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  1. OMFG <3333 you captured this beautifully!! AGHHH I LOVE THE BUNNIES FACE omfg lowkey fangirling rn thank you so much!
  2. okok! I'll drop this in and let me know how much it'll be with the bunny plush if there's an additional charge~ I have agreed to the terms and conditions by filling out this form. Style Colored Sketch Size Bust Reference(s) Here Username Ash Extra Add the bunny plush and follow the refs. I provided a color palette for the blues and purples if you need them. if you have any questions let me know!
  3. hihi quick question! would you be willing to do add on's like a bunny plush? how much would it be for the colored sketch style?
  4. Vagus


    ~ Form ~ Text - Ash Theme - Cute w/ Bunny Refs - here or here Background - You can do something similar like the refs or you can come up with one if you'd like Music Inspo - โ™ฅ Animation - (if any): not necessary but anything that fits Comments/Extra: thank you for considering~โ™ฅ
  5. Vagus

    Wishing Well

    I wish to not make the same mistakes I made last year, and hope for a better year.
  6. woooow, that detail is amazing
  7. Vagus


    thank you! it's no problem welcome back btw! excited to see more work of yours!
  8. Vagus


    Hey, are you still going to be doing my order because I dont see my name on the list?
  9. Vagus

    โœฆ Lunar tears โœฆ | OPEN 3/5 (OPEN)

    So cute, tysm!
  10. Vagus

    โœฆ Lunar tears โœฆ | OPEN 3/5 (OPEN)

    @fresabean that's okay! it looks good! i'm super excited to see it finished! also the lil plush is so adorable s;dglkhg
  11. Vagus

    โ˜… ~Fireakra's Art Shop~ โ˜…

    That is completely fine! and the additional charge is okay with me
  12. Vagus

    โ˜… ~Fireakra's Art Shop~ โ˜…

    That's fine! How much is the cost extra for it? Before or after is fine, if you can't get to it before then that's fine I understand!
  13. Vagus

    โ˜… ~Fireakra's Art Shop~ โ˜…

    โ€ข Commission type: 90's Style, Bust โ€ข References: Here โ€ข Pose: Refs โ€ข Paypal email: autumnrokks@gmail.com โ€ขTotal Price: $22+$5??? Let me know (I'm not sure if you'd be willing to do the bunny in the refs as well, I'd be willing to pay extra for it but I'm not sure if you do small animals or how much it would cost, so let me know if you'd be willing to do that) โ€ขExtra info: i'd like to keep wips and the final product private, please For the quote, it can say "Looks can be deceiving." if possible, can I please have a version without the quote too? Let me know if any of the colors look weird or if they clash with each other because this is gonna be the first piece of this OC. I also provided a color palette if you need it (let me know if you're confused).

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