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Hello everyone~:klove:

💝 Welcome to my cozy art page!  💝


 🔹 I am a smol self taught artist >.<!                    

🔹 I'm 21 years old!                                                 

                                              🔹 I live in Ontario Canada! buut- I was raised in North Carolina usa! hehe

                                              🔹 Feel free to call me Evie or Fluffans! Those are the main names I use~

    🔹 I luv cute things, animu, sanrio, and to be cozy!

       🔹 most of the time i sit around in my pjs all day XD

                                                 🔹 Currently my main (er, only OTL) source of income is commissions! So I deeply appreciate any support! 

        🔹 I'm female, INFP,  5'1 and have supeerr curly hair!

I'm definitely most active on instagram!! but I'm new to this site and super excited to use it!

here is a link to my art shop!! 


Artwork gifted to me by my dear friend :cutehehehaaas:




some of my content/images may be 18+!!:kmeh:



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