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  1. [Poll] Keep shops together or separate?

    Holy cow!~ I didn't read this first and didn't realize the Custom area had changed. When I started to look into it, I loved it! I was a little scared about breaking things down at first, but still voted for it.. because you never know. Now that they are changed, it looks so much better this way. It's so cute to have all the sub-categories. Plus the new built in tags.. maybe that's not so new.. but that's really nice.
  2. Moderator Applications are OPEN!

    Good luck to everyone!~
  3. tumblr_maxtv6HdDv1qlj4up.gif Happy Halloween Everyone!~ tumblr_maxtv6HdDv1qlj4up.gif




  4. I'm way too excited for Halloween.

    Halloween booties fo every booty *^*


    1. Lydi


      Can't wait to see more of these!!! ?

    2. Luxure
  5. Dat hot babeee



    1. Luxure


      ily tho  :droolymad:


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