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Moshii moshii! I'm Angie, 22 years old and from Portugal. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and i also like gaming a lot. My perfect dream job was to be a movie fx editor or anything related to movies really (except being an actress, i'm too baadd for that). I like drawing but my true love will always be film making and such. Another dream job is to work for Nasa, but this one will just keep on being a dream.. rip. My birthday is on day 9, September, which means my sign is virgo, but i don't really believe much in astrology.. ~ but this doesn't mean i don't like stars and planets, in fact i'm a die hard crazy for astronomy. (when i was 8 years old i made my dad buy me a telescope for Christmas and i didn't even knew what astronomy was, i just wanted to see the stars.. well it never worked so now i'm just hoping one day i'll be able to buy a functioning telescope lol. Half of my family is from Venezuela so i can speak spanish & portuguese.. sometimes i mix the two languages. :z I have two sisters and we're all very different from each other, i'm the boring one and they are the loud funny ones. I don't go out to party, I'm not a ''live hard die hard'' type of person and the only person home that is actually interested about what i'm saying when i'm talking about geeky stuff is my dad. uhm, once i was attacked by a chicken so now i hate chickens. I love sushi & one day i wanna go to Japan, i just don't know how since i'm scared of planes.. (i freak out by just hearing a plane when i'm inside a room and i can't see the plane in the sky, i always think it's gonna crash on top of me) i know that the plane is the safest vehicle ever builted,but i just can't get rid of that fear.. (thanks to national geographic, mayday mayday) Funny brain huh? despite knowing i'm safer on a plane than in a car i'd rather travel on a car. Oh i have three cats, two dogs and one bird. I used to have 13 cats but i had to give them away.  My hair color is currently a dark brown to blue/green ombre, i usually like to dye it purple but it alwaysfades to blue/green. I also like to wear wigs to take pictures (i'm too shy to go out with a wig ++ i need to learn to make them look more realistic soo.. no wearing wigs outside.) I'm chubby, i have a sailor moon tattoo on my arm but it has nothing to do with sailor moon, just the art style was inspired by sailor moon. I can't tell you the meaning of it tho.. aaand i want to get a sleeve with only harry potter thingy tattoos. (i promise i'm not crazy ok?, harry potter movies just had a huge impact on my lifeand i basically grew up with them and i'm a witch.. with no wand cofcof) jooking ~ Anyways, this is getting way too big so i'm just gonna finish it here and remember, you are worth it and always wear a smile on your face and heart. ohoh i forgot! My Hogwarts house is slytherin, but the pottermore test was always putting me in either slytherin or ravenclaw. more on slytherin than ravenclaw so i just assume i'm a slytherin..(?) but i like to think that the hat was having a hard time choosing my house soo i'm a slytherin + ravenclaw hybrid but since i can't be in two houses at the same time.. (don't hate me, i also used to hate those hybrid stupid stuffs but the more i think about it the more it makes sense.. i mean i got traits from both houses and stuff.. and.. and now i'm definitely looking like a crazy person so yea  i'm just gonna stop writing here. ++soz fo ma english. ♡



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