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  1. Feelings Thread

    Such a trying couple of days... Leaving the house two hours in advance still isn't good enough to find parking at this freaking university. Considering it's a primarily commuter school, they should probably be thinking more about building a new parking structure to deal with the parking problem here, rather than a brand new bowling alley that no one asked for or needed. And then I go from there to work, where people seem to think that they're better than me because they're buying the expensive brand while I'm working for the expensive brand. Like... I'm wearing $100 yoga pants too?? My employee discount doesn't mean I waltz in and get them for free. It means that I work like a dog and deal with the worst kinds of people at their angriest at the end of my exhausting 9 hour shift, and discounts on yoga pants is how we're rewarded for that. Also people need to stop calling their art "trash" and "junk". Just because you don't feel like it's as good as someone else doesn't mean that you didn't put time and effort into it. Stop calling it trash. /end rant
  2. @Sexologist - Alright, you’re added to the list then!
  3. @Sexologist - So I don't usually do transparent backgrounds for DP sized art because the 160x220 canvas doesn't allow room for a full outline and some sides would be cut off. So it's up to you whether you still want a transparent background or just a plain color one. If that's okay, then accepted!

    SKETCH FORM Text; Yasmin OC/Refs; dis Colour; grey or blue? Price; $5
  5. @Territory - I received it, thank you! I'm doing the animation now, so I will pm it to you as soon as it's done.
  6. @Territory - Hope you like it! If everything looks good and there are no changes, you can go ahead and send the payment via paypal to yghalamb@gmail.com, and I will send you the animated version with the blinking.
  7. Closed | Free OuO shop | Closed

    Form: Refs: This or This Text: Yasmin thank you!
  8. big art

    @NoveIIia - Sorry that took so long... I also couldn't get the timelapse right, so hopefully its okay that I don't have one.
  9. This is will close in 48hrs

    Form Character(s): Mousey Reference(s): ^ Objects (Up to three): Just the minnie mouse ears in the refs Other:
  10. brain fart (full no more posts please. working SLOW)

    I high key thought this shop had been forgotten... but I guess it's back... I'll be honest you guys, no promises that I'll do a whole lot of orders. I was actually gonna open up a paid shop for these soon. But I guess I'll look through some of these orders when I have free time tomorrow.
  11. big art

    @NoveIIia - Here you go! I’ll get you the timelapse and do crops later today
  12. big art

    @NoveIIia Here is a WIP bc I’m not going to finish it today but I want to prove that I didn’t forget about this shop
  13. Fullody/Halfbody | OPEN | Unlimited slots

    OCs: Dis or dis text: Yasmin thank you! Your art is very nice!

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