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  1. 013 back on sale! 3 PYOC premades available.
  2. Unfortunately, that premade has been sold, I apologize!
  3. New batch of pyoc premades is up!
  4. I can put it on hold for you if you’d like!
  5. New batch of pyoc premades is up!
  6. Happy pride month everyone! Please never let bigotry and ignorance stop you from being who you are. I am here and stand with all my brothers, sisters, and peeps.
  7. Accepted! You may send payment. Will pm you for more info
  8. Thank you for your patience!
  9. Will send those images soon!
  10. Thank you for purchasing! I forgot to save the sparkled in the original file, if you'd like them I can add them in! Just let me know and thank you for purchasing
  11. Payment received! I will add text right now! You may send payment! I’ll add text right now ^^
  12. Prices on Big Art has dropped! New premade up!

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