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  1. 🌙 月 T S U K I ● Customs ● 0/2

    Good luck. Don't die. U got this
  2. Martinus' Pre-premade shop. [5 available]

    Imma end up giving you all my money xD
  3. Martinus' Pre-premade shop. [5 available]

    @MartinusHope you dont mind me buying two of them at once /.\ PREMADE NAME: Divine YOUR NAME: Windows (gift for him) PRICE: 40 PREMADE NAME: Solaria YOUR NAME: Star PRICE: 38 I would hate myself if I didnt get her.
  4. ⚓ ░ s e a s • t h e • d a y ░ ⚓

    Will make this look pretty L8r Im Kaddy's lil helper! I'll be accepting forms and answering questions and what not.
  5. [2018] Lunar New Year Celebration

    Ahh this is so great <3 Thank you <3 <3 <3
  6. [2018] Zodiac Celebration

    Oh! I meant if we both worked on one piece with our ocs/Zodiacs interacting with each other xDD But its fine if theres no collaborating thank you for getting back to me <3
  7. [2018] Zodiac Celebration

    is it possible to collab w/ someone??
  8. Work In Progress

    working on a character design. need to fix tht arm
  9. New GASR Moderators!!!

    Congrats you guys!! <3
  10. LiveStreams

  11. Got them Thank youuu~ <3 <3
  12. Alright >.< BUT OMG yay!! Can't wait!! Finally got a premade from you!!! Tan Elf Babe too!! You have no idea how happy I am rn!
  13. https://prnt.sc/hxpkse >> AH SO MANY ERRORS GOT TOO EXCITED. watermark please be StarBooty :3 Can the Clothes Match the rose's Leaf *color? like the white part? (i can send more since i didnt realize they were two separate things LMAO) And for the hair this color please http://prntscr.com/hxpmru
  14. *:・゚✧ WANT SOME~ ✧・゚:* Premade: elf ladeh Text: Star Watermark text: (can be left blank) Color changes? (pls provide color ref) Hair clothes will send Total:$40 I HAVE A HUGE DAY COMING UP BUT ILL BE DAMNED IF I MISS ANOTHER ELF OF YOURS

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