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  1. yawo

    [FULL] Hima's Drawing (Avipic Edits)

    oofies oof try this
  2. I know, Just wanted to put my order in for the waiting list uwu. <3
  3. yawo

    🌻 ter-indah • 4/4

    Single [ x ] Couple [ ] DP size [ 160 x 220 ] Bigger size [ ] References: clickie or clicky or clickye ( Choose ) ( some are the same but it whichever you can draw uwu ) Pose: Laying on the bed style Background: Bedroom Theme/Style: Kawaii Animation: Cat Ears, Shine + Blink, and an expression change Additional info: Blushing to Smiling Text: (Maya) and (yawo) Price: Tell me
  4. Name: Maya Ref (be as specific as possible): ♥ Pose: ^ Expression: Blushing( if you can do expression changes bored to blushing) Background ideas Ref Extra: Animated ears? Shine on the eyes btw ^-^
  5. yawo

    [FULL] Hima's Drawing (Avipic Edits)

    Screenies: ♥ Background: Be Creative Extra: Make the cat ears real, please and feel free on making a different pose Animation: Both and I'll pay extra if the cat ears are animated too uwu Text: Maya Price: Tell me because of my request!
  6. Which part?
  7. I want: Dp Size Drawing Text: Maya Watermark: yawo Refs/oc: ♥ Background: ^ ( Moving Clouds ) Additional note: Animated ears expression change: bored to happy Price: $26
  8. http://prntscr.com/megggh Payment sent! Thanks btw ♥
  9. Premade name: Celestial's best friend. Text: Maya Payment method: paypal uwu ♥
  10. yawo

    help me

    Form: OC/References: https://imgur.com/a/0cfthVX & https://imgur.com/a/OqmDkSE Text: Maya Extra: Freedom uwu
  11. 💚 Text : yawo and JAUP 💚 Style: kawaii(girl) and gothic(boy) 💚 Hair: https://imgur.com/VB6t3vz 💚 Eyes: ^ 💚 Lips: ^ 💚 Add ons : Plushie bunny and blinking 💚 Extra details: me just holding the plushie 💚 Music (for inspiration): Peek-A-Boo - Red Velvet 💚 Payment: credits/ 14k i think
  12. yawo

    ○ Boogies! 4/5 ○

    Single/Couple: Couple Text/watermark: yawo and JAUP Refs (Sta.sh): peace sign for the girl and just the boy hugging her ( Don't have stash sowwy ) Additional info: Make the guy gothic pls Background idea: freedom ♥ Price: 8k Thanks Chu! ^w^

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