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Name: [ Cecilia, Ceci, Nym, Xue Pin ]

Created date: [ 02.04.92 ]

Sexuality: [ Conisexual ]

Status: [ Leadur’s vampunny ]

Location: [ Argentina ]

Language: [ Spanish & English ]

IMVU: [ Ceci ]

Here for: [ Share and sale Doodle art! ]

Personality : [
Quiet. ]


      Private commission Full.

                                  Likes and Hobbies                                  

Bunnies. Cats. Puppies. Animals and trees.
             Draw and paint digital.
             Doodles in tradicional art.
             Music, alternative, rock, metal, j-rock, j-pop, k-pop, EMB.
             Comic strip, anime, manga, movies.
             Games. Skyrim. Blade and Soul.

Hobbies like to paint digitally in semi realism style, read some online books and blogs to improve my english, always watching youtube videos or streams of paint or process of my fav artists to learn something new from them.

Super spicy food (really don't dislike it's just I can bare it)
Pills.                               Hospital.          Bullying.
Promises.                      Hypocrisy.      Unnecessary drama.
                                   Little introduction                                  

Hello. After 3 years I’m back on imvu and this new gasr forum. It’s been so long that I drew an imvu request and almost forgot how fun it was. I’ve been trying to improve my semi realism since 2 years and still do it! I really enjoy this style but it take me so much time *because I spend time playing with the colors*.
 I’d like to people know more about my art and I’d love to open a custom shop here but I'm still an unknown artist.
My goal right now is to earn money doing commission because I enjoy drawing and want to live of it! But for now because I still need to pay a surgery that I had on December.

Hope you stay safe and enjoy!


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