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  1. + ORDER TEXT : Lvy THEME : dark/girly REFERENCE : Pe frontal facing + expression EDIT EFFECT : is this the aesthetic-like effect on the examples? then yes I want lol EXTRA : she has uneven bangs that are above her eyebrows (not covering her eyebrows) TOTAL : $18 + eye twinkle
  2. ✦ TYPE ORDER: DP + blinking animation Text/watermark : Jhos / Lvy References: Penelope Pose: pose with expression Theme: dark/girly Extra note: *main details* hair is very long with uneven bangs above her eyebrows (not covering her eyebrows), has two huge buns, parted hair either to the front or back, she has a blushy nose (not over her face) black nails and reddish lipstick
  3. E G G S C U S E M E , References: penelope Background: a black background will do Pose + Expression: concept of this pose with expression holding this bat Extras: *pointing out main details* her hair is very long with uneven bangs above her eyebrows (not covering her eyebrows), has two huge buns, parted hair either to the front or back, she has blush on her nose only so pls make sure of that, and she has black nails. Text: Lvy Total : $27
  5. > References: > Outfit: > Pose: here with face expression holding head with the noodles and eyeballs (this pink) > Main Text: Jhos > Watermark Text: Lvy > Info Extra: blinking, hand movement holding chopsticks, mouth movement sipping noodles and for the background do half black and half pink (this pink) also could you give me a version with enough kb so I can use on imvu
  6. Text: one with Lvy and another with text Jhos and Lvy for watermark (for the DP crop pls) Commission type: sketch Refs: pm'd Notes: pm'd DP crop? yes PayPal e-mail: pm'd
  7. m o o n p r i s m Reference Images or Description: Pe Theme: dark and girly gal Style: Anime Pose Reference (Optional): pose and expression Text? (1): Jhos Watermark (Optional) Lvy Add-Ons (Optional): Extra Information: a dark background either black or gray or a mix of both Total: 30 @Bedlam changed package to moon prism !
  8. ♥______________________________________♥ …………………………………………………………, Style: 1 Screenies: pm'd Background color: pm'd Text: Jhos Text color: white Watermark text: Lvy Additional features: if you could show me a sketch please Bribe?: 8 Paypal e-mail : Total: 9+ bribe + eye sparkle 18.45 ♥______________________________________♥
  9. ☆Form : Details about the oc ( or not ) : pm (body tipe ( optional ), hair, skin color, accessories( optional ), clothes, pose, expression ( optional ) ) Semi realist or Anime? : semi realism General theme : ( like: kawaii menhera, gothic lolita, gothic queen ) ( Optional ) sailor moon vibe Pixel or regular art? : regular Will have animation?(+5 usd): 160x220 Background : will pm Text and Watermark : Jhos / Lvy Face to waist Price: 29

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