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About Opheliac

  • Birthday 05/12/1994


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  1. Opheliac

    ✧ M A G I C ✦ S H O P ✧ 4 ✧

    Happy birthday!! & Moon Power turned out gorgeous
  2. Opheliac

    ✧ M A G I C ✦ S H O P ✧ 4 ✧

    Ahh, all of these new premades are soo pretty!
  3. Opheliac

    Alex'sart [open]

    Your art is so lovely! Do you have any couple examples and how much are they?
  4. That wip is so adorable!
  5. Opheliac

    ♡ Panties ♡ [closed] working on art

    Thank you so so much, it's beautiful!
  6. So sorry to hear about your cats. It's super sweet that you decided to make DPs of them, always looking forward to see more of your beautiful art!
  7. Opheliac

    ♡ Panties ♡ [closed] working on art

    Ahh, she's perfect! Payment sent!
  8. Opheliac

    Mey's Premades!♥ [0]

    Yay for the new shop! That Bubbles premade is adorable.
  9. Happy to see that you're back! Will try to snatch a slot once you open again.
  10. Opheliac

    --++ Rock's Custom Shop ++ Slot 0/3 ++--

    Your art is so beautiful! Will you be doing couples in the future?
  11. Oh my gosh, that new one is so pretty.
  12. Opheliac

    ♡ Panties ♡ [closed] working on art

    Thank you! Super excited to finally get a DP from you.
  13. Opheliac

    ♡ Panties ♡ [closed] working on art

    anime bby pls half body/bust: Bust refs/oc: Clicku. animation(?): No thank you! extra(?): N/A price: $25 text: Nymfe watermark: Nymfe password: Kittens
  14. @Meru Love that you're doing so many movies! I'd also love to see a DP from When Marnie Was There. And that chibi is adorable!
  15. All of those wips looks super cute! Keep up the good work!

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