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  1. Yeeees I love iit! ;o ; And will need the sticker c: Thaaanks you so much, no changes!
  2. OMG Yeees I loveee it♥ ;o ;
  3. Efímero. / {0 Premades!}

    Premade Name or #: Corazon! text: Valen♥ (Watermark Valeen if posible)
  4. Name: Valen♥ and Valeen as watermark Style: 2 References: xx Animation: n/a Extras: Do your best! ♥ Total: 60k

    Stalkiing ;o ;
  6. ♡ M E R M A I D S ♡ // FULL

    I loove it!! Graciaaas
  7. ♡ M E R M A I D S ♡ // FULL

    xx proof! Pero la otra diferencia es gratis. Como tip para esta dp♥
  8. ♡ $10 chibis ♡

    o . o Yas LOL I didnt know wy I put it here sorry ; o;
  9. ♡ $10 chibis ♡

  10. White Lotus Repaints 0/3] OPEN

    May I order a Repaint Themed Art? Screenshot (No shadow please): xx Text: Valen♥ Size: Dp Hair Style: ref x: Hair Color: r Eye Color:r Makeup Style: r Accessories: if you can, the unicorn horn♥ Piercing: no Animation: no Price: 5k + tip
  11. Text: Valen♥ Screenies: xx Refs: xx Extras: Just do your best, and what u can♥
  12. ♡ M E R M A I D S ♡ // FULL

    Style: 3 Screenies: xx Background color: Maybe a rainbow? Or just a pastel color. Lo que quede mejor ;o ; Text: Valen♥ Text color: Blanco/Lila Watermark text: Valeen Additional features: Tip: The free custom x: Bribe?: Yes Total: $12 No se porque puse $16 ;o ; I am sorry x: - Esta es aparte del otro x: -
  13. Owww that is too cute! Thanks sweetie! ;o ; Here you have the proof♥ xx
  14. The light |paypal and credits|OPEN

    OMG!!! Thaaaaaaaaaaat is the cutest!!!! Thaaaaanks you so much♥ Will order again absolutely♥ Purchased the 20k sticker as tiip for ur amaizing work♥ proof
  15. - ALZ ART SHOP - OPEN!

    Thaat is too cute! ♥ Seent proof♥

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