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Graphic Arts Services & Requests
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  1. ✦ M I X X ✦ 0 ✦

    They're gorgeous Excited to see the rest!
  2. Name: Nymfe Style: Anime fully shaded References: All here! Details: I basically want her expression to be a bit cheeky, feel free to change it up a bit!
  3. ♡ bubblegum ♡ // full

    @Kamlin It's perfect! Thank you so much!
  4. ♡ bubblegum ♡ // full

    @Kamlin I love it! She looks stunning.
  5. ♡ bubblegum ♡ // full

    @Kamlin Payment sent!
  6. ⛪✝✙✝ Pet Sematary ✝✙✝⛪ 0

    Oh my gosh, Fluorite is GORGEOUS.
  7. ♡ bubblegum ♡ // full

    @Kamlin Haha, no worries! Do you want me to send payment now?
  8. ♡ bubblegum ♡ // full

    @Kamlin She looks lovely so far! Oh, I thought you got one free animation with the bribe order, did I misunderstand?
  9. ♡ bubblegum ♡ // full

    I am ordering: Style 1 Bribe?: Yes OC/Character References: All here! Pose + Expression: In the refs. Text: Nymfe, handwritten. Extra Info: Smirking animation, please! Price: $16

    That WIP is stunning! Amazing artwork.
  11. [ ♥ ] E N A M O R E D ★

    She looks adorable. Hope i'll be able to snatch one of your pieces one day!
  12. LIV* { a goal shop }

    No worries at all! Take all the time you need.
  13. LIV* { a goal shop }

    Oh my, she looks super cute!
  14. LIV* { a goal shop }

    Thank you for accepting! I'm excited to see how it turns out.
  15. LIV* { a goal shop }

    FORM. [references]: (i accept stashes, but please be specific if you want something specific) Click. [paypal e-mail]: (for invoices that i will send to you): Free? [overall feel]: N/A [bust-up/headshot?]: Bust up. [extras]: Congrats with the new shop! Your artwork looks lovely. [do you give me permission to post it elsewhere?]: Yes.

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