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  1. Devil Eyes (0/4)

    Name: Jenn References: https://imgur.com/a/iAtml Pose reference: In ref Favorite colors: in ref Any specifics or special requests: a black and white husky ? c: like a pup Tip: uwu? 2k total: 7k
  2. KO KO BOP

    Text: Issued & Dracula Screen: *not required* https://imgur.com/a/8GusS Extra: in screenies w refs Price: 22k.
  3. The Collaboration [1] NEW

    @Kardia yeah sure thats fine but could you use a diff screenie and make her a little diff o:? i can give you 10k if thats fine
  4. The Collaboration [1] NEW

    Premade: black widow Text: Dracula Watermark: Jenn Any changes: could u make the hair white ontop fading into red Payment option: Credits Email if choosing PP:
  5. (2) † 666 AVENUE † |

    i think shes doing one at a time & oopsie sorry :((
  6. (2) † 666 AVENUE † |

    Premade: Bolt Changes: (If applicable) Can u make the hair white o:? Watermark: Jenn Text: Vialism Price:
  7. ☠ Silent Hill ☠ OPEN 2/- Unlimited Slots

    Will be sending tomorrow after school if thats fine c:
  8. (2) † 666 AVENUE † |

    @Jurnzy ima hold onto the free premade until i see a dark one i like o:
  9. The Collaboration [1] NEW

    she’s my gf now @Kneck that dp is gf
  10. (2) † 666 AVENUE † |

    omg ❤️❤️ yay
  11. ★ I Am Groot (7) giveaway pg21

  12. ★ I Am Groot (7) giveaway pg21

    Premade Number: 010 Text: Vialism Payment Method: Credits Are you planning to turn this premade into an OC?: no
  13. ☠ Silent Hill ☠ OPEN 2/- Unlimited Slots

    show mee o:?
  14. ☠ Silent Hill ☠ OPEN 2/- Unlimited Slots

    alrighty :)
  15. ☠ Silent Hill ☠ OPEN 2/- Unlimited Slots

    Ouch. I hope its nothing bad in your head or anything ):

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