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  1. nicci.

    DP edit practice

    Hey guys, I’m keeping this open for now, having a huge block right now. Ugh seriously fml...
  2. nicci.

    DP edit practice

    Thank you. Feels good to be back
  3. nicci.

    DP edit practice

    I’m back ~~~
  4. I won’t be around internet for at least a week, y’all :icry:

  5. nicci.

    DP edit practice

    A quick update. I’ll be away from internet for a little bit. In he meantime, I will be putting this shop on hold so any further requests will be ignored when I see them! Anyone that has ordered shouldn’t have to worry, I’ll be finishing them up and posting when I have access again. Im sorry, these are sudden news to me too.
  6. Joji a.k.a. Filthy Frank <3



  7. I need help, Something has been started that won’t end. #meangirlstakeover

    screaming mean girls GIF

  8. nicci.

    DP edit practice

    Hiiiiiii :D ill be getting to your request soon
  9. nicci.

    DP edit practice

    It’s okay :) feel free to come back when you have screenies
  10. Okay this new theme is pretty fetch


  11. nicci.

    DP edit practice

    It has been YEARS since I have completed a DP edit! Im only open for a few days until I can get some examples put together Post your screenies and references and I’ll give it a shot. Please, use the form. No males, furries, NSFW. Follow all rules. All text will be your GASR or IMVU name Examples of my work(sketches from OCs): https://www.deviantart.com/cloudno18 Form Screenies: Reference: Text:
  12. I’m not too sure if I wanna be part of North Shore High 😭high school in real life was rough enough for me. 

  13. What I’m selling: Waist up Illustration to dp size https://www.deviantart.com/cloudno18/art/Maiha-791398106 Some color change, PYOBG (pick your own background). GASR or IMVU name only. Price: $40 $30 USD, willing to negotiate within reason Or 45k IMVU credits Status: Available Has it been over 24 hrs since I posted last? Yes. Do I have a premade shop? No
  14. I’ve been stalking your art since day one. 😍 I can’t wait until I can get some funds for you.

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