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hihii :kcheeks: i'm princess kitten !!


i loveee yoongiiiiiii ♡

love bts u w u ~


u can call me kitten / alice and i like to draw pixels n cute lewd girls ;; w;; 

my fav thing abt pixels n normal drawing is eyes, hair, and skin :klovee:


i have a few health issues and they affect how much i can draw and how fast;; so please please know i'm NOT a fast artist by any means !!


i would like to have pre-made customs : pixels, chibis, fullbodies all of the same character~ would you be interested in cute girls like this? 


my english is not so good, esp when i'm tired or confused ;; i'm very sorry T ^ T 

if theres a miscommunication i will try my best to clear it up!! :k3:



other than drawing i spend all of my time with my boyfriend or my niece ! i love them both very much 




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