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  1. Received. I always love working on your characters! I think it's the theme and the challenge, I'm keep pushing myself to get better, to create better art
  2. @Naden ugh forgot to say.. you can send the payment
  3. WIP for @Naden [ removed by moderator ]
  4. Understandable. I can reserve her for one week if you wanna? :)
  5. Thank you!!! Moon witch is still available and I'm opened to do tiny changes on her
  6. Good luck Love premades you've done
  7. Alright, I'll keep you updated via DM. I haven't taught about that, but I'll say it'll be free of charge for now
  8. wow this new dashboard. Pretty :psmile:

  9. Yay! I'm up for a challenge, those references are really amazing! I really like this pose. The basic cost for offer you choose is for couples 70 €, because it comes in size 700x962px and DP size 160x220px. Because I have to do 2 transcriptions of interviews I've done just this week and other work on thesis it's gonna take me longer. Is that alright with you? And yes, I can do text changes on art, I always keep psd files just in case
  10. Uuuu yay :D I can hold a slot for you
  11. Yeah, thank you. It's hard to do just my thesis and not art, that's why I decided to return.

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