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  1. WELCOME TO MY SHOP! Thank you to Fervent for this table! Feel free to ask any questions about my shop. General rules apply. PAYPAL: https://www.paypal.me/imvudykz Support my premade shop! Support my custom shop! Status guide (kinda lame but idk how to do these LOL): <3 = Accepted !! = Sketched CURRENT SLOTS: -Sassing <3 -Alxi <3 -Playtime <3 WAITING LIST: - Whew -Faniteh - EXAMPLES "Chibi Style" "Normal style" "Full art" PRICING **I require payment after posting a WIP of your art, just to make sure it comes out the way you want** (note animation pricing below) CHIBI DRAWING (320x440) $15.00 (if animals/couples are involved the price will vary) (NORMAL) DP SIZED DRAWING (160x220): - $15.00 for single, $25.00 for couple/animal- FULL SIZED DRAWING (320x440): -$30.00- If you want me to try and do a bigger canvas, price will be higher. I am currently comfortable w/320x440, but feel free to ask. Animations are $1.00 per animation. Eye sparkles are free, because I believe they are a must. Please let me know if you are using this DP on IMVU, so I can give you a reduced KB version of the GIF.   FORM TO ORDER A CUSTOM FROM ME: TEXT: STYLE (CHIBI/NORMAL/FULL): REFERENCES/OC/SCREENS: SPECIFICS (THINGS ABOUT YOUR CHARACTER YOU WANT THEM TO HAVE, NO EXCEPTIONS): ANIMATIONS (EYE SPARKLE IS FREE): ANYTHING ELSE?: **THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT, I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!** 
  2. Dykz

    Dykz Custom's [3/3] (no orders)

    **Shop update** Any orders above this post will be priced at $15.00, +$1.00 per animation. When I get home today, I will be updating the layout and pricing/rules of my shop. Basically, as an idea, I will be making big art only with one dp crop with animations priced the same. I dont like drawing in 160x220 anymore and I think it’s a waste to draw big art only to sell it as a tiny crop. Backgrounds will be an option for both my big art and my chibis. Speaking of chibis, they will be priced differently as well, but with more options. Points will remain. Might come up with a VIP option, let me know if you guys are interested in that. I’ll make a poll for that on the first page. Once I finish fixing up my shop, I’ll change the title and post an update via a status. I wanted to thank everyone who supports me and I hope y’all enjoy my update. *any orders below this post will be charged the updated pricing*
  3. Dykz

    Custom for Hailee <3

    Thank you, bb!
  4. Disclaimer: These won't be done until I've gotten all of my priorities done. Aka my PYOC, customs (depending on when they were placed), and collab w/Darksiders. BUT I WILL BE WORKING ON THESE BABES IN THE BACKGROUND. Not sure if they should be claimable, but if you are interested just let me know. <3





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    2. Dykz




      again, not sure if I wanna make these claimable. I DONT EVEN REALLY KNOW THE PRICES YET SINCE THEY WILL be full BODIES. SO YEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

    3. Wrath


      i need that doggo in mah life and that fox is so cute too QwQ prolly too broke if the puppers even claimable i just hope she goes to a good home

    4. Nikki


      The second one is so adorable 

  5. Dykz

    Dykz Custom's [3/3] (no orders)

    Recieved~! Thank you ;u ;
  6. Dykz

    Dykz Custom's [3/3] (no orders)

    Hey bb! Let me know what you think! She comes to $15.00 <3
  7. Dykz

    Dykz Custom's [3/3] (no orders)

    @Sassing Hey bb! Here's a WIP <3
  8. Dykz

    Dykz Custom's [3/3] (no orders)

    YAY! Just post when you have it all together, and I will add you to the slots <3
  9. Dykz

    Dykz Custom's [3/3] (no orders)

    Only if you're ready bb! <3
  10. Dykz

    Dykz Custom's [3/3] (no orders)

    Thank you bb!
  11. Dykz

    Dykz Custom's [3/3] (no orders)

    @Hailee Let me know if you like it!! She comes to $15.00
  12. Newest art <3

    Pretty proud ; u;


    1. Hailee
    2. Playtime


      she’s so pretty I love it!!!! :bfunceunce:

  13. Dykz

    Donate Art - GASR Contest & Event Prizes

    Username: Dykz Watermarked Preview of the Image: Have you sent the unwatermarked one to an Event Coordinator: Yes!
  14. Good morning everyone. :byaslove:

  15. Dykz

    Dykz Custom's [3/3] (no orders)

    Yes mam! Ill add yah
  16. Dykz

    Dykz Custom's [3/3] (no orders)

    @Hailee WIP bb
  17. Dykz

    Dykz Custom's [3/3] (no orders)

    Ooooo like a zodiac??? That sounds so awesome. I’ll always have my comms open fo u bb
  18. Dykz

    Dykz Custom's [3/3] (no orders)

    Thank you so much!
  19. Dykz

    Belongs to Remba

  20. Dykz

    Belongs to Remba

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