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  1. LadyRaven

    사라 [3]

    i want the devil angel!!!
  2. i wanna order from you again... but wallet is lookin... kinda empty atm...
  3. LadyRaven

    [♡] 사라 - Customs ♡

    paid and sent you a pm, proof is in pm (sent you two pms.) thank you so much for your patience and understanding! maybe also take out the princess crown hearts (they are so uber cute!!!) to have room for the wings and animation
  4. hope you're feeling better!! -hugz-
  5. LadyRaven

    [♡] 사라 - Customs ♡

    I love it!!! Thankies muchos!!! could you pls add more heartz tho, make the tears animated? stars, small wings on halo also animated. thankiez ^^
  6. LadyRaven

    IRL Photos

    @Aiye your gorgie!! same... butt in my case... I look... like fr ugly camelbuttlips with demon eyes. O.O
  7. LadyRaven

    [♡] 사라 - Customs ♡

    price is agreeable. ty for accepting p.s. I fixed the linkies... I hope... lemme kno if they not workin!
  8. LadyRaven

    [♡] 사라 - Customs ♡

    ☆ Form ☆ ♡ Username; LadyRaven ♡ Buying for; LadyRaven ♡ Refs; crybaby blocks, crybaby tears ♡ Colors; baby pink, glitter, white (cute kawaiii baby) ♡ Extras; ((i too love your abc blocks, would like to have "crybaby" blocks, pacifier, hearts, princess tiara, angel halo, baby pink sippy cup, bow(s)) ♡ Animation (y/n); up to you (plz) ♡ Text on icon; LadyRaven (crybaby tears on either side of text/name) ♡ Credits or PayPal; pp ♡ Email; will pm
  9. clicky
  10. she's perfect, no changes. sent you another pm. im ready to pay. just need your email.
  11. its perfect!!! No changes. Pls pm me with your email. ((that way i can select "paying for service" and "no address needed"
  12. purrfect!! thankies so muchos!! oki.
  13. will you please put a golden hue behind the raven so we can see it better? thankies. banner too pls? no other changes..
  14. LadyRaven

    im watching you sleep tonight+WIP

    Text: LadyRaven OC(s): angelic evil Extra(s): half angel/half devil

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