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  1. Happy Valentine's Day Mattie ♥



  2. -Big art includes a dp BIG ART FORM Commission type: Halfbody References: Taynl/Silvari Art Examples Silvari General Look Her Outfit - Hair down and very Wavy Pls Taynl's General Info and Look Pose: 1st or 3rd Kissy Pose Ideas Expression: His hard but soft, and hers a bit sad. Personality: Silvari - Cold, standoffish, known as an Ice Princess {accept to him}. Taynl - poised, smart, sometimes a jokester. Extra information/specifications: No circlets are needed, but I think everything is in the information provided. If you need anything else I'd be happy to answer said questions. Total price: 55$ PayPal e-mail: mydecember21@yahoo.com Text: Taynl & Silvari Animations: N/A . . . . . . . . . . -Big art includes a dp BIG ART FORM Commission type: Halfbody References: Would like to send this private if that's okay? Poses: x x x - Looking more forward the pose really is open on this one tbh. I would like however to be able to keep the front of her chest/outfit open so you can see it better. Expression: Calm, docile, maybe a bit sad. Personality: Astrid is dedicated to her studies of her craft. She finds herself having little to no time with much of anything, or anyone for that matter. In truth she's a bit lonely, but doesn't show that for one moment to anyone. Extra information/specifications: Everything will be in the sta.sh PayPal e-mail: mydecember21@yahoo.com Text: Astrid Animations: N/A . . . . . . . . . .
  3. Eye Candy ♥

    @Ren !!!! I'm excited to see her painted in a different style Thank you for accepting.
  4. Eye Candy ♥

    What are you Ordering?: Waist-Up DP Text: Astrid Gender: Female Hair Reference(Style and Color): In Sta.sh Eye Color: Ice Blue Skin Reference/s: In Sta.sh Clothing Reference/s: In Sta.sh Accessories: In Sta.sh Extra: If you need me to send her link again I will. Honestly I have no idea on pose but I’d like to be able to see her outfit a bit more as well as her right palm so you can see her tattoo. The weapon does not have to be included this time.
  5. @Sublime I'm sorry to hear about your tablet, however I'm still fully interested. The work is still gorgeous.
  6. Dead by Daylight [5$ Art] ANNOUNCEMENT PG 11

    MY mistake I didn’t realize they had another shop.
  7. Dead by Daylight [5$ Art] ANNOUNCEMENT PG 11

    Oc/Scrennie: ? Name: Silvari Personality: She’s standoffish and sometimes brutal with truth. She’s known for being an Ice Princess. Size: Fullbody Extra: It's all there I think. Thank you for the consideration. ? Oc/Scrennie: ? Outfit Name: Kasmirra Size: Fullbody Personality: She’s soft, delicate, and charming. Extra: Thank you for the consideration. ? Oc/Scrennie: ? Name: Kiri Size: Fullbody Personality: Poised, elegant, and powerful. Extra: You can take her down a notch if you would like, by removing the wings and not including the weapon or Fira {Her companion}. Thank you for the consideration. ? Oc/Scrennie: ? Name: Eclipsa Size: Fullbody Personality: Coy. Selfish, and unpredictable. Extra: I'd like to have her in human form please. Thank you for the consideration. ? Oc/Scrennie: ? Name: Keilani Size: Fullbody Personality: Innocent, docile, and mythical. Extra: So, I don't have a human form for her yet, however I'd like to see you maybe take a stab at it if your comfortable enough? Her suit would be a one piece bathing suit and overall would kind of be like Eclipsa's overall look. If you'd like me to put together like a small reference sta.sh for it I can certainly do that. Once more, she doesn't have to have the wings or the horn nor the weapon and companion. Thank you for the consideration. ?
  8. >Shades< (TEMP CLOSED)

    @Calastia omg she’s gorgeous! Payment has been sent with note ❤️! Thank you so much again. I can’t wait to order from you again.
  9. >Shades< (TEMP CLOSED)

    @Calastia I’m so sorry about the image being small! However, the image is broken that you sent so I can’t see the finished work :/. I’ll be sending payment shortly.
  10. UHHHHHHHH | 2/5 | pu grit, jojoya

    refs/description: Baes text: Taynl & Silvari I’m a weak soul and luv you pls. ??
  11. UHHHHHHHH | 2/5 | pu grit, jojoya

    @Monolime Lol! Omg I get what you mean I helped my significant other move out of his apartment and almost died bringing them down a bunch of steps. And god I love your art! ? You captured them sooo perfectly I’m amazed at how absolutely beautiful they are qwq. Thank you again soooo much! Payment w/note was sent.
  12. >Shades< (TEMP CLOSED)

    @Calastia omg! That looks gorgeous! I love thepose and her expression is spot on. Thank you soooo much I honestly have no complaints.
  13. UHHHHHHHH | 2/5 | pu grit, jojoya

    @Monolime Welcome Back! I hope it was a smooth move? As for the art ty for accepting of course! ? Height thing is perfectly fine.
  14. >Shades< (TEMP CLOSED)

    @Calastia That sounds amazing thank you for accepting! Ik what you mean though about bed lol! It’s 1am here. I was getting ready for bed when I saw your shop and waited till you posted the form so I could. I’m glad I waited though. Sleep well!

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