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  1. Bitter

    What is this? (OPEN)

    Sorry about that, I’ll send you another reference through pm since it’s a little nsfw for the harness
  2. Sorry that took forever, sta.sh for I like Christmas http://sta.sh/214hmrcr428f?edit=1
  3. Edit - can I claim I really like Christmas please? I’ll just put a sta.sh together for you again
  4. ITS BEAUTIFUL!! thank you so much for the eye sparkle I love it !
  5. @Kenny @AHNYE @Citrus @Amy @Sin @Robin @Hannah @Unicorns @Clue_art hello lovely people ! Thank you so much for your interest in my OCs! Im currently a little full right now ( I have orders outside the shop) but I would love some art form all of you, so if it’s okay I’d like to contact you again once I have some space open (and more money) 😂 if anyone one has any feedback about my OCs or how to make them Better please let me know ! 💖
  6. So pretty! No the shading is good :) I didn’t think about eye makeup but the shading you have done actually looks really nice so I like it the way it is for the eyes :3 no other changes !
  7. @kupk3k your artwork is beautiful I’d love to order a semi realism off you for my OC Meruna. I’ll make a quick form for you. OC : Meruna Text : Taylor Watermark : Dommina Animation : glowing candle frame Pose : your choice - whatever you are most comfortable with I also require at least one WIP before completion and payment is sent. If you need any more information please don’t hesitate to contact me :)
  8. I love it ! You can send the invoice :)
  9. I’m just leaving work, i will reply to everyone when I get home 💖
  10. Bitter

    ❂ Curiosity Shop ❂ [4] ✧✧ XMAS DP ✧✧

    Name: Bloodbath text: Taylor price: 30.00
  11. Bitter

    ☽ Devil Side ☾ slots open ✰

    It’s beautiful!

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