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  1. LadyRaven

    baby unicorn

  2. hope you're feeling better!! -hugz-
  3. LadyRaven

    IRL Photos

    @Aiye your gorgie!! same... butt in my case... I look... like fr ugly camelbuttlips with demon eyes. O.O
  4. its perfect!!! No changes. Pls pm me with your email. ((that way i can select "paying for service" and "no address needed"
  5. purrfect!! thankies so muchos!! oki.
  6. will you please put a golden hue behind the raven so we can see it better? thankies. banner too pls? no other changes..
  7. Text: LadyRaven OC(s): angelic evil Extra(s): half angel/half devil
  8. thankiez so muchos!!! I loverz it!!! will stalk you to your (shop/s)
  9. @DeadBot will you plz add "New Breeds" in big text, and under it in smaller text "Wolf Pack" and "IMVU" thankiez!!! If not I can do it. ^^ oki, thankiez, so muchos!! Her IMVU is Kerry. ^^
  10. i'd like this for a friend, Kerry. she has a thing for aliens... she has a tile already
  11. FORM Name For The Order: LadyRaven What Are You Ordering? Dev bundle References (minimum of 3 links): border, background, text + bird Total Due: $3 File Type Needed: PSD Email for Files / Invoice:๏ปฟ will pm

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