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  1. eeeee, i am srsly in love w your artwork i still cant wait ! hehe
  2. @hollowram tysm♥ I can't wait hehe & of course I will do that ! you're very much appreciated I wont hesitate! thank you so much for offering a helping hand as well, thats so kind !
  3. your art work is sooo stunning, I'm mesmerized by your work ! I'm pretty new to gasr and trying to get the hang of how things work around here!! BUT, I see there is a waitlist, if I'm right, from reading the last page.. and if i could be added as well if there was room! i'd love to buy from you ♥ eeee. if not i'll def be sticking around to try and snaz a spot hehe tysm for your time, have a beautiful week :3

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