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  1. My Form ⭐ I want draw your Oc(s): Unicorn OC! I would do the female first and then if u like it, I will give the male a whirl ⭐ Examples of my artwork: https://www.deviantart.com/cloudno18 ⭐ My conditions: I will send a sketch for any changes on pose, expression, or any missing details, and I will send a second wip with color for color changes. 2 wins total. ⭐ My price(s): $10-$20 (will be double if I do the couple together) THANK YOU FOR CONSIDERING<3
  2. nicci.

    Where Do I Begin?

    https://www.deviantart.com/cloudno18/art/Hsmane-790311260 i hope u like it :) thank you for letting me practice with your OC. https://www.deviantart.com/cloudno18/art/kitty-790328517 i would love to color this for you in the future! (I’ve been really inspired by these kinds of OCs lol)
  3. ❀ - Form - I want to draw: a bust up portrait Examples: https://www.deviantart.com/cloudno18 Price(s): $10-$20 pyp. (Sketches are free) ❀ thank you for your time
  4. nicci.

    Where Do I Begin?

    Hey there, my deviant art has been updated with a new piece that is colored, let me know what y’all think <3 i will be completing some more requests today to practice some more. Might color some of them ^-^
  5. O I’d love to try! I currently offer only free sketches and I will do a fully colored piece for your OC. My prices is a pyp of $10-$20 or 25k-50k credits (colored) https://www.deviantart.com/cloudno18 We can keep in touch thru PM, I will send a wip of the sketch before I color just in case you want any changes and I will send another wip with color for any last minute color changes. Thank you for considering and checking out my deviant art.
  6. My form: I wanna draw your oc(s)! Which oc: ALL OF THEMMMM Examples of my art: https://www.deviantart.com/cloudno18 My conditions: it can take a while because I plan on coloring them and going all out. I always PM a wip of the sketch before I color so if there was any changes, let me know. I will make a full size and a dp size for each one. I have a free sketch shop right now, so if I was to color and spend a huge amount of time on them, some pay would be great, love <3 My price(s): $10-$20 pyp. I hope you consider and thank you for taking the time to check my art out <3
  7. I do sketches for now and they are free (for now). if I was to do your request, I will color it for the credits quick question, what is it you’re looking for? Drawings, DP edits?
  8. nicci.

    Where Do I Begin?

    https://www.deviantart.com/cloudno18/art/Aurora-790047960 I apologize for the delay on things. I wanted to add more details to it but got stuck so I played around with the colors. I kinda like how it turned out. Hope ya like it
  9. Hello! I’d like to try your requests. Currently my sketches are free with line work. if you would like me to color ( will,take a few days to complete) it’s a pyp minimum of $5USD/10k imvu credits. hope you consider letting me try. my examples are newest to oldest.
  10. nicci.

    Where Do I Begin?

    https://www.deviantart.com/cloudno18/art/Cat-update-789796509 im terrible at artistic freedom but I’m starting to crawl out of that hole of ‘uncreativity’ https://www.deviantart.com/cloudno18/art/Nessa-789796032 once again, just doing some random things and I’m starting to like this ‘just have fun’ kinda thing lol. Really like how this one turned out and had a lot of fun. hope you don’t mind but I did use this screenie as a reference https://sta.sh/0z7jx291k4i
  11. nicci.

    Where Do I Begin?

    Gonna be finishing up these requests soon! Keep the requests coming!!. ps, if u want me to color your sketch, feel free to come to my custom shop (when I open it) and I will color it for a discount! I’m unsure about my prices right now but will keep this topic updated when I open it :)
  12. May I try? I mainly do sketches (sketches for now). Can I try? I will post the sketch to see if you would like me to continue. Just for the sketch, it will be free. if you want me to color it, I will charge depending on the size of the pic. I am open for negotiations. nothing less than 20k imvu credits or 5USD PayPal. Here is my deviantart page. https://www.deviantart.com/cloudno18
  13. Okay so yeah, title says all. Only price the line work. Only critique my skin and my use of colors. Its been since 2017 since i even completed a full digital art piece. (I am the CatDuck, few only remember) just got got this iPad a couple of weeks ago and wanted to join again to make some money on the side for these bills and diapers. momma need help https://www.deviantart.com/cloudno18/art/Playing-around-789672467 (unable to post picture directly because for whatever reason, I cannot change the size of a piece in Procreate. If you know how to do that, let this momma know some deets!)
  14. I get get depressed when I see really good art and can’t even afford a nose from the drawing... came me by to stalk, don’t mind me ~~
  15. nicci.

    For Remba <3

    This is so adorable!

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