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  1. It's really beautiful - you do not have to add anything 🌞
  2. No no, that sounds perfect to me!
  3. I like it very much, I am not sure if the eyes are green or not - but I would really prefer if they were. Otherwise you can do pretty much whatever you wish =)
  4. So sorry, i haven't been answering ... I was on vacation. But it looks really nice! I am very satisfied :D
  5. https://gyazo.com/b8f876b550b3ffcc97c909a2ae8faef2 - thank you!
  6. Is it possible for you to send me an invoice? At c_stroland@hotmail.com. Thank you!
  7. How much is it going to be totally? =)
  8. It looks so good, really looking forward to it! =)
  9. Ceqn

    Spring Eladrin

    This is really speciel!
  10. Ceqn


    I need to buy some of your artwork one day!
  11. ohhh, really amazing artwork
  12. ♡ Form ♡ Text: Cecilie (please in the same front as your current profile picture) Detailed or Sketchy?: Detailed References: fallen angel (something like this) Extra notes: Animation (blinking eyes) Total price: (head shot) 26 USD + animation THANK YOU
  13. Ohhh noo!!! I was on vacation and did not see the open slots. - I would like to be tagged again next time! And good luck with your computer issues.

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