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  1. Accepted! Will send a wip once I start
  2. Thank you for ordering! @Scouts
  3. @Scouts If everything looks good you may send payment @Zalila I apologize for the messy wip but let me know if I'm missing anything!
  4. Accepted! Will get a wip to you soon
  5. Let me know how this looks! I apologize for the delay
  6. Accepted! I will send a wip soon
  7. Happy pride month everyone! Please never let bigotry and ignorance stop you from being who you are. I am here and stand with all my brothers, sisters, and peeps.
  8. 25% off for the month of pride! New prices are listed with the sale. Open!
  9. ABOUT Hi! My name is Benjamin but I go by Ben. I'm 17 years old and currently in high school. Welcome to my Shop! RULES ALL GASR RULES APPLY! Don't be rude. Please be patient, don't rush me. Do not trace/alter/or sell art given. Provide screenies with a shadowless background! Please provide clear and organized refs! Only up to 2 texts, please. PAYMENT Please only send payment after I am done with your order. Paypal: scriiz12@gmail or < Click here Please send as goods and services with no shipping address! DP EDITS Prices: $10 *SALE: $7.50* First animation is free! Any other animations will be an extra cost. EXPERIMENTAL Prices: Singles: $6 *SALE: $4.50* Couples: $12 *SALE: $9* *This style gives me freedom to play around with my style* BIG ART (480 x 660) Prices: Singles: $16 *SALE: $14* Couples: $24 *SALE: $18* Comes with DP crop! *Click images for Big Art* Form ➤ Pose: ➤ Price: ➤ Text: ➤ Watermark: ➤ Background: ➤ Refs/Screenie: ➤ Type (Edit/Experimental/Big Art):
  10. Accepted! You may send payment. Will pm you for more info
  11. Thank you for your patience!
  12. Will send those images soon!
  13. Thank you for purchasing! I forgot to save the sparkled in the original file, if you'd like them I can add them in! Just let me know and thank you for purchasing

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