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  1. Sier

    Poetry anyone?

    Vile Fallen into the pit of snakes; the stench of venom scorching nostrils- piled, long forgotten memoirs suffocate skewered flesh rotted together manged and muted as if sewn shut lips- sh... here she comes; the one who festers the motherly queen we share all divine with not worshiped at the moon as it illuminates but; in the creases of our hearts and in the night of my minds fester she comes; the Lady of Night festering in her home of the vile S-
  2. Sier


    Pretty boy ♥
  3. Sier


    Ooooh ugn I love your work
  4. Sier

    Miss Me in the New Year

    Serenity Peace for the depth of mind Acceptance of all that comes a way Not to force the flow of water; another way To use the logic and let the blood stream Go through all the vessels Exhaustions settles of course! Peace of mind for this year alone Before the time comes where I need to go -
  5. Sier

    Christmas Charity Dp for Vee

    Oooo this is nice 👌👌👌
  6. Sier

    Betheny & Selena

    For a friendship;relationship with two separate DPs this is adorable.
  7. Sier

    Chao Garden | TEMP CLOSED

    I will buy art from you.
  8. Happy New Years! :llwow:


    Enjoy your nights and be safe too!

  9. Sier

    post some quotes

    "I am; ravaged, but spirited. Damaged but still deserving." Personal "Do not go gentle into that goodnight! Rage, rage, rage against the dying light." Dylan Thomas "The death of a beautiful woman is; unquestionably, the most poetical topic in the world." Edgar Allan Poe
  10. Sier

    For @Dykz

    The posture on the other lady and both are actually really well put together; this is nice.
  11. Sier

    3$ sketches/ temp shop

  12. Sier

    3$ sketches/ temp shop

    Could I ask for one thing? Her eyes to sort of match up. Fjdldnd LEMME SEND PAYMENT
  13. Sier


    The hair; skin looks delicate and realistic to the touch. Beautifully drawn.

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