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  1. ( ♡ NEW Premade ♡ )

    What's so funny? 


    Available in my premade shop!

  2. ( ♡ NEW Premade ♡ ) What's so funny? [ $10 USD / 20k cr. ] What's so funny? [ $10 USD / 20k cr. ]
  3. WIP > Rando_anime_girl.jpeg (*Plus some little ghostie buds)
  4. @Foxity hii~ acceptedd c: pls PM me with proof of payment pls c:
  5. @food Thank you so much for ordering! Sta.sh link sent via PM
  6. @food One last WIP pls let me know if I can go ahead with the saving of many files or if you want me to change something (:
  7. @food WIP :> Let me know of any changes or if I'm missing something ^-^
  8. @Max hm, well it'd depend on the details of the character. ♥ but if a pretty simple detailed type like the one shown above, it'd be the lowest amount. But yeah, mostly just depends on details c:
  9. @food omgg Thank youuu!! Of course you is accepted !! Will send invoice soon ♥

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