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  1. guys who got the wipu from soph thats this  http://prntscr.com/i046xl ? the pick your colors she's working on it ROIGHT MEOW

    1. Sadistic


      @Empathy @Gutz i know it was one of you two cayuties e-e other white hair lovers

  2. [Poll] Keep shops together or separate?

    Different types of art still are art aka all art is art. Very different on a wide scale but whether a premade is pixels/graphics/painted so on I like seeing them how they are. There are some shops that have badges, dps, and icons all in one shop because they make all. If I’m misunderstanding I read it all and that’s what it seems to say is separating things into groups... some shops have even banners for sale along with dps. Just a big mess to me but honestly whatever you do I’m sure people will get past it. Including me.. not everyone will be happy with decisions. I just find this one confusing and unnecessary
  3. [Poll] Keep shops together or separate?

    I know how to read and I meant I don’t like the sub sections 🙄 art is art and putting premades in diff groups like graphics and pixels does nothing but confuse crap and make people have to be like “which do I click I like all” kty
  4. [Poll] Keep shops together or separate?

    I personally don’t like this for the simple fact I like to browse all art and having to search through multiple sections is not fun... I like being able to click premade and seeing all shops.. some people do many different styles not just one and I know I don’t want to have to post multiple shops for different styles. I like it how it is. Adding a bunch of sub sections just complicates things.. makes me have to sit here and decide what I want to look at instead of seeing all the premades in one place..
  5. Mini-Modding Explained

    Honestly so relieved this is cleared up I was pretty dang confused so I was just keeping my nose out of it when I saw errors.
  6. The one custom shop I await to open


    1. Sadistic


      Just want a goth gallll from youuu

    2. Sorciere


      Ill be making some goth premades i promise!

    3. Sadistic



  7. Blah. 


  8. So my check was good enough (i had overtime) that i got my bills paid and had enough to get the kiddos a few more gifts and some snackies. They got lots of new clothes B)

    Then i uh went negative over art but ill get it back selling my old lappy.


    HOPEFULLY NEXT MONTH i will have the money to 100% pay back people who helped us get them Christmas!! 

    I know i didn't say id be doing this but i plan to try bc it was SO sweet of you all to help. 



  9. Gaia Avatars/TekTeks No Longer Allowed via Shops

    Honestly, if you wqant a gaia avatar go MAKE one and use it and CREDIT gaia online?? You just cant give them away to others anymore... What's the big deal? If it violates their TOS then it shouldn't of ever been tossed up in the first place.. Just make your own and use it where you please with GAIA credited? Seriously not hard. This shouldn't be this big of a deal seeing as they were FREE anyways.. Don't be lazy go make one.
  10. just gonna delete the posts and save screenies pww. 




    peeps suck.

  11. Hey guys check out the Auction I'm holding to help get my niece and nephew christmas gifts!! The amazing @Proelium entered a piece!!  and maybe more will too!! 

    LINK HERE:  Boop

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    2. Sadistic


      i edited this before you sent me that and just havent fixed it back yet... this one IS on me.

    3. Lazy


      It won't let me join your group, but what kind of premades are you looking for?  

    4. Sadistic


      what's your IMVU? idk why it's being weird.. and nothing specific just anything will do bc its just for people to bid on so that my niece and nephew may have christmas.. id do it here but i need to get it approved or kinda get help bc i dont exactly understand the charity auctions.. 

  12. Most likely getting a new tab today so prepaid for premades 😎

  13. Moderator Applications are OPEN!

    btw i had my post count updated!! it wasnt right when you guys were first checking apps!!
  14. Moderator Applications are OPEN!

    my post count here is like almost 200 but combined with old gasr which was 500+ im at almost 700 maybe more wooo
  15. i just realized i fit all the stats required to apply for mod aside from content count. That's upsetting -sigh-


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