katnipxo WOO look at you go babes! I really like your entry!
  3. Man I wish that this new years Pablob was on a Card to get! I'd definitely get that one! Its such a lovely design!
  4. OMG I love the overlays! They're so stunning! Way to go! Absolutely well done!
  5. --The Darkest Season--/

    @Latex Thank you so much dearest! We are recovering well for sure! I'm super happy to hear you enjoy my premades! I will definitely soon return with more of them! I am just currently very busy. But trust me I will be super happy to upload more!
  6. --The Darkest Season--/

    @Ayumi Oh trust me its a tough time for me too. And obviously for him. But since everything is slowly getting back to normal all is well! Thanks for your concern though!
  7. --The Darkest Season--/

    @Dreams Alright love! Just wanted to check in with you! Just a small heads up, I will most likely take them down by the end of March, if they aren't sold by then! Just so you know! @Ayumi Yes he is way better now! He still needs some time. But he is almost healthy again! Thank you!
  8. --The Darkest Season--/

    @Honey Haha thank youu! He's absolutely adorable! Heh. I'm looking forward to paint some more aswell! @Katnipxo PPFFSSH don't put yourself down! You're a star on your own! I'm definitely celebrating the shop pin! So awesome! @RedFox LOL, oh you!
  9. --The Darkest Season--/

    @Nyneria Oh they do! But it's barely any cheaper there. But I'll definitely consider it. Even if its just like 3 Euros! Better than nothing! Thank you for that! I really appreciate it! Oh Btw. @Dreams love are you still interested in "Hold me tight"?
  10. A F T E R P A R T Y

    Waited for a shop like this. Huehue Definitely stalking!
  11. --The Darkest Season--/

    @Nyneria Yes its such a relief! Even though the bill for the treatment is quite the opposite I hope your baby stays healthy and happy from now on! It's a nightmare when they aren't. Thats for sure. Mine is on a new and absolutely expensive diet now too. I think, well no I'm pretty positive, his food is more expensive than mine LOL.
  12. --The Darkest Season--/

    @Nyneria Haha okay! I'll see about how fast I can return with darker themes after the elf theme! Yeees He's super adorable, on that picture he's got food stuck everywhere tho LOL @Lunna Yeees he's back homme! One adorable little guy! Currently purring right next to me. He's got half of my desk as his place to sleep at. LOL. All the things you do for your fluffers.
  13. --The Darkest Season--/

    OOOh giving me all the good ideas! Purple hair, white hair.. Heh I knew dark skinned would be for you @Kahli
  14. --The Darkest Season--/

    Hey loves! Got some updates for you! My little kittycat is back home and I can slowly start to work on some art again. He is still very clingy and obviously needs a lot of attention still, but we are getting there! Thanks everyone for being so patient! Gotta share the happy face of being back home though. I am still very busy with various Projects, but I'll try my best to paint some sexy elf men for you as soon as I can! In the meantime, wanna share with me what kinda elf men you'd love to see? Blondes? Brunettes? Dark skinned guys? Red heads?..
  15. AHHHHHHHHH Thank you so muuuch! Congrats to @Wanheda @Fervent and @Saxophonia !! Oh god I didnt expect that at all! WOO!

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