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  1. That sounds great! Just sent the payment!
  2. Type: Bust, colored Email: stormnite44@gmail.com References: X Animation: Blinking eyes, and swirling galaxy dust in front of her face (if that is possible? or something you would think would look good!) Text: Punny Other: Mostly based off the galaxy picture, but with brown hair (eye color whichever you think would look best). Background a starry sky look to match. Whatever would look good, just fell in love with the face picture and wanted something based off of that! Price: $28 + additional animation
  3. Thank you! Sent the payment as well!
  4. Vicky Hopefully that works! Sorry about that.
  5. text: Vicky, Stormy, Jimmy (under each person) watermark: Punny (Could I have one without a watermark in a pm? If not that's ok!) coloured or sketch: coloured!~ references: https://sta.sh/07ekori6lt4 personality: (poses are up to me but i'll try to base it off personality. if you want a general idea of a pose, send multiple pictures) https://sta.sh/22evoqpz2oca body shape:๏ปฟ๏ปฟ In references! Everybody is bigger I guess :) Let me know if you can or have questions!

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