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About Katnipxo

  • Birthday 10/22/1993

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About Me





|Kat|24|USA|Central Time Zone|


My name is Kat, or Katnipxo as I am known on GASR

I have a beautiful 3 year old daughter who is my world.

I enjoy playing video games and Netflix binge watching.


Feel free to message me anytime! 

I love to talk

Image result for me and mr wolf transparent







f51e12c0a5489375ee54a662aa228fea-d5pr3qq.png.a6fd93a2d6c05fe1e50f39227a088c21.pngRainy Days

My Main OC's

By LLEmpty by KatnipxoBy HIT0SHI by Katnipxo1918245024_Katavatar1160x220byOlchaS.jpg.fb2a8dfa856bf2ca159f569b83c7e54a.jpg

     Eira                                       Ophelia                                       Sabien





About Us

GASR (Graphic Arts Services & Requests) is a creative home for buying, selling, trading, and requesting goods and services focused around all the various types of art.  GASR is open for anyone to join, regardless of skill level or craft.  Whether you want to offer your services, commission an artist for a project, improve your current skill set with our available resources, or share your own creations and make friends with others who share the same interests, GASR has something to offer everyone.


Graphic Arts:  Any form of visual artistic expression.  (e.g. traditional and digital painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, graphic design, etc.)


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