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  1. ˚♥ Name : Ben ˚♥ References: Bust - up pose oc ˚♥ Animation?: Blinking and smirking if possible? ˚♥ Expression: Monotone ˚♥ Background?(Flat color? Or give me the refference): Up to you, what you think fits best, artistic freedom. (Dark colors) ˚♥ Text : Devorar ˚♥ Price :  120k + 9k = 129k, let me know if the price is correct! ˚♥ Tip?(optional): Of course. ˚♥ Have you read the rules? : Yes.
  2. I want some screenies! ♥name: Devorar ♥screenie(s): 05-3 06-4 ♥total: 200cr
  3. I've never introduced myself, woops. My name's Benjamin. My friends call me Ben. I'm 17 yrs old and I'm a guy. I'm also bi. I love art and meeting new people.
  4. Messy anime of me reppin my flag;
  5. LOL, thank you sm ❤️ both of you
  6. Would anyone be able to put the trans overlay on this? Also, Happy Pride to everyone!
  7. hi bb that looks so good HHHH LMAO, omg, i have my form ready the pressure is real???
  8. can't wait to snatch up a lot bb
  9. payment proof by SPIDERWEBS payment proof by Devorar tysm btw , do we get a version with the main text as SPIDERWEBS (bryce) and Devorar (Ben) ?
  10. OOF, I LOVE THEM SMMMM sending payments with note (they're gonna be split bc SPIDERWEBS is sending you half and I'm send you halff)
  11. could you make Devorar look a bit more masculine? other than that, no changes!
  12. tysm can't wait 2 c what u come up wit!!! and LOLOL
  13. im not addicted i swear form type: couple references/oc: Devorar/Ben & Bryce/SPIDERWEBS text(s): one with Devorar and SPIDERWEBS as text n watermark and another one with Devorar and SPIDERWEBS as water mark and Ben (Devorar) and Bryce (SPIDERWEBS) as text background: what u think is best additional info: pose with SPIDERWEBS as the smaller male (same expressions) n can you draw Devorar with his hair down? price: 26sgd i think?

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