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Pumpkin Spice And Everything Nice by King-Lulu-Deer


hello, my name's Dee!

I'm 21 years old, Mexican, and have a love for macaroons.


Divider Thing F2U by PrinceStamps


aside from drawing my own lil doodles, I'm not any good at the whole art-thing; which is why I'm always looking to buy from artists! I am usually buying art to display on my imvu. don't be afraid to send me a friend request if you wanna chat, though! I'm super talkative and open minded, so don't be shy. 


I am always looking for artists who can draw wild-curly hair like mine, so be aware of that whenever I am placing an order anywhere. if you feel like your art style fits what I may be looking for, feel free to send me a dm! I'd love to support. :-D 


Succulent Divider by norina-e



aside from my selfie, none of the pixel images above are my own; they can be found and copied from DeviantArt!

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