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  1. can you bring the hairclips up to where the bottom of the bangs are, change the bottom of the sideburns to sharp without the little gaps, add an extra cross accessory on her head (she has 2) and her skirt is plaid
  2. May I take your order? Text: Lvy Refs / OC: here pose/expression: here Background: black/pink so it matches Animation: blinking Music Inspo: (optional) n/a Extra / Misc: n/a Total: (tip is optional) $14
  3. ✧ FORM ✧ Hi! ♥ Style: current style -semi flat-render Single/Couple: single OC, References: here Eye Color: in sta.sh Hair Color: in sta.sh Hairstyle: in sta.sh Expression: here Pose: check expression Background Idea: can you do a very kawaii background like a pink with blood (gurokawa style) Clothes/Accessories/Special features: in sta.sh/ make sure her nose is blushy and draw her cute but not chibi-like Text: Lvy with a lowercase l for text and Lvy for the watermark Text Color: white? Total: $12 + can you add eye sparkle? if free (don't see a price for animation)
  4. ☆Form : Details about the oc ( here , pose/expression click here ) : (body tipe (optional), hair, skin color, accessories(in sta.sh), clothes, pose, expression (in sta.sh ) ) Semi realist or Anime? : semi realist/anime (you pick) General theme : ( like: kawaii menhera, gothic lolita, gothic queen ) ( kawaii ,super cute, witch school girl vibe ) Pixel or regular art? : pixel/regular (you pick) Will have animation?(+5 usd): n/a 160x220 or 360x440? : face 160x220 Text: Lvy with a lowercase l for text and Lvy for the watermark Total: $10/$12 @raisu I am back
  5. ✦ . Sketch ● Pose & References / Oc : pose/expression / refs ● Color : black ● Extras info : I would like to see wips as i don't have finished art for this (might ask you to remove something) ● Line (thin or thick) : both? ● Bust / tights : from head to tights like the example ● Text & total payment : Lvy (not sure if you add watermark to the sketch but if you do, please write Lvy with a lowercase l for text and Lvy for the watermark) & $15 @Awshie says slots are open/empty on the first page. hope its okay to post. if not, I apologize! been stalking for a slot
  6. @Sewn would it be ok to take the available slot? been stalkingg
  7. canceling this due to inactivity + you didn't provide us with at least a wip.
  8. I just want a black background with sunlight like the image if you can!
  9. Type: 160x220 couple drawing in this style with blushy noses Text: Ivan & Jhos and another version with Ivan & Jhosy if possible BG: here Ref(s): art made as seen except their outfits would be male/female and the female's hair should be a darker brown instead.(I lost my refs hope that's okk) pose/expression: here Extra: pls show me wips and for animation floating sparkles or empty white hearts as the emoji here +$2? Total: $17

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