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oh shit, I've been spotted!

Hey there! the name is Sam, I'm 20 years old married to a marine and I've got a kitten named socket. I mostly draw abstract art or Zentangles. I'm an animal lover and a book lover. Once my husband gets his permanent duty station I plan to go back to school! for what I haven't decided but I'm leaning towards history in general.


This cute little kitten is socket! as you can see shes being halter trained.

Likes: Gore, horror, nature, painting, reading, cooking, sleeping, writing, petting dogs, petting cats, staring at birbs, crocheting, sewing, honest people, blunt people, dark humor


Dislikes: Liars, cheaters, those who are manipulative, being rushed, waking up, green beans, writers' block, cliffhangers, Pomeranians however they hate me too so it's mutual 


This dork right here is my husband, we dated for three years and then I proposed and we got married April 30th. He's my rock and he knows it. we support each other no matter how much the other might disagree with the choice and we tell each other everything. I'm mega proud of him and everything he has achieved and I would have married him if he stayed at our previous job for the rest of his life. He's the logic to my impulse and the comfort to my pain, the indie song playing with the windows down to my late night drive. The caramel sauce to my ice cream. He means a lot to me and I would pick him over anyone else again and again, but I know it will never come to that. 



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