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About Me

Oh hello! I am Crima, my real name is Florina. You may call me whatever you like as I don't mind. 

At the moment I am too much of a lazy cactus to make this fancy.. and I do not want to relive the pain of making a table. I tried that for my premade shop, did not go that well. 

Since I am not good at making descriptions about myself (if that is the reason why you are reading my rambling), I will just make a short list!



• Art in general (all mediums)

• Reading 

• Caring for my cats, Thor and Loki (does that make me Frigga? Or Odin?)

• This one is obvious but Marvel & DC movies

• Spaghetti 

• Procrastinating ( but feels guily about it )

• My best friend Seba

• Anime 

• Sleeping



• Lies / lying

• Judgemental people

• Rudeness

• People who chew with their mouth open 

• Racism 

• The gouvernment in my country

• Corruption








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