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  1. WHO IAM :


    freelance Digital illustrations artist from Indonesia who want to open commisonart in here
    so if you interested please contact me Direct Message. that it I think. 

    Rules and Information :

    1. Don't pay me until the artwork done!
    2. Please stay contact withme for prograssion update 
    3. I accept revision until client setisfied
    4. My work time max 1 week
    5. For Style 2 i make the price more expensive, because i need more time for do it
    6. I do draw Ecchi erotic stuff but no crazy stuff i need for $2 for sin :v
    7. I usually draw with A4 300dpi canvas. Ask me if you want spesific canvas.
    8. You can publish my art as long you give me credit
    9. Note or comment me by send me this form :
    Commission Type : [Style 2 / full colour and backgroud]
    Character Name : [Your character name]
    Character Reference : [Your character reference]
    Description : [Your character specific data]
    Payment : [Paypal] or [invoice] 


    Style 1


      Headshot : $5.00   
      Halfbody  : $10.00 
     Fullbody  : $15.00 


    Style 2


    Full Colour + background : $25.00

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