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  1. Happy Pride Month ♥ Your heart is brave and my arms will always welcome you, wholly.
  2. References: Linku Text: One with Sanctify and One with Sier please Style: Goth Regular or couple; Regular ♥ Animation: Blinking eyes and smirk;smile Background idea: Dark forest or black candles Extra; Could this be really close up, like portrait kind? And the the fur jacket to be off shoulder and be black ;_; Tried to find something facing forward for the pose bit but, couldn't find anything.. Total: 6$? ♥
  3. Sier


    Going in with my bad boy, DMC 5 ♥ Only wished it had came out before the wreck of DmC < But! Learnt from mistakes ♥
  4. Sier


    I really love this.
  5. Sier

    TheElf - Baby

    Ung this is beautiful to me.
  6. Sier


    Such an aesthetic gosh.
  7. Was extremely extremely nervous to send this in, I'm not a artist at all but attempted to do this. It's unfinished because I'm inexperienced with shading and all that jazz. That's also supposed to be a tiger.. Aaah. Forgive me, hope this is enough. Now time for me to hide. Oh yeah before I forget. Year of the tiger; eye of the tiger woooooo. 1998
  8. Sier


    Everytime I log in this is like a piece of candy for my eyes. The colour scheme, those brush strokes to even the theme you went with. mmn mnn mnn
  9. Wow.. I really like the first new works, the red girl art a lot. Good luck on your shop, I'm bound to coming back and ordering. ♥

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