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  1. Xstasi

    ⚡ L I G H T N I N G ⚡ customs OPENED!

    @Lightning Thank you sweetie! Pm Sent. ♥
  2. Xstasi

    ⚡ L I G H T N I N G ⚡ customs OPENED!

    •Style: 3 •Type: Full Body •References: PM these pls •Text: Elizabetta •Watermark: Seilah •Animation: Doesn't need to be animated. ♥ •Extras: Can discuss in PM if that's okay. - Thank you for the consideration ♥
  3. Xstasi

    Y0UI's Premade (1) l CHRISTMAS SALE

    PREMADE NAME: Hebrew & Gabriel TEXT: Xstasi & Xypher PAYPAL ADRESS: Will PM pls. ♥ And thank you love ♥
  4. Xstasi

    Y0UI's Premade (1) l CHRISTMAS SALE

    @Y0UI - On this would we be able to actually remove the horns on her too and maybe add the horns on him and could we PM the ref info?
  5. Xstasi


    @Ren These are amazing! I'm really feeling Earth and Mercury, so gorgeous.
  6. Xstasi


    @princepol Nothing like feeling young again with being in the presence of your old bed.
  7. Xstasi


    @princepol !!!! I'm so happy that your going to be able to take a break so you can enjoy yourself! Please have an amazing time as it sounds very relaxing, and please get some sun for me, as I lacked getting that myself this year with it being way to hot.
  8. Xstasi


    @Mint Screamssss!! Awe, everything is coming out absolutely perfect so far! I'm soooo happy ♥ . There is a couple things I hope you don't mind adding/tweaking? One the first one could you add a couple cherry blossom petals floating around? I don't know if that's something you have to do now or do at the end. Pls forgive me if I'm off here q-q ♥♥♥ And on the last one, could you actually lighten his hair quite a bit to a more pale blonde? Other than that everything looks absolutely perfect and amazing. Ty again love. ♥
  9. Xstasi

    ★ ~Fireakra's Art Shop~ ★

    @FireAkra Mi Amore! ♥ I'm am so glad to be back and thank you for such a warm welcome back! I am sending over the PM right now. Thank you for always being so open and humble. ♥♥♥
  10. Xstasi

    ★ ~Fireakra's Art Shop~ ★

    @FireAkra Hello Bby! I'm back, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I have a commission that I'm getting for a group of Palo's and it's going to be for xmas! ♥ WL request of course. • Commission type: Flat Color - Full Bodies • References: Will Send Via PM • Pose: Pose • Paypal email: JennOHayre@gmail.com •Total Price: 200$ I believe, however I'd like to do the 50% now then 50% later if that's okay. ♥ •Extra info: So, for the background I'd like there to be a star type of theme to it, and under their feet "The Daydreamer's Club" written there.
  11. Xstasi


    @princepol - !!!!!!!!! FAN GIRL SCREAM OMG!!!! She's soooo beautiful and breathtaking I really just cannot q-q I'm dying here. ♥ I just love her and really cannot thank you enough! I love the details in her outfit and even that very gentle stare she has. You've truly made her come to life Bam Bam and I am just in awe at her features. I think my favorite part about her has to be that you put your own special touches on her and that's what makes her that much more amazing. ♥ Thank you so much again, and I can't wait to get another gorgeous piece from you! ♥♥♥ PS - Payment with note has been sent. qwq ♥
  12. Xstasi


    @princepol - !!!!! SCREAMING SOOOOO HARD OMG!!!! I'm really loving her pose and she's sooo beautiful and precious! I'm absolutely excited and happy so far! ♥ Edit : Odd question time! Would it be okay to post another order in or is it one at a time per customer? ♥
  13. Xstasi


  14. Xstasi


    @princepol - That premade is absolutely dreamy and gorgeous. q-q //melts away ♥

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