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  1. @CalDraws Finished! I hope u like ;p ps: I saved two variants, one with contrast and one without
  2. @CalDraws WIP FOR U! Tell me if u want something to change
  3. @TheElf I hope u like it, I tried another technique to make it simpler, meaning a 2d, with little shadow @RainingPestilence after the fight with drawings
  4. @TheElf WIP FOR U! ps: I had to finish it but today I had a busy day and yesterday sketch>
  5. @Pains @Sao ,'m glad you like the masterpieces @MeiTzu RAPE ART
  6. @Arianna YE really because the reference was interesting! i really like that avatar on IMVU i do not have IMVU but i like a lot of 3d avatars of genhu haha, and i thank u a lot lovely
  7. @Sao I'm done with ur order! I hope u like it this man with sexy eyebrows
  8. @Komorebi Indeed, it really looks good these eyebrows, I made them sleek
  9. @Pains I finished ur order bbu!I hope u will like it I even progressed to the skin! I like how I came out
  10. Kota

    i just want to eat my pickles in silence

    »name/username: Urfa »references (be specific): ref »details you want specified: oc's is a tattoo women and I'd like to add the macabre detail with skull and poison, she hangs on the black / red drapery andd and u can add a tattoo machine in hand, or if u can not add a hand u can apply a logo with a tattoo to a name! Thank you for considering HAVE FUN! »give me music or a damnb playlist:
  11. @MeiTzu I looked now and I like the cat very much its butyful *shock , and of course I will add it

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