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  1. I’m loving is so far!! I’ll have to listen to this song.
  2. this is so cute! Where do you post your premades?
  3. -Premade name: Cruel lover -Text: Emery -Watermark: (leave this in blank if you dont want any watermark) Emery -Price: 46 Skin : Pale Accessories : Can we add Demon horns? I love the gothy / dark theme!
  4. premade: (# or name) #2 I think, the cute demon child. colors: (for pyocs) I’ll pm you details when I come home!! text: (color, name) Emery , whatever color suits the image.
  5. The comments you make on these is so wholesome please do it for everything ever.
  6. Emeryx

    ♥Taj Premades♥

    I wish #5 was a girl so bad! I have a weakness for Oni masks.
  7. It makes me so happy to see your shop getting more traffic you deserve it.
  8. Most of the people are on the notification list 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’d just ask to be added to the list.
  9. ι нave agreed тo тнe тerмѕ & condιтιonѕ вy ғιllιng oυт тнιѕ ғorм Style Colored / Size Bust / Reference(s) Will pm ( I am driving home rn ) Username(s) (For text and watermark) Emery Background ( BG colour / Ambiance / overall theme / No environmental)* Will add to stash pm Extra
  10. Emeryx


    No problem! I’ll stand by and pay it asap
  11. Emeryx


    ~ claiming~ code : vc3batch10 f17 colour changes ( if theres option provided ) : No change - do whatever you think looks best! text : Emery watermark : Emery

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