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  1. TEXT: Ash REFERENCE PHOTOS: bunny ADDITIONAL CHARACTER INFORMATION: Since you don't do animals, you don't have to add the bunny on the top of the head, unless you're up for it~ let me know! POSE/EXPRESSION: Pose in the refs, for the expression, I'd like something that is yandere, slightly cute/creepy at the same time BACKGROUND COLOR/PATTERN: Artistic Freedom, but if you can't think of anything, the background can be any tone of blue with bunny faces perhaps? STYLE: Painted SIZE: headshot EXTRA CHARACTER: n/a
  2. aww thank you~ i'll be looking forward to it
  3. ooo cute artsu Username/Name: Ash Who you want: here or here Pose suggestion: refs Expression Suggestion: refs but artistic freedom if you'd like to change it you don't have to add the bunny in both refs if it's too much work tysm for considering
  4. Vagus


    Sooooo cuuuteee, so looking forward to the finished product
  5. okay, take your time~ I'll be looking forward to it
  6. Payment sent! though it says it won't be available until february 24th, I hope that's okay
  7. FORM Name: Ash Ref (be as specific as possible): Here Pose: In the refs! Expression: Something slightly yandere or slightly evil/cute. Background ideas: Up to you Extra: If possible, include the bunny plush that's provided (i'm willing to pay extra if necessary, just let me know), and if it looks too bland then feel free to add anything to your liking ^~^
  8. Vagus

    Wishing Well

    I wish to not make the same mistakes I made last year, and hope for a better year.
  9. Vagus


    thank you! it's no problem welcome back btw! excited to see more work of yours!
  10. Vagus


    Hey, are you still going to be doing my order because I dont see my name on the list?
  11. @fresabean that's okay! it looks good! i'm super excited to see it finished! also the lil plush is so adorable s;dglkhg
  12. That is completely fine! and the additional charge is okay with me

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