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About Me



Hi there and welcome to my GASR profile.

My GASR name is Bitter but my real name is Taylor.

About me:

I am completely obsessed with buying artwork, my main focus being badges and display pictures.

If you would like to know more just send me a message :bfsweat:



Hi there ! Slaytanic is my IMVU username.

About me:

I can never decide what outfit i want to wear, its a complete toss up between grungy goth and pink barbie doll.

I am almost always in NSFW clothing, so if you are under the legal age or uncomfortable, please do not add me or seek me out.

Otherwise feel free to add me ! i also have a few chat rooms you are welcome any time.



delicious-yellow.regular (7).png

Hi there ! My Real name is Taylor.

About me: 

Im 22 and an Apprentice Chef first year.

I have a cat named Yuki and a dog named Bella, both are little turds but i love them.

I live in Tasmania, Australia.



Hi there ! here you can find my social links.

IMVU : Slaytanic

Discord : Milky#5102

Discord group : NA

Facebook : NA

Instagram : Slaytanic.vu

Deviant art : AgnosticBirdy

Kik : VenaBishop

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