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  1. Type of commission: Two person - Bust photo - Full Color Contact email: Emeryxriddle@gmail.com ( Or the other email you already have on file for me.) References and description of concept: xxx Do you want to receive your wips publicly or privately?: Either! Public is fine. Total price: $55 Extras: Motivational Emoji ->
  2. Name of Premade : Unholy Text: Emery Watermark(Optionap): Emery Email for invoice(You may pm it): haleyaudreyann2@gmail.com Price:$36
  3. do you have an added charge for couples? I can't seem to find it in your shop info ^^
  4. She is beautiful, are you selling it?
  5. Premade: 069 Text: Mr J Watermark: Jayde Changes: (if possible - will cost extra) none Total Price: 170k ( Ordering for a friend who doesn't use Gasr. )
  6. More slots soon? Not stalking or anything, I swear.
  7. Hi hi, I was wondering if I could be added to your waiting list?
  8. they look lovely! I don't think anything needs to be added.
  9. i audibly squealed. it's adorable. i can't wait to see more.

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