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Graphic Arts Services & Requests
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  1. Show off your latest creation!

    @Parasitic Thank you so much! Free request for LilMooMoo. Beautiful OC loved drawing her!
  2. Show off your latest creation!

    Another piece in the style I've done the kitsune one!
  3. Show off your latest creation!

    I've been working hard to find an style for myself, so this was an experiment.
  4. IRL Photos

    Hope the pictures are not too big. No idea how to put a spoiler from mobile First picture, my baby girl, Bonita and second, me
  5. @UnJessme Accepted, love!
  6. @Mistify I am deaaad, I am so loving the theme! Accepted!!
  7. Sent, my dear! Thank you so much for ordering!
  8. @Cheerbear Done! Hope you like her! You may send the payment hun, and I'll pm you all the other versions. (Made one version without the sparkles too and sharp and soft and of course the non animated ones c:) [ Removed by moderator ] [ Removed by moderator ] [ Removed by Moderator ] [ Removed by Moderator ] @Valeen Finished yours too, because I haven't done a style 2 in awhile! You may still ask for changes since I finished it without showing you the second wip. I was feeling it Also you may send too! Please let me know if you can direct transfer, if not I'll send ya a sticker! @Rode Thank youuu so much! You are welcome back any time!
  9. @Cheerbear last wip for you~ Changes? Also you may send since it's almost finished, only background, effects and then the animation left! @Babycake Got it, now! Definitely accepted~
  10. @Babycake Accepted! But I will need more refs/info on her, like her clothing (can't see it well in the DP), other accessories (if any) & do you want her sipping of the same strawberry carton? The price is right! (85k + 5k blinking + 2,5k hand) Oh! I love the second background and the whole idea, I'll try doing something like that!
  11. And @Valeen Wip for you too~ ! @Cheese I don't see why not altough, 20k converted in money would be around 8$ so if ordering a style 1, you'd have to add 22$ in paypal. @Subtle & @Layla I am happy you like the linearts, you guys I'll continue
  12. @Layla Wip for you~ @Subtle And wip for you~ @Cheerbear I am glad you like it! Right after I finish everyone's linearts, I'll continue yours!
  13. @Cheerbear Here is the base lineart! Changes? Also, I will show everyone wips tonight~
  14. @Valeen Accepted & will do my best! @Tilt That is a good idea! Maybe I will do a sale sometime but I have to think when and how exactly. And thank you for appreciating my art!
  15. @Subtle it will be 32! Blinking/winking costs 2$~ Do you want a certain pose? I was thinking about the one with the joystick but that would be 1$ more because of the hand, so I'd thought I'd ask you. Also the link for the choker and bralette doesn't work Other than that, accepted!

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