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  1. Premade form Premade name: My Melody! Icon Name/text: kutesy Any changes?: No its fine Price: $12
  2. http://prntscr.com/mk96g6 i transfered the credits to u on imvu http://prntscr.com/mk96sn
  3. okayy i'll send tmrrw and show u screenshot since i got the creds today it wont let me send right away
  4. is it ok if i sent imvu creds my money balance wont b enogh to prchase this beautyyy hm in creds
  5. yessssss i looove it before that i will send payment this week most likely monday 11th-14th on wednesday forsure wednesday thru paypal looove it loads
  6. i looooove it loads alreadyyy its greate even without bangs cant wait to see the full version yay
  7. aww tysm we're excited yaaaay ur artwork is lovely and amazing
  8. edit: i want her to have a pink n black choker like this: http://prntscr.com/mhod5o
  9. the pose can be however like a shy neko kitty LOL and paypal :D
  10. heeey i would like to submit a imvu dp order details: girl dp with pale skin white long hair and one eye pink the other green and twinkling eyes (animated) and blush (animated) and kitty ears with fangs on my lips and the clothing you can pick! preferably pink and black or pastel goth clothing also a kuromi plush in the background. And my imvu username is: coughe
  11. coughe

    Premade 53

    how much in credits?

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